Nikki Randall

John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut

Anyone who has ever played word association games knows that creativity during gameplay is pretty much limitless. If you don’t know what a word association game is, it goes basically like this: someone says a word and then the next participant thinks of a word that has some connection with the first one. The player after that repeats the process with the second word and so on. There are generally an unlimited number of possible answers, which means the game can literally go on for as long as the players want to play … usually about 5 seconds.

Veterans of this total time-waster of an entertainment decision know that certain words generate the same response almost every time. For instance, when someone says “blue” the next response is almost always “sky” or vice-versa. “Pepperoni” is usually followed by “pizza”; “air” is generally complemented by “plane”; and “confabulation” is usually trailed by “colloquium”. (No, not really. We just made that last one up. Nobody knows what the hell those words mean anyway.)

All that said, if you are a child of the nineties (or an adult of the nineties for that matter) certain celebrity names conjure up pat answers as well. For those of you who remember the name John Wayne Bobbitt, seeing the name just now probably caused you to shift uncomfortably in your chair. In case you forgot, Bobbitt was the guy whose penis was sliced off by his irate wife, Lorena, who accused him of serial infidelity and forcing sex on her numerous times. She then drove off with the half-missing appendage, tossing it into an empty field before feeling the slightest bit of remorse and calling 911. Amazingly, authorities tracked down the semi-cock and were able to re-attach it after a 9 ½-hour surgical procedure.

The story was media fodder from the get-go and Bobbitt became a quasi-celebrity because of his stub dick. Of course, mounting debt from the impending divorce and the legal hassles left him in dire need of money to pay the bills. As is usually the case, porn came calling early and in 1994, Bobbitt agreed to appear in this film, John Wayne Bobbitt Uncut. (In 1996, still faced with an avalanche of debt, he appeared in another XXX film called, appropriately enough, Frankenpenis.)

Anyway, whether it’s a pity fuck or just some morbid fascination with what reconstituted cock must look or taste like, some amazing starlets do a number on Bobbitt in this one, engaging in plenty of oral, 3-way and vaginal fucking with some toy play worked in for posterity. Bobbitt gets some measure of revenge on his wife, gets paid in the process and proves to guys everywhere that a good surgeon can get your sex life back on track even after having your johnson lopped off by a kitchen knife.

Directed by the one-and-only Ron Jeremy, this film won the 1995 AVN Award for Best Selling Release and is a must-see. As Bobbitt himself said, “Ever since this whole thing happened, all everybody wants to see is my penis…now you can!”


Stars:   Devon Shire   Lana Sands   Jordan St. James   Jasmine Aloha   Letha Weapons   Tiffany Lords   Veronica Castillo   Bruce Lai   John Wayne Bobbitt   Olivia   Gino Colbert   Ron Jeremy   Nikki Randall   Crystal Gold   Dan Steele

Categories: Big Tits   Feature   Celebrities   90’s

Running Time:   163 minutes

Released:   09/2008

Studio Name:   Paradise Visuals

Director:   Ron Jeremy