Isabella de Laa

Movie Review: Risky Game

 In “Risky Game” by Dorcel and director Alis Locanta, elegant brunette beauty Léa Guerlin and her partner Ricky Rascal host a dinner party with their best friends that has been in the works for months.

After all the food is prepared, Léa and Ricky sneak in a quickie in the kitchen before all their friends show up. Léa gets on her knees to suck Ricky’s big uncut cock, and he sets her on the counter for a standing missionary fuck. She turns around and balances on one leg with the other against the counter, opening up for him to drive deep inside her, standing doggy style. Just as they finish, their guests arrive.

Léa proposes a game to their friends at the dinner table in which everyone sets their phone face-down in center of the table so that someone else can pick it up and dig through their secrets. It quickly becomes a dive into the deep end for everyone involved.

On Nick Ross’s phone there are some juicy texts with slinky tattooed and pierced babe Clara Mia and her girlfriend, big-eyed beauty Lauren Walker. (more…)