Twins Home Movies

Twins Home MoviesVivid Entertainment lets us in on the personal sex lives of the gorgeous Russo Twins, Taylor and Tati. Twins Home Movies is the voyeur’s wet dream come true. With their P.O.V.-style homemade porno/video diary, the twins show and tell us what it’s like to be a twin and have sex nearly every day.

The camera lovingly captures every second as the two stunning sisters masturbate before a house party with Jessi Palmer and Ella Milano that turns into a lesbian orgy.

Lucky young Austin is a shy stud who gets the full attention of Taylor and Tati, who give him the sex of a lifetime and make him shoot a huge load.

In front of their camera mounted on a tripod, the hot blonde twins suck off two guys at the same time.

Everything you daydream of watching your favorite porno twins do, Twins Home Movies lets you see. This is one of the best reasons P.O.V. porn was invented.

Running Time:   125 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Vivid Entertainment
Director:   B. Skow
Stars:   Taylor Russo   Tati Russo   Mark Wood   Ramon Nomar   Austin   James Deen   Barry Scott   Johnny Sins   Jessi Palmer   Ella Milano
Categories: Amateur   New Release   Blondes   Homemade   Gonzo   P.O.V.   High Definition

Featured Movie: Caught Your Ass on Tape 4

The makers of the Caught Your Ass On Tape series have a conundrum on their hands. On one extreme, they love getting down and dirty with honest-to-goodness amateurs who thrive while fucking in front of the camera. On the other, they believe that people are at their most comfortable and relaxed, and therefore most uninhibited, when they think they are not being watched. How do you square those two ideas in a series like this?

The glib answer (and the one we’re going with) is “who the fuck cares?” This isn’t geometry class. This is sex education on a home school kind of level. The dudes representing behind the camera of the fourth volume in this amazing amateur series have done a masterful job of capturing the candid behaviors of their babes in the throes of passion. A hotel rendezvous, a young couple alone in the girlfriend’s stuffed animal-adorned bedroom, and an oiled-up, outdoor lesbian affair are all part of what you can expect to find in this voyeuristic treasure.

The bulk of the scenes are done to a crappy soundtrack of R&B/dance/cricket noises as you might expect, and from the POV of a perv in a nearby closet or highly suspect shrubbery. In fact, all that’s missing from this reality show is a panel of judges, but you can watch and judge for yourself.


Stars:   Jade (Platinum Media)   Holly (Platinum Media)   B.J. (f)   Michelle   Patty   Billy Jo

Categories: Amateur   New Release   Voyeur   Homemade   Hidden Camera   All Sex

Running Time:   114 minutes

Released:   08/2011

Studio Name:   Amateur Xxx

Series:   Caught Your Ass On Tape

Home Made Couples 16

Who knows what prompts them to do it… Their 15 minutes of fame, an exhibitionistic urge, a dare, or possible some money changing hands? What ever the reason, you`re in luck…it`s all here for you to watch… Uncensored, unscripted, unrehearsed…and all the juicy details as they happen.


Categories: Amateur   Natural Breasts   Homemade   Gonzo
Running Time:   109 minutes
Released:   03/2011
Studio Name:   Homemade Media

Series:   Home Made Couples

Featured Studio: Homegrown Select

Homegrown VideoHomegrown Video, aka Homegrown Select, is credited with being the first studio that ever distributed amateur porn from people all over the world. Back in 1982, a group of swingers started swapping homemade sex tapes amongst their circle and it led to this: more porn than most of us would ever be able to watch in our lives, available for the world. Homegrown can lay claim to starting a revolution in the XXX biz. Today, in a crowded field of companies churning out adult movies starring everyday folk, this studio is still the ultimate in homemade erotica and its gonzo stylings have won numerous awards.

All of Homegrown’s movies are unretouched, which is a refreshing change from the vast majority of adult movies. For those who long for real girls next door — as in, the girls who really could be their next-door neighbors — there is no larger or more universally great collection of amateur and pro-am porn available.

The original Homegrown Video Collection series now numbers well into the hundreds. These are neighbors, people you might see at the grocery story and wonder where you’ve seen their faces before. Often they go by single-name pseudonyms, making them impossible to search for online, which is surely the point. Their time in the spotlight may be fleeting, but you’ll always have your trip to Rosy Palm Springs to keep you happy.

As Homegrown Select has progressed, some movies have also featured girls such as Jayden Jaymes, who have become well-known porn stars. Jayden is in “Limelight Girls 18,” from a series that began in 2003 as a Limelight Productions release that featured a gorgeous rising starlet named Lilly Thai.

Homegrown Select produces a number of widely viewed amateur and pro-am niche porn, including the wildly popular Amateur Anal Attempts and Big Breast Amateur Girls series. For those who want to watch amateur girls take on huge stunt cocks, try the Well-Hung Amateurs movies. Homegrown has what fans want in several niches and there’s always more on the way!

Housewives Unleashed 36 Amateur Anal Attempts 22 Sex Kittens 49 Big Breast Amateur Girls 14

Home Made House Wives 2

Everyone has his own technique when it comes to sex. Never is that more apparent than when you’re watching real amateurs, especially real couples, go at it on film. It’s always interesting to see others’ fuck habits, what they incorporate into their routines, what turns them on and what their favorite positions are. For years now, Homemade Media has specialized in committing some of the most amateur of amateurs to film – people just like you or I.  In Home Made Housewives 2, they show you just what frisky frauleins like to do when they’re not cooking, cleaning and keeping the abode in ship shape.

Claudine and James have been together twelve glorious years, through thick, thin and now through a few extra pounds. He looks like a contractor and she a former goth queen. But, their love endures and they wanted to preserve a special moment on film. Claudine is raring to go before the opening bell. When James slips his hand under her dress and hoists it skyward you can see the wet spot on her panties. Claudine has a hairy bush and full pair of bouncy tits that look fantastic. She teases the head of his cock with her tongue then takes his manhood into her mouth, still finding time to talk dirty. The two aren’t super-energetic, but you get a good look at this MILF’s very doable body in RCG, doggie and mish. James can still bring it, unloading a pool of cum onto her belly and tits. He even takes a mouthful of toes as a capper.

Magnolia Oak and Anthony are a bit younger than the previous pair and don’t really feel like sharing the details of their relationship. Blonde Mag has a shaved slit and cute natural tits. She also has a very eager mouth, which she slides up and down Tony’s shaft. He corks her pussy in doggie, mish and doggie again, pausing long enough at one point to taste her ass from behind. He returns to mish and then unleashes his load across her face.

Patricia and Lars are doing their first scene on camera. They wanted to add a bit of spice to their relationship, so they are preparing this keepsake for future enjoyment . He’s a bit nervous and shes’ not, but it doesn’t really show once the camera starts to roll. She enjoys laying on her back and sucking his cock, while taking his middle and ring fingers into her pussy. She rides him in CG and takes him from behind in doggie. They finish up in mish, where he ejects a cum laser into her bespectacled face. It’s some magical nut all right, seemingly having the ability to pass through her lenses and into her eye like grapefruit pulp. That can’t feel too good, but she asked for it. No, really. She wanted his cum.

Cam Raye & Gavin Steele are from Iowa. Well, they owe us a gritty little scene, so they trekked all the way out to Vegas for the shoot. Cam looks like the classic MILF with the chirpy personality, wide smile and blonde locks with bangs. In true small town America style, she whips out the “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” tourism department slogan, forgetting that little addendum you don’t  usually hear in the ads: “unless it’s filmed by a porn company.” Then, what happens in Vegas gets distributed worldwide on the internet. Depending on whom you ask, they’ve been together ten years or ten minutes. Judging by his wannabe look, the latter is more accurate. They’ve been swingers for some time, but this is their first time on camera. You’d think that with tits like hers they would have at least filled in as stunt doubles at some point. She begins by rubbing up against him like he’s a stripper pole. Who knows? She may have a lot of prior experience with them. She certainly does with his other pole, sucking and slurping it up like it’s a convenience store slushy. She rides his dick for a short time then lets him puncture her pussy with his cock. Judging by the condom in play here, there is quite a bit of truth to the ten minute wisecrack from earlier. After some doggie, he spurts his load onto her snow globe tits.

Finally, there is Sophia and Chelsea Anne Haggart. Both women  are proof that home made housewives aren’t only into dick. One hasn’t been with a woman in a while, most likely due to her overbooked domme schedule and the other considers herself a “hetero-flexible”, trying this woman-on-woman arrangement for the first time. There is a bunch of sensual pussy eating and clit stroking and a bit of toy play toward the end resulting in an orgasm or two. It’s pretty tame compared to the other scenes, however.

There’s just something about watching regular people in porn. Yes, it’s fantasy, but sometimes the fantasy is better when there is some chance that it could really come to fruition. Let’s face it: not many of us have a shot at bedding Jenna Jameson. But, catch a sexy, horny housewife on the right day and, BAM! You’ll be getting yourself a little homemade somethin’ somethin’ all your own.

Stars:   Cam Ray Chelsea Anne Haggart Magnolia Oak Patricia Sophia Claudine Gavin Steele

Categories: Amateur New Release Homemade Gonzo

Running Time:   103 minutes

Released:   02/2011

Studio Name:   Homemade Media

Series:   Home Made House Wives

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee’s Honeymoon Fuckfest

The one thing* we’ll never understand about celebrities is this: if you want to create a scandal, and you’ve got millions of dollars at your disposal, why are you putting out sex tapes? Can’t you put out some sex DVDs or Blu-Rays at this point? Seriously.

*It should be noted that there are a lot of things we’ll never understand about celebrities, but since this is a porn blog, we’ll try to focus on the porn part.

So, anyway, before leaking sex tapes became a career move, they were a security breach of the most lascivious kind. Trusted members of a celebrity couple’s inner circle sold their souls for a quick buck and an appearance on Hard Copy, a move that threatened to derail the gravy train in which they rode. Granted, a falling out of some kind was probably about to derail it anyway, prompting the release of the “cramming in”.

There was a time not so long ago when these tapes actually had shock value. The Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee tape was one such instance. The shock precipitated on several fronts: It was perhaps the first internet-driven sex video. Pamela was the “it” girl at the time. And Tommy Lee had a giant dick, which was amazing for a burned-out rocker, a guy who looked as if he had gone weeks between meals, but minutes between meth binges.

But, we all couldn’t get enough of this classic, a home video made on their honeymoon boating excursion on Lake Mead, which is just outside Las Vegas. That’s right…they were on a motherfucking boat! The two were wed having known each other a whopping four days. Hey, when it’s love, right? The film captured the fun and frolic shared by both parties and while it’s normal to want to preserve the memories for all eternity, it might be best to think twice when it’s all drinking, smoking and sex because you never know where it might end up.

Well, it ended up in our VOD. And it’s here in all it’s pussy-humping, blowjobbing, skinny-dipping, horn honking with Tommy’s dick, cum spilling, masturbatory glory. Take a look and watch what it was like when sex tapes actually meant something.

Stars:   Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee

Categories: Amateur Big Tits Big Dick Homemade Gonzo Celebrities 90’s

Running Time:   55 minutes

Studio Name:   NUKO Media LLC

Home Made Couples 13

Homemade things are always a little bit more special.

Remember when you were younger and you would come in from the cold during winter’s shorter months and get a nose full of mom’s homemade fixins cooking on the stove? Boy, that was like heaven. Even today, the smell of macaroni, cardboard and a powdery orange cloud of what is supposed to be cheese takes me back. Oh sure, it said “E-Z Mac” on the box, but we knew better. All that stirring mom had done was out of love and purely from the heart.

Home Made Couples 13, and the entire series from Homemade Media for that matter, is much like those incredible homemade meals from way back when. The films give you a rare and candid glimpse into the sex lives of real couples just like you and me. The men and women you’ll find putting their talents on display are not actors and have not been corrupted by the soulless pornography machine. Instead, they are homegrown honeys, high school sweethearts and long-term companions handpicked to ensure a freshness that you simply won’t find from any of the big boys. Even the shoots are done with a single camera and the most rudimentary of lighting kits. The presence of natural light is a necessary addition to make a few of the scenes flow. At the same time, said sunlight creates moments of silhouette sex, but the overall result is no doubt gratifying.

Like almost all of the participants in this edition, Chloe Johnston and Tyson Miller are first-timers. They can barely answer the interviewer’s questions before the compulsion to suck face overwhelms them both. While the interview sessions are brief and very non-intrusive, it becomes very apparent that once these two engage in smooch-fu, there are to be no more questions. Chloe is beautiful. Her body is scrumptious, though you must be patient for her to molt out her denim mini-skirt and top. One peek at her smooth pussy and perfect tits will get you revved up for what it about to come. Though her hand appears to have a firm grip around Tyson’s shaft, her blowjob technique is very gentle and methodical. It’s only when she sits on his cock, however, that you get the first hint of an ecstasy-laced whimper. Up until then, she has been mostly silent. Her lovely curved hips glide in serpentine fashion while she rides his cock, and the shots of her ass from behind and tits from the side as she fucks are wonderfully captured. The scene doesn’t offer much in the way of close-ups, but when he cums all over her lovely tits you’re in the ballpark and it is well worth your time.

Kori Lynn and Matt have been together a year and they admit they’re just having fun. They sure don’t show it during the Q&A session and, in fact, don’t seem too into each other at all. It could be just a case of nerves, but those disappear fairly quickly once they start pawing at each other. Kori’s pussy is tiny and adorable and plainly in view thanks to some great depilatory work. The two don’t waste much time with foreplay, hitting the mish position before you can say “hideous chest tats.” They show off their stuff in doggie, RCG and then back to mish, and that is followed by a meager load into her open mouth.

Alexis and Tyler are from Texas and New York, respectively. The states are worlds apart in distance and in culture and it shows. This is probably the most mismatched couple in the whole film and that will be obvious from the get-go. It smacks of a rebellious Bible-thumper exacting revenge against her strict parents and rigidly dogmatic upbringing with the closest hipster flame-out she could find. While Tyler admits he’s done a solo video, she’s a first-timer. But, first time on film does not mean first time. She’s obviously been sneaking around the rectory giving a blowjob or two to parishioners as she is very deft with her hands and mouth, employing a two-handed technique. At this point, you’ll start asking yourself, “What’s with these amateurs and their lovely natural and very perky tits?” All the women thus far have had gorgeous racks and you’ll wonder if the trend will continue. Alexis certainly has a nice pair in addition to her tight ass, which gets plenty of…um…face time when she plunks down onto her boyfriend’s cock. And there are some close-ups, which helps to at least offset some of the backlighting issues that crop up at times. (Note to aspiring filmmakers: curtains and duvateen are your friends!) She returns to her knees to take a hefty load into her mouth and some stray streams into her left eye. What’s with these emo dudes? They weigh a buck thirty and all of it, apparently, is jizm weight.

Nikki and Chad have been in a five-year relationship and are currently engaged to be married. Isn’t that sweet? They may as well get the fucking on film now because in a year or two down the road they’ll need to watch it to remember what it was like. Nikki must know that deep down because she pulls out all the stops, sucking, stroking and nibbling his nutsack during her oral presentation. She even throws in some dirty talk like a pro. Once she slips out of her slinky garb you see –no surprise here- another amazing pair of tits. (Porn “stars” take note: these are what tits should look like.) Nikki has all the moves and knows the porn drill: suck, doggie, RCG, mish and take a cumshot up her torso and onto her sweet tits.

Last but not least, there is Kitty Duval and Caesar Augustus. Caesar Augustus? Really? Not the best name for a home grown sort of vibe, but it’ll have to do. The real Caesar ushered in Pax Romana or Roman Peace. It lasted two hundred years. This dude ushers in a piece of ass. He is done with it in roughly twenty minutes. Loose connection, we know. Kitty likes to suck balls as did Nikki and, again, check out the tits. They are natural wonders to be sure. Kitty’s pale skin and small, moist slit look scrumptious and apparently taste just as good too as Pompey the Elder goes at it from the front and from the flank in 69. It would be nice to see Kitty from the rear a bit longer, and in a bit more luminous setting, but at least the camera wanders to the back on several occasions to give you a glimpse of her pussy and ass as she gets eaten out from behind. Things become a bit more visible when she climbs on top to go for a spin in CG. In the concluding shot, she jacks Octavian the Careless in an overhanded fashion, but he fails to tell her he’s cumming, blasting a shot up her nose and onto her face. He blurts out “Sexy!” in his moment of release, but you tell us if her face says the same. Still, she seems pleased with her handiwork.

For those of you into natural tits, you will be in awe of the consistency you find from scene to scene. Each and every one of these girls has a postcard-worthy rack. The great thing about being a woman too is that, as a first-timer, the nervousness is never that apparent aside from some extended bouts of silence. It’s different for guys.  The fleshy protuberance knows all and makes it clear when trepidation is present. A little extra fluffing, however, gets them where they need to be. They’re not professionals, so cut them some slack. It takes a pretty big pair (metaphorically) to fuck on film. Give credit where credit is due.

HMC 13 is a great addition to the series and a very welcome change of pace from the metrosexual nancy boys and the artificially in-fem-inated floosies that skulk around the typical porn sets.

Homemade things are always a little bit more special.

Running Time:   90 minutes
Released:   09/2010
Studio Name:   Homemade Media