Layla Price

Movie Review: Pegging 11, A Strap-on Love Story

pegging 11, strap-on love story, devil's film, lauren phillips, brandy aniston, layla price, jordan kennedyIt’s a strap-on love story in Pegging 11 from Devil’s Film. Four sexy women dominate submissive men with big fake dicks!

Wolf Hudson is shocked when Layla Price comes home, already strapped and decked out in black lingerie. She tells him that pegging him last night was so much fun for both of them that she wants to do it all the time. Wolf claims he only did it for her and doesn’t want to do it again, but then she says it had her pussy creaming all day. There’s no way he can resist that. Wolf and Layla suck each other off before she slides inside. After a while she rides his cock in reverse cowgirl, making her strap-on bounce and bragging about how big her dick is. He mounts her the same way, jerking himself hard. After he sucks the strap-on fresh from his ass, she fucks him doggy style. Wolf does the same to Layla until he cums all over her nice, juicy ass.

Chad Diamond is whining for pain medication. In the next hospital bed, Jordan Kennedy is getting angry because she needs to rest. Grabbing a handy dildo from a nightstand, she stuffs it in his mouth and realizes that he likes it. Still fucking Chad’s mouth with the dildo, Jordan grinds her thick booty while jerking his stiffening cock. As she rides his dick, she fingers his asshole and gets him increasingly excited. While sitting on Chad’s face and sucking his cock, Jordan plunges the dildo into his ass. She fucks his cock with a sex doll head while fingering him. Chad professes his love as Jordan gets her strap-on, but she doesn’t want to hear it. She gives her bitch boy the ass-fuck of his life with a cock that’s bigger than his own!

Brandy Aniston is a brunette with bee-stung lips and big, pierced tits. She’s got an axe to grind with her weak husband Marcelo and she uses a big fake dick to do it. Brandy is the boss, ordering Marcelo to strip, bend over, and spread. He deep-throats the dildo and spits on it, then she squirts a dab of lube on the tip and screws his hole. It’s not his first time getting pegged and probably not even the first time this week. Ashamed and aroused, Marcelo masturbates as Brandy pounds his mouth and ass with a dildo as thick as her forearm. Now that he’s gaping, Brandy fucks his ass and face with a black strap-on. She plugs his upturned ass with a double-ended dildo so she can squat over him and ride it too, and then makes him finish himself off while she stuffs the dildo in his hole some more.

Lauren Phillips finds texts from a woman named Nikki on Robert Christian’s phone and loses her temper. She’ll remind him whose pussy he’s supposed to fuck! Sitting on his face, she jerks his black dick to hardness as he rims her ass. Robert thinks he’s about to get laid, but Lauren’s decided to fuck his ass to punish him. She’s nice enough to finger him first, but that double-ended dong is big for a virgin hole! Robert moans and masturbates as she opens his ass. Lauren decides she’ll call him Nikki as she bends him over and pegs him. Robert not-so-secretly loves it and jerks out a big load.

These guys might be looking for new excuses to piss off their women and get pegged again!

Stars:   Lauren Phillips   Layla Price   Jordan Kennedy   Marcelo   Wolf Hudson   Chad Diamond   Brandy Aniston   Robert Christian

Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film