Holly Hendrix

Movie Review: “Teens Love Anal 5,” Team Skeet

teens love anal 5, team skeet, holly hendrix, dakota skye, kat dior, sophia grace, yhivi, teen, anal, pornTight teens open their puckers for some lucky dudes who want to stick it in them! Teens Love Anal 5 from Team Skeet is one of the best butt-fucking titles of the year so far and it’s our featured movie this week.

Sexy little blonde Dakota Skye tells us in a pre-scene interview that she has been craving deep, hard anal sex. She gets her butt loosened up just enough with a dildo. When the guy appears, she can’t get on her knees fast enough. Dakota gets his dick wet with a deep-throating blowjob before spreading her legs for an ass fuck that shows what a contortionist she really is—these positions are body bending for her and mind bending for you.

Cover girl Holly Hendrix has been obsessing over her sister’s boyfriend. She wants him to fuck her so bad that she’s willing to risk getting caught and creating a huge rift in her family.  When Holly’s sister is asleep, the little minx makes a move on her sister’s man. Not one to turn down a chance to fuck his girlfriend’s hot sister in the ass, he gives in to her seduction. Holly’s asshole is tight and it’s impressive that he manages not to bust a nut too soon. When her sister wakes up, what’s next? Holly and the cheating boyfriend don’t care right now because it feels too good to think about anything else.

Caramel-haired cutie Kat Dior isn’t like most girls. It’s her fondest wish to be butt fucked, and it’s her boyfriend who doesn’t want anal! WTF? She turns instead to her boyfriend’s roommate, who is aching to give her anal satisfaction with his tongue, fingers, and finally his throbbing cock. Kat’s anal ride is everything she wanted it to be and then some, and she loves the feeling of his jizz on her face! Will her boyfriend find out what they’ve been doing behind his back, and will Kat dump him in favor of his anal-loving roommate?

Sophia Grace is an irresistible brunette with a fine ass. One day she bends over in front of her stepdad while wearing an ass-revealing outfit and he sees that she’s wearing a butt plug. He can’t stop thinking about it and later takes his chance to creep on her while she’s taking a nap. When Sophia wakes up, her stepdad helpfully provides her his thick, stiff cock to plug her butt instead.

The alluring Yhivi skips school with her lucky boyfriend so they can fuck. Both of them being virgins, they don’t exactly have smooth moves yet and so, unbeknownst to Yhivi, he aims for the wrong hole. Oops! It feels so good to her boyfriend that he wants to keep going, but it takes Yhivi a minute to get accustomed to it. Once she warms up to the sensation of surprise buttsex, Yhivi likes the way it feels. The more he thrusts into her ass, the more positions she wants to try.

Teens Love Anal 5 is Team Skeet’s latest entry into the anal porn genre and you’re going to need extra towels for it!

Stars:   Dakota Skye   Codi Lewis   Yhivi   Richie Black (m)   Sophia Grace   Holly Hendrix   Rob Carpenter   Eric John   Kat Dior   Ike Diezel
Studio Name:   Team Skeet 

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Movie Review: “DP Cuties” from Hard X

hard x, dp cuties, dp, porn, double penetration, mason, keisha grey, angel smalls, holly hendrix, yhivi, mick blue, markus dupreeNewly released today by Hard X, DP Cuties marks the beginning of a hot new series from the award-winning studio. It is, as the box cover description puts it, “a celebration of youth and double penetration.” Mason, the mysterious female director behind the camera, always captures girls at their most beautiful, sensual, and raunchy. She picked four of her favorite girls to star in this movie, and each scene shows that she made the right choice.

Quintessential cutie Keisha Grey smiles at you from the box cover with her ass popping out of her tiny drawers. She’s in the first scene, innocently licking a popsicle and teasing with her natural va-va-voom curves gleaming in the sunlight. Inside the house, she hooks up with Mick Blue and Markus Dupree. Immediately the action kicks off, with vigorous pussy drilling quickly leading to energetic anal fucking and intense double penetration. Keisha is in top form, which is saying a lot.

Angel Smalls is a nubile blonde with tits that are small but rounded. After teasing in a schoolgirl skirt, she becomes putty in the hands of Mick and Markus. She loves the way they fondle her body before turning her into their little sex toy and pounding both of her tight holes. Angel gets off on all the different positions they fuck her in.

Holly Hendrix is about as adorable as they get, with her tiny body and enormous hazel eyes. She’s like a sex fairy of your dreams and she’s here for her first-ever DP scene. Ever ready for new sexual adventures, Holly is so excited to get reamed in both holes that she tells Mick and Markus to fuck her harder.

Porcelain-skinned, black-haired Yhivi is one of the cutest Latin sex kittens around: petite, but with a thick ass and tits just big enough to bounce. She’s practically bursting with excitement to do a DP with Mick and Markus. It’s not her first time, but the way Yhivi describes it you can tell she loves every single time she gets to experience this. Yhivi tells Mason that her three favorite things about getting double penetrated are the first dick, the second dick, and having them both inside her at the same time. When she joins Mick and Markus for the DP, she cums again and again.

DP Cuties from Hard X is brand new on AEBN today!

Stars:   Keisha Grey   Yhivi   Angel Smalls   Holly Hendrix
Studio Name:   Hard X 

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Movie Review: Reality Junkies’ “Young Anal Adventures”

young anal adventures, mile high media, reality junkies, porn, anal, teen, taboo, holly hendrix, anna deville, mr. pete, tommy gunn, james deen, bill bailey, naveen ora, aspen ora, amara romani, tiffani watson, cristi annFor the anal sex aficionado, what could be better than a tight teen ass? The hot girls of Reality Junkies’ Young Anal Adventures are ready to give some lucky men a fresh crack at their cracks.

Sexy brunette Amara Romani is hanging out with her hot blonde friends Tiffani Watson and Cristi Ann, eating popcorn and gossiping. She confesses that she has the hots for her new stepbrother, Bill Bailey, and they all talk about whether they would fuck him. Her friends claim to be saving themselves for marriage, but Amara says she would. Bill comes home from football practice while they’re in the midst of discussing the rumor that he’s really into getting blowjobs, and the girls all start fawning over him. The parents are gone for the night, so naturally this leads to more. Tiffani and Cristi decide that sucking cock isn’t going to ruin their self-imposed chastity vows. The girls pull out Bill’s huge, throbbing cock and take turns sucking it. Bill wants to fuck, but Tiffani and Cristi still want to save it for their eventual husbands. As Amara heads off to a bedroom with Bill, Tiffani and Cristi agree that being fucked in the ass wouldn’t technically count.

Bill is in awe of Amara’s pretty pussy, which she plays with flirtatiously as he sucks her sock-clad feet. He sucks her clit and labia, making her shake and holler with orgasm. Then he turns her over and licks her butt. Bill’s heavy balls swing hard as he thrusts into her pussy. He asks if she ever masturbates, and when she tells him she’s thought about him while doing it, he moans loudly. Amara rubs her clit faster to make herself cum while he’s inside her. As Bill pauses to eat Amara’s asshole, she asks him to fuck her there. Amara’s dirty talk and encouragement as he pushes himself slowly into her butthole are so exciting that many guys would pop right away. Bill holds it back and plunges into her ass for a while, driving her to a second loud orgasm as she masturbates. They keep it going for a long while, changing positions several times—the best is when Amara pulls her legs in close to her torso and twists off to one side in reverse cowgirl so we get a good look at the anal penetration. After a long, hard butt sex bonanza, Bill blows a huge load on his stepsister’s pretty face.

Pretty, ivory-skinned brunette Anna DeVille just got back from prom with her boyfriend James Deen. On this special night, James wants something even more fun to remember. He excitedly suggests that they take their relationship to the next level: anal sex. They’d talked about it before but she was never sure, so he offers to take it slow. After James gets Anna ready by eating her out and fingering her asshole, he fucks her pussy hard and fast. She sucks his cock to get him really lubed up with spit, and by that point Anna is begging for James’ dick in her ass. The best view of the action is Anna lying back against James, on top of him with her legs in a wide V, her pussy still spread open and her tits bouncing. She’s all smiles as she takes his load on her face.

Adorable little dark-haired spinner Holly Hendrix is on her phone in her room when her mom, Dava Foxx, comes in to make sure she’s not texting that older man she’s been seeing. Holly is on probation and Dava doesn’t want her setting one toe across the line. Dava doesn’t really believe Holly when she claims to be emailing a professor, but she has some shopping to do. The moment Dava leaves, Holly calls Mr. Pete, and tells him to come over. He’s at her back door in a hurry. It turns out that back doors are his favorite point of entry, and you can’t blame him when you see Holly’s little round ass bounding over to let him into her room. Her eyes roll back in her head when he eats her asshole. Mr. Pete fucks her pussy for a moment but it’s definitely the warm-up, not the main event. She crawls across the bed at his command and tests her gag reflex on his dick. Then, with legs spread in missionary position, Holly takes Mr. Pete’s pounding all the way up her tight little ass. Mr. Pete has just blown his load when Holly’s mom gets home and catches them! Holly won’t be going anywhere for a long while.

Dark-haired beauty Naveen Ora eavesdrops on her mom, stunning blonde Jana Jordan, arguing with stepdad Tommy Gunn about anal sex. Tommy has been trying to get her to do it for ten years, but Jana is holding out for a bigger ring. She tells him she has grocery shopping to do and he’s got to get to work to make money so she can spend it. Naveen might be young, but even she knows that her mom isn’t going to keep her husband this way. After Jana leaves, Naveen boldly offers up her own tight little teenage asshole for him to fuck. She says she loves playing with toys in her ass and now she wants the real thing. Tommy is understandably quite uncomfortable at first, but she wears him down. They both know what they want out of this, so they don’t waste time getting to the good part: his dick buried within her little pucker, all the way to the balls!

Young Anal Adventures from Reality Junkies is now streaming on AEBN.

Stars:   Holly Hendrix   Anna De Ville   Mr. Pete   James Deen   Tommy Gunn   Bill Bailey   Naveen Ora   Amara Romani
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Reality Junkies 

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