Robert Bullock

Portrait of an Affair

Starting last week, when we reviewed My Mother’s Best Friend 4, and continuing today with Anthony Spinelli’s award-winning classic, Portrait of an Affair, you might have started noticing the term “love story” cropping up in this blog lately. Have we gone mad, or have we gone soft is probably the question at the tip of everyone’s tongue right about now, and that’s okay. Rest assured, we certainly have not done the latter, though we must admit we succumbed to the former a long, long time ago.

The key thing to remember at a time like this, however, is whether or not YOU have gone soft. Our best guess is that once you see the muff dive that Nina Hartley performs on Ona Zee in Portrait of an Affair the answer will be a resounding “no” and all will be forgiven for our perceived mildness of late. In fact, it may be arguably the best female-female cunnilingus scene ever filmed. The catch is you have to watch it to find out. Gee, didn’t see that one coming did you? Thankfully, you’ll be seeing yourself doing just that once you hit “play.”


Stars:   Nina Hartley   Mike Horner   Robert Bullock   Krista Lane   Richard Pacheco   Ona Zee   Anthony Spinelli

Categories: Feature   Classic   80’s

Running Time:   45 minutes

Released:   04/2006

Studio Name:   Caballero Video

Director:   Anthony Spinelli