Natasha Marley

On the Wet Spot with Natasha Marley

Bluebird Films star Natasha Marley has spent the last few years being a goody-goody glamour model. Doing glossy monthlies and never a naughty thought. “But then I got a chance to meet some lovely Bluebird girls and get up very close and personal with them on film,”she says. “I have always liked girls, so this was like putting a match to petrol.”  As an Esquire and Maxim covergirl, Playboy UK centerfold and, according to FHM, one of the 100 sexiest blondes on the planet, we at AEBN heartily approve of this direction!  Bluebird is known for using some of the most beautiful women in the world in their award-winning films, so Natasha fits right in along side other GlamBirds like Cindy Behr, Dylan Ryder, Gemma Massey, and Georgia Jones.   She recently starred as the female lead in the 2010 blockbuster feature Bonny & Clide where she performed in her first boy/girl sex scene, making her our new favorite Wet Spot!

You’re making dinner – what are we having?

Fillet steak, asparagus and potatoes dauphinoise

You and I go out for drinks – what’s your preferred beverage?

Peach Bellini or champagne

Your favorite piece of lingerie is:

Anything sexy

I think my best physical feature is:

My eyes!

My favorite physical feature on someone else is:

Their forearms

What is your favorite holiday and how do you celebrate it?

Christmas, when I celebrate with all my family around me 🙂

The easiest thing you can do to make me happy is:

Make me laugh and be a good person.

Favorite place to vacation is:


What movie can you watch over and over?

White Chicks

Last scene I shot was:

For Batfxxx

Who’s you favorite pornstar to watch?

I like watching amateurs, to see if they have any star qualities

You totally want me to do this to you in bed (because I?m really, really good at it!):

A striptease

You really want to do this to me in bed (because it turns me on!):

Surprise me!

What would be your ultimate sexual fantasy?:

I have fulfilled them all!

What?s your unique fetish that most don?t know about?

I love fishnets!

Do you have a favorite sex toy?:

Anything that fits in my handbag that does the job.  [Editor’s Note: And they say size doesn’t matter…!]

Single or spoken for?

Spoken for…sorry!

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