Richie Deville

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher and the Bad Boy

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher And The Bad BoyHard Candy Films’ great Teacher Seductions series comes to an emotionally and sexually intriguing conclusion with an episode starring Veronica Avluv and gorgeous Richie Deville, The Teacher and the Bad Boy.

Richie isn’t a bad boy once you get past the black leather jacket and failing grades. When he goes to his teacher, Veronica, to see about extra credit work to improve his grade, she takes him to lunch and encourages him to tell her what’s wrong. Veronica doesn’t want to give unfair extra chances to Richie, but it breaks her heart when he admits he’s been working as an escort for older ladies to make up for his mother’s gambling-induced financial problems. His mom has moved her fellow gambler boyfriend in with them and it’s all so distracting that Richie’s been unable to keep up in school. Knowing that her student is doing something illegal to make ends meet, Veronica steps in and offers Richie a rent-free room at her place.

After Richie moves in, he’s able to study instead of hustling for the rent. One night while Veronica tries to read, thoughts of her conversation with Richie keep pulling her mind away from the book. Richie comes to thank her, but she says all she wants from him is better grades. Of course, that’s not all he wants to give her. Tonight he wants her to look at him as a man, not as a student.

It’s wrong, but Veronica can’t help herself. She responds to his kisses as he lays her back on the bed. Letting her robe fall away from her big tits, Veronica breathes faster and heavier as Richie’s lips rain kisses on her nipples and trace a path down between her legs. She moans as he goes down on her bald pussy. After a few minutes of Richie’s oral expertise, Veronica kisses her way down his body and shows him she is just as skilled with her mouth on his throbbing cock.

First Veronica mounts Richie in cowgirl position and takes a sensual ride. Getting on top, he slowly thrusts in and out of her as she keeps rocking her hips to meet his strokes. Richie shows Veronica just how good this forbidden lust affair can be in several more positions, each one bringing new heights of pleasure if her sounds of ecstasy are any indication.

Writer/director Nica Noelle handles this taboo subject gracefully while also giving us a powerfully erotic fantasy that women and couples can enjoy.

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher And The Bad Boy
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Stars:   Veronica Avluv   Richie Deville
Categories: New Release   All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   44 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Teacher Seductions
Director:   Nica Noelle

Movie Review: A Father’s Lust

Mark Davis and Magdalene St. Michaels have a painfully strained marriage. The only thing they have in common anymore is their college-aged daughter, whose childhood friend is coming for a two-week stay. All the pieces are in place for a dramatic web of sexual indiscretions as Hard Candy Films’ A Father’s Lust begins.


Frustrated in more ways than one, Mark cancels a night out with Magdalene on short notice. Mark’s hot assistant (April O’Neil) can tell he’s had a rough day and invites him out for drinks. This turns into an afternoon at a hotel, where Mark peels that black lingerie off April’s lean and limber yet curvy body. He tastes her pretty 32D tits before heading south and planting his mouth on her snatch, making her writhe in pleasure. April sucks him to full hardness so she can mount him. They bone away like a real-life opportunistic hottie doing her much older boss, with plenty of tongue kisses. After Mark cums, he massages April’s clit till she has an orgasm that lifts her ass right up off the bed.


Meanwhile, Magdalene is having wine with her sexy I.T. guy (newcomer Richie Deville) and admitting her interest in extramarital fun. Gone is the icy mask she wears for her husband, replaced by wanton cougar lust. Richie is far from innocent prey – sex is as much his idea as it is Magdalene’s. They pleasure each other orally (Magdalene takes her time to worship Richie’s head and shaft) and screw in the marital bed, as if she’s giving a middle finger to her husband. As bitter as Magdalene clearly is toward Mark, that disappears when Richie is plunging his young cock in her MILF pussy or when she’s hungrily gobbling up his dick. They’re both so satisfied that they almost doze off, snapped out of their daze only by a narrow escape when Mark comes home.


The couple’s daughter (Heather Starlet) is not the only one who’s excited to see her old friend (Lily Carter). Mark notices the gorgeous woman she’s become and they can’t stop making eyes at each other even at the dinner table, which Magdalene notices. That night, their bedtime chatting leads to kissing, groping, and grinding. Lily pulling up Heather’s top with her teeth is an image forever carved in our masturbatory memory banks. The way Lily begs for more while Heather is fingering her – and then backs away, twitching, when the orgasm is too intense – is another. Lily licks Heather’s clit to return the favor. Both are naturally beautiful in different ways: Heather is soft-featured and blonde, while Lily’s high-cheekboned, pillow-lipped, chestnut-haired looks belong on a magazine cover.


They’re so into each other that they don’t notice when Mark, who’s woken up in the night, sticks his head in the door to see if those noises are what he thinks they are. His discovery fans the spark of his desire into an inferno of lust, and jerking off next to his sleeping wife won’t satisfy him.


One night Lily cozies up to Mark on the couch after everybody’s asleep, having talked him into mixing her a drink. She laughs at his jokes, further charming him. Mark is ready to throw caution to the wind, but their laughter awakens Magdalene, who’s angry to find Lily drinking with her husband at 3am. The next day, Mark gets home to find Lily leaving with her suitcase – Magdalene took Heather shopping and privately told Lily to leave a note claiming a family emergency.


Mark seizes his chance. Like something out of a Hollywood “star-crossed lovers” romance, they kiss and he carries her to the bed he shares with Magdalene (what’s good for the goose is good for the gander in this case). He wastes no time freeing her small tits from their clothes and rubbing her clit over her pink panties, but it’s not long before the panties are gone too and he’s eating her out. Lily then gently nips with her teeth at Mark’s erection before taking off his boxers and blowing him. They sixty-nine and then have hot, sweaty sex. Lily’s smiles and giggles will be a huge turn-on for anyone out there who fantasizes of fucking a girl like her.


Was it worth the risk? We’d say Mark looks plenty satisfied as he sprays Lily with his cum!


A Father’s Lust
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Stars:   Lily Carter   Richie Deville   Mark Davis   Magdalene St. Michaels   April O’Neil   Heather Starlet

Categories: New Release   Feature   Teen   High Definition

Running Time: 150 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films

Director:   Nica Noelle