Kiki Klout

Movie Review: My Hot Horny Cousin

my hot horny cousin, manipulative media, Alex Blake, Ajaa XXX, Lexy Bandera, Aaliyah Hadid, Kiki Klout, Addison LeeManipulative Media is known for its dirty, delicious tales of taboo fucking. My Hot Horny Cousin serves up half a dozen scenes in which sexy girls and their boy cousins are all grown up and playing like they never did before.

Addison Lee is a blonde who likes to dress in a way that shows off her waist, cleavage, and legs. While visiting her relatives for the first time in years, Addison discovers that her male cousin is a grown man. He’s just as impressed by how sexy and filled-out she is now. That night, she sends a “u up?” text from the guest room and he invites her into his bed. Addison teasingly touches his stiffening cock through his clothes before they consummate their mutual crushes. She gives him a spit-soaked blowjob with plenty of tongue. He has to get her to stop before she makes him cum too soon—he needs to feel that wet pussy now. Addison is an active rider and has to stifle her own moans of pleasure to avoid waking up the whole house. Now, where do you think he cums: inside or out? (more…)