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Featured Studio: Homegrown Video

s18233_i1608_lHomegrown Video is one of the top studios today in amateur porn featuring real couples and real sex. With hand-held cameras and POV shots you see all the action up close and personal. Their Amateur Anal Attempts series has over 30 volumes of girls trying anal sex with their boyfriends and husbands. Some of the couples have tons of backdoor experience, and for some it is their first time experimenting with anal fucking. These slutty ladies are all nymphomaniacs who like to get fucked in every hole, but they love the feeling of a nice long cock in their ass.


Each movie features a collection of couples telling viewers all about the fun they have. You get to watch as they open up tiny orifices to fit something much larger. They use fingers, anal beads, butt-plugs, and other toys to stretch their holes open. Then slowly build up to the moment where a nice hard cock can squeeze right in between their cheeks.


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The latest movie in the series is volume 37 which features 5 couples inviting you into their private lives of anal exploration. You can watch it now on the AEBN network!

Featured Studio: Homegrown Select

Homegrown VideoHomegrown Video, aka Homegrown Select, is credited with being the first studio that ever distributed amateur porn from people all over the world. Back in 1982, a group of swingers started swapping homemade sex tapes amongst their circle and it led to this: more porn than most of us would ever be able to watch in our lives, available for the world. Homegrown can lay claim to starting a revolution in the XXX biz. Today, in a crowded field of companies churning out adult movies starring everyday folk, this studio is still the ultimate in homemade erotica and its gonzo stylings have won numerous awards.

All of Homegrown’s movies are unretouched, which is a refreshing change from the vast majority of adult movies. For those who long for real girls next door — as in, the girls who really could be their next-door neighbors — there is no larger or more universally great collection of amateur and pro-am porn available.

The original Homegrown Video Collection series now numbers well into the hundreds. These are neighbors, people you might see at the grocery story and wonder where you’ve seen their faces before. Often they go by single-name pseudonyms, making them impossible to search for online, which is surely the point. Their time in the spotlight may be fleeting, but you’ll always have your trip to Rosy Palm Springs to keep you happy.

As Homegrown Select has progressed, some movies have also featured girls such as Jayden Jaymes, who have become well-known porn stars. Jayden is in “Limelight Girls 18,” from a series that began in 2003 as a Limelight Productions release that featured a gorgeous rising starlet named Lilly Thai.

Homegrown Select produces a number of widely viewed amateur and pro-am niche porn, including the wildly popular Amateur Anal Attempts and Big Breast Amateur Girls series. For those who want to watch amateur girls take on huge stunt cocks, try the Well-Hung Amateurs movies. Homegrown has what fans want in several niches and there’s always more on the way!

Housewives Unleashed 36 Amateur Anal Attempts 22 Sex Kittens 49 Big Breast Amateur Girls 14

Amateur Anal Attempts 19

Standards are an interesting thing. They are put into place to provide a demarcation line between what is acceptable and what is unacceptable behavior for whatever it is we happen to be talking about. In this case, we’re talking about porn. The thing is, standards are always changing. As soon as a standard is set, someone comes along and ups the ante, meaning that a new standard is put in place. So, what’s the point of having standards if they’re not going to stick around for very long?

For instance, years ago all you needed to break into porn was a pretty face and a willingness to fuck on film. Then, you had to have a pretty face, a willingness to fuck on film, plus big tits and the desire to swallow cum. Now, you have to have a pretty face, a willingness to fuck on film, highly specialized body parts, the desire to swallow cum and you have to want a cock up your ass. You see? The standards have shifted.

The girls in AAA 19 all think they possess the “it” factor to rocket them to porn super stardom.

Watch them in action and see what you think.

Stars:   Heather Rucca Page Kaylen Stacia Foxxx Kalyn Arianna

Categories: Amateur Fetish Anal Big Tits Hairy Gonzo Big Natural Breasts

Running Time:   105 minutes

Released:   06/2009

Studio Name:   Homegrown Video XPLOR Media Group

Series:   Amateur Anal Attempts