Mike Horner

Portrait of an Affair

Starting last week, when we reviewed My Mother’s Best Friend 4, and continuing today with Anthony Spinelli’s award-winning classic, Portrait of an Affair, you might have started noticing the term “love story” cropping up in this blog lately. Have we gone mad, or have we gone soft is probably the question at the tip of everyone’s tongue right about now, and that’s okay. Rest assured, we certainly have not done the latter, though we must admit we succumbed to the former a long, long time ago.

The key thing to remember at a time like this, however, is whether or not YOU have gone soft. Our best guess is that once you see the muff dive that Nina Hartley performs on Ona Zee in Portrait of an Affair the answer will be a resounding “no” and all will be forgiven for our perceived mildness of late. In fact, it may be arguably the best female-female cunnilingus scene ever filmed. The catch is you have to watch it to find out. Gee, didn’t see that one coming did you? Thankfully, you’ll be seeing yourself doing just that once you hit “play.”


Stars:   Nina Hartley   Mike Horner   Robert Bullock   Krista Lane   Richard Pacheco   Ona Zee   Anthony Spinelli

Categories: Feature   Classic   80’s

Running Time:   45 minutes

Released:   04/2006

Studio Name:   Caballero Video

Director:   Anthony Spinelli


Justine: Nothing to Hide 2

Though the transition from actor to director seems like a very natural one, it is certainly not an easy one. Many try and many more fail. Some, however, can gather up all the lessons learned in front of the camera and apply them brilliantly from the vantage point of the director’s chair. Even then, it usually doesn’t happen immediately. There are growing pains and learning curves to overcome as it is with anything. If, however, one is patient and persistent and can get a few breaks along the way, the magic eventually comes. For adult actor, director and screenwriter Paul Thomas, Justine: Nothing to Hide 2 is chock full of that wonderful magic.

A fairly successful Hollywood actor before his impatience (ironically) steered him into more regular work in the adult world, Thomas had loads of success as a performer, appearing in over 600 films. And though he’s now directed some 300+ films, we can assure you, at the outset, there were some stinkers in there. This 1992 release is most definitely not one of them. It is a beautiful assemblage of talent, storyline, characters and chemistry that makes it one of the all-time great porn films of 90s and possibly beyond depending on what your standards happen to be.

NTH 2 centers on Nick East and a much younger Mike Horner, a father and son who, on the surface, seem content with their sex lives. A deeper look reveals that Nick and his flame Roxanne love each other, but too much sex is not enough for her. Meanwhile, Mike is on the rebound after his wife’s death, but has grown weary of his current fling, Tianna. When Nick leaves town for a spell, Mike meets Roxanne at a sex shop where she happens to be an employee. The two hit it off and begin making plans with each other. The catch is that Roxanne does not yet know that Mike is her boyfriend’s dad and Mike doesn’t know that Roxanne is his son’s girl. The result is a bizarre love triangle full of highly believable oral delights, toy play (both vaginal and anal), massage, anal fucking, bondage and ass licking that feels less like porn movie sex and more like real people experimenting with the more pleasurable side of life.

This incredible film won the XRCO Best Film of the Year Award in 1993 as well as eight other AVN Awards, including Best Film, Best Actor (Mike Horner), Best Director and Best Couple Sex Scene. Do not miss this unbelievable classic!


Stars:   Roxanne Blaze   Brad Armstrong   Nick East   Mike Horner   Lacy Rose   Paul Thomas   Dyanna Lauren   Tianna   Alex Sanders

Categories: 90’s   Feature   Award Winning Movies

Running Time:   120 minutes

Released:   12/1993

Studio Name:   Metro Media Entertainment  Cal Vista Pictures

Series:   Nothing to Hide

Director:   Paul Thomas