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Nobody’s Daughter

Nobody's DaughterNobody’s Daughter is writer/director Nica Noelle’s darkest exploration of love and sex to date.

Remy LaCroix is Beth Jensen, a beautiful student living with the much-older Abe (Mark Davis). We see her masturbating to thoughts of their sex. Next she’s outside, staring at a paper marked with an A grade as if it were a breakup letter, when fellow student James Deen stops to ask her out for coffee. Beth numbly says no and walks home to find dishes shattered on the floor. Abe shambles into the room. Ignoring Beth, he takes a bottle from a small refrigerator and starts pounding on a typewriter. She tells him about the A on her paper, but he snarls that Hemingway isn’t worth studying. Abe brushes off Beth’s concern about the broken glass and his bandaged hand.

In her bedroom, Beth pulls out her sketchbook. Abe enters and asks for a hug, but she gives him a lot more, smiling for the first time as they embrace and undress. He kisses her lean, sexy body and eats her out before they fuck. Beth comes alive with his mouth on her clit, with his shaft buried in her throat and pussy. Afterward, while he sleeps, she sketches him.

Sometime later, Abe’s ex-lover Sandy (Veronica Avluv) comes over demanding money. She taunts Beth, then verbally spars with Abe till he pushes her onto the couch and orally attacks her big tits. Sandy gasps as he finger-bangs her and smears her juices on her face. As their aggressive sex noises bleed through the walls, Beth curls into the fetal position in bed. Sandy goads Abe into fucking her harder, impales her ass on him, and sucks him afterward. This sweaty fuck is totally different from Beth’s sex with Abe.

Beth calls James and asks if he still wants to go out, then rips up her drawings of Abe and sets them next to his sleeping form before leaving. James takes Beth home and bashfully says he wants to kiss her. She says yes with her eyes. When James pauses their make-out and briefly leaves the room, Beth calls Abe and sets the phone down so he’ll hear everything. Abe listens to them kissing and 69ing. James enters Beth in missionary, making her moan unintelligibly and curl her toes. They roll onto their sides, giving us a great view of her fantastic ass. He makes her cum more than once and pulls out from cowgirl position to unleash his load up her ass crack. When she bails afterward, poor James thinks he did something wrong.

When she gets home, Abe silently shoves her against the door and hauls her into bed. He screws her again to mark his territory, or maybe because hearing another man fuck her was a turn-on. Whether sucking her toes or licking her crack, the tenderness he shows while they have sex is enough to keep her in his dangerous world.

Many people don’t think adult entertainment can have a meaningful story, but emotionally complex erotic film dates back at least to The Devil in Miss Jones, a 1972 classic that set the standard. If you loved that, then don’t miss Nobody’s Daughter.

Running Time:   135 minutes
Released:   05/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Remy LaCroix   Mark Davis   James Deen   Veronica Avluv
Categories: New Release   Feature   Small Tits   Teen   Schoolgirls   High Definition

Come Inside Me

Come Inside MeHard Candy Films’ first internal cumshot movie, Come Inside Me, is a perfect blend of romance and raunch. Four attractive couples have in genuine, unscripted sex, resulting in one of the most erotic female-focused cream pie movies ever made.

Pretending she’s having a girls’ night, Rayveness visits her lover, Nat Turner. In a luscious performance, Rayveness engulfs his big black cock like she’s hungry for it, and her expression is pure rapture as he enters her. Nat’s steady thrusts in missionary literally curl Rayveness’ toes, but she’s even more enthusiastic as they fuck harder and faster in other positions. When Nat pulls out of Rayveness’ wet lips, the way she caresses his face as they gaze into each other’s eyes shows that her marital vows can’t sever their bond.

Meanwhile, Rayveness’ husband, Marcus London, calls his secretary, Alyssa Branch. Marcus was once involved with her and now wants her again. Marcus tells Alyssa she gets to make the rules this time. When he gets to her place, the young blonde gleefully prohibits him from touching her while she does a striptease. Soon she lets him suck her tits and go down on her. Unlike the previous straight-to-fucking scene, this liaison focuses more on foreplay. Even after they’ve been fucking for a while, Alyssa pauses to taste her juices on his cock. After their mutual orgasm, the cream drips like honey from her hole as he pulls out slowly.

Exotic French beauty Anissa Kate meets one of her husband’s employees, young stud Seth Gamble, when they’re at a hotel bar. Seth agrees to drive Anissa home when her husband leaves on some work-related emergency, after which Anissa plainly says she wants to fuck him. They get a room and waste no time stripping. Seth gets a taste of her outstanding natural breasts and she samples his long cock. He licks her clit and plays with her nipples, but they can’t wait long to feel him buried inside her. The gorgeous couple is beautiful to watch having sex. After Seth cums inside her and pulls out, Anissa rubs the cream into her milky-coffee skin.

Director Nica Noelle interviews James Deen about his sex life off-camera. It’s a fascinating look into the life of the young stud with many female fans and a blooming mainstream career. Ladies, if he hasn’t charmed you by the end of this, then he never will. Nica asks James to role play as if he’s on a first date with Lara Brookes. Lara’s bashful but James charms her, creating a scene that’s different and captivating. From flirtation onwards, James leads Lara in a sexual dance with all the awkward charm of a real first date. It’s pure fantasy material for all the women who swoon over James. Lara is cute and if a couple watches together, both will have lots to enjoy. Her puffy nipples stand out like pegs when he pulls down her dress. They’re both all smiles as they masturbate each other and as he enters her pussy. James leaves a distinct handprint on Lara’s porcelain skin when he spanks her as he thrusts. Pausing to taste Lara’s pussy, James says he wants to see her shake. Her natural breasts sway as she squirms. His sexy growls, her stimulating moans, and the squeaking bed are the only soundtrack to this playful, unique, fantastic scene.

It just might be the best Hard Candy release yet.

Come Inside Me
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Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Anissa Kate   Lara Brookes   Rayveness   James Deen   Nat Turner   Marcus London   Seth Gamble   Alyssa Branch
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Feature   Cream Pies   For Ladies   High Definition

Happy Endings: Cougar Masseuse Gives a Hot Sports Massage

Happy Endings: Cougar Masseuse Gives A Hot Sports MassageHard Candy Films’ sensual Happy Endings series continues with a vignette titled Cougar Masseuse Gives a Hot Sports Massage.

Experienced masseuse Rayveness knows that even if the guys who come to see her don’t ask for more than a massage, that’s what they really want. It’s what Rayveness calls “the full-body experience” and not every guy feels comfortable asking for it, so now she takes the initiative and gives it to them.

Her client Mr. Pete has a muscular body from playing basketball. Flirting with him while rubbing down his back, Rayveness says he must have a girlfriend who enjoys his “active lifestyle.” Not long after asking Mr. Pete to turn over, Rayveness asks if his girlfriend ever gives him massages. “Sometimes,” he says as she moves the sheet to expose all but his cock. As Rayveness talks about how nice it can be to pay a professional for what you want, with no emotions involved, Mr. Pete seems oblivious to what she means. Even when she asks in a husky tone if his girlfriend takes care of him in other ways besides massage, he doesn’t get it.

Rayveness gets the point across when she removes the sheet and takes his cock into her mouth. Soon Mr. Pete is up off the table, sucking one of Rayveness’ gorgeous nipples, bending her over the table, and licking her crack from front to back. He gets her wet enough to slide his hardened dick into her pussy. Those big tits bounce hypnotically as he thrusts, and occasionally he reaches around to play with her nipples.

After Mr. Pete has Rayveness lie back on the massage table in missionary position, he drizzles her own massage oil onto her beautiful breasts. She’s already moaning in excitement, even more so when he starts to rub the oil in and make her boobs catch the light as they fly up and down with his increasingly vigorous strokes.

Sitting on Mr. Pete’s lap face-to-face on the couch, Rayveness fingers her asshole while she rides him. Mr. Pete soon takes over for her in that department, cupping her perky butt cheeks in both hands and teasing the hole in the middle. He holds both of her tits in his hands, looking up into her face as if he still can’t believe what’s happening.

Rayveness lies back on the couch and enjoys his fuck so much that she bites the blanket. Between that and the telltale reddening of her upper chest, you know it must be amazing at that point. In side saddle, Rayveness plays with her own tits and begs him not to stop or tease her, as he slows down. He withdraws from her completely, but only so he can plunge into her again. The more she begs for him to give her his dick, the more excited he gets. When Mr. Pete pulls out to cum, Rayveness tells him to aim for the outside of her pussy.

To put it plainly, this is one hell of a hot scene and you can only find it on the AEBN VOD network!

Running Time:   31 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Happy Endings
Stars:   Rayveness   Mr. Pete
Categories: Big Tits   New Release   Mature   All Sex   Anilingus   Cougar   High Definition   Massage

Happy Endings: Dominant Masseuse Taunts Frustrated Young Stud

Happy Endings: Dominant Masseuse Taunts Frustrated Young StudNot all masseuses are interested in treating clients gently. After all, a little sexual rough-housing can relieve tension. Standing 5’8″ with bountiful breasts and hypnotic hips, Nikita Denise is this kind of domineering massage therapist in Dominant Masseuse Taunts Frustrated Young Stud, the latest vignette from Hard Candy Films’ Happy Endings series.

Putting it mildly, Nikita’s no sexual wallflower. She’s a magnetic presence with her Eastern European accent, throaty voice, luxurious black hair, and pale blue eyes. Her beauty calls to mind a Czech version of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Nikita’s intimidating, but she knows how to please clients who are up for the challenge. Can shy Danny Wylde handle her?

Danny answered Nikita’s ad because he’s in a sexual dry spell. He enters her house, where she works, with hopes that the unconventional location will mean a happy ending. Nikita tells Danny to undress and leaves the room. She returns wearing a lacy black chemise and starts rubbing him down. It messes with Danny’s head a bit when Nikita says he’s younger than her usual clients, but he feels better when she compliments his body and says he could have any girl he wanted.

Nikita advises Danny to tap into the innate aggression that she says every man has. He bristles at being psychoanalyzed when he’s here for a massage, but she’s gotten a rise out of him in more ways than one; she asks him to flip over and when he does, he has a raging hard-on. Nikita drizzles oil on his torso and rubs it in with her naked tits, dangling them just under Danny’s mouth and asking if he knows what he wants to do to her. He’s too intimidated to move at first, but her taunting finally gets to him.

Danny flips Nikita on her back and feels her big, luscious boobs while licking her clit. She tells him to squeeze her tit harder, so he does and she grabs the other one. A few minutes later, he flips her again and starts pounding her vaginally in doggy style, slapping her ass and making her moan and curse in pleasure. She tells him to “get it” and fuck her deeper, egging him on and probably pushing more than a few viewers over the edge.

After more fucking in missionary position, they take a break for Nikita to suck his cock down to the base, till her nose is pressed against his belly. She laughs merrily as he pulls her up to mount him in cowgirl position. In doggy again, Danny pounds her harder. Nikita’s taunting dirty talk gets more emphatic and louder the closer she gets to orgasm. He makes her cum in sidesaddle position while rubbing her clit. A couple of minutes later, Danny pulls out and shoots his cum onto her chest and into her mouth.

By the end, the Slavic sex goddess has made a man out of the timid stud.

Stars:   Nikita Denise   Danny Wylde
Categories: Big Tits   New Release   All Sex   Rough Sex   Big Natural Breasts   High Definition   Massage
Running Time:   32 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Happy Endings
Director:   Nica Noelle

Happy Endings: Sexy Young Beauty Wants a Happy Ending

Happy Endings: Sexy Young Beauty Wants A Happy EndingMost massage porn features a male client getting his jollies thanks to a horny female “massage therapist.” The situation gets reversed in this episode of Nica Noelle’s hot Happy Endings series, Sexy Young Beauty Wants a Happy Ending.

Of all the massage parlors in all the world, young Latin lovely Adrianna Luna had to walk into the one where handsome British DILF Marcus London works. He’s quite a bit older than her, but she doesn’t mind that one bit. However, the type of massage that Adrianna is interested in is the kind that’s primarily applied to a specific place between her legs, and he can do it with his tongue and his cock in addition to his hands.

As much as Marcus tries to keep things above board and professional, Adrianna’s persistence wins. After all, just look at her. She’s got a beautiful face; her body is sensational and her plump natural tits even more so. Men must have an incredibly difficult time saying no to her, so why even try? When her body is slick with massage oil, it gleams even more alluringly than it always does.

Soon Adrianna is all over his stiff cock with her hungry mouth. When she mounts him in cowgirl position, it gives us a view of her big bouncing tits that will make your dick twitch. Adrianna also takes it in doggy style and missionary. Every position is pleasing to behold and she puts on a great show for her growing fan base. She’s been around for a couple of years now, but she’s hotter than ever lately.

Happy Endings : Sexy Young Beauty Wants A Happy Ending
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Stars:   Adrianna Luna   Marcus London
Categories: Asian   Big Tits   New Release   Interracial   All Sex   Big Natural Breasts   High Definition   Massage
Running Time:   39 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Happy Endings
Director:   Nica Noelle

Happy Endings: Beautiful Asian Masseuse Seduces Brokenhearted Stud

Happy Endings: Beautiful Asian Masseuse Seduces Brokenhearted StudHard Candy Films’ brand-new Happy Endings series begins with a vignette titled Beautiful Asian Masseuse Seduces Brokenhearted Stud. After working on shy but gorgeous Alan Stafford for about two months, stunning massage therapist Asa Akira is nursing a crush. He has a long-distance fiancée, but Alan has finally opened up to Asa enough to confess that things haven’t been going well lately. It’s going to be Alan’s birthday soon, but his fiancée is going on a business trip instead of coming to see him. Asa sees her opportunity: “He’s lonely, I’m horny – what do I have to lose?” she asks the camera as her introduction to the scene ends.

Now Alan is coming in for another session to relieve the stress he’s been feeling lately. His fiancée told him she’s “confused” and has been mentioning some male coworker’s name a lot, so Alan is convinced the breakup is only a technicality now. Asa listens sympathetically while starting to work on some trouble spots, and then asks a pointed question: if his fiancée is this confused about her coworker now, how will it be different after they’re married? Alan has to admit she has a point.

Leaving him to marinate on the thought, Asa oils up the stud’s muscular torso and sensually rubs it down, inching further beneath the sheet on each pass. After she moves to his right leg, soon she dispenses with the sheet altogether and dribbles oil all around his erect cock. “Just relax. Let me take care of you,” Asa whispers soothingly as she takes his hard-on into her soft hand.

It’s a good thing that oil tastes okay, because soon Asa hops up on the table and applies a throat technique not often seen outside of porn massages. Alan pulls off Asa’s top and bra. Kissing her full tits, he rubs her mound through her black yoga pants. Soon he has stripped her completely naked, giving him total access to eat her tasty pussy. Curling her toes and surrounding his head with her sexy, shapely legs, Asa moans and pants in ecstasy.

Those sounds of pleasure increase exponentially when Alan slides his hard cock between her lower lips and starts to pound! Standing next to the massage table, he screws her hard and well in missionary and sidesaddle, pausing to taste her once and then again to let her taste her own juices off him. Then he climbs on the table with Asa and gives it to her missionary style, but soon Asa wants to be on top. After tasting herself on him again, she mounts him in cowgirl. Now they’re both sweaty and she screams her joy once or twice. It’s a sound that any Asa Akira fan knows, because she’s one vocal little hottie who always lets you know she appreciates how it feels.

No matter what position they’re in, Asa looks gorgeous and the two of them deliver a hot, sensual performance together.

Asa and Alan will take your breath away in this clip… and make you yearn to see more!

Happy Endings : Beautiful Asian Masseuse Seduces Brokenhearted Stud
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Stars:   Asa Akira   Alan Stafford
Categories: Asian   Big Tits   New Release   Interracial   Gonzo   High Definition   Massage
Running Time:   29 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Happy Endings

Vanilla Deville

Vanilla DevilleOne of the hottest MILFs to enter porn in years, busty brunette Vanilla Deville has been active in porn since she joined the adult website phenomenon in 1999.

Porn fans immediately took notice of Vanilla’s dark good looks and toned body. You can’t help loving those 34DD tits. Though she had a successful business career, Vanilla took a chance and launched VanillaDeville.com. That risk has paid off, to say the least. For ten years, she was a big hit online with fans. Vanilla was crowned Miss Nude Internet 2004 and was featured in Playboy magazine in July that year. She went on to receive a Woody Award for Hottest Single-Girl Site in 2006.

In 2009, at age 39, Vanilla began performing in studio releases. She was right on time for the MILF porn craze and most definitely in her sexual prime – and still is, nearly four years later. But don’t take our word for it. There’s plenty of proof in our VOD Theater that maturity really suits Vanilla.

The director to make the best use of Vanilla’s charms almost certainly has been Nica Noelle, whose Candy studios have cast her in some of their biggest hits. Vanilla was a force of nature in A Mother’s Love, her first movie for Hard Candy Films. It’s still one of the company’s most-viewed movies on VOD and you’ll understand why when you see how the sparks fly between Vanilla and young stud Dane Cross. Released in January of last year, the movie was just the first volume in a great series. A month later, Vanilla had a dynamic scene with Sovereign Syre in Girl Candy Films’ unforgettable hit Lesbian Guidance Counselor, which continues to be popular with viewers and launched another series for Noelle.

XBIZ honored Vanilla this year with nominations for Best Actress – Couples-Themed Release (Hard Candy Films’ The Psychotherapist), MILF Performer of the Year, and Performer Site of the Year. AVN nominated her MILF Performer of the Year and Best Porn Star Website 2013.

After four years as a performer Vanilla is still smoking hot and ready to take on any fuck partner, male or female. Her beauty smolders, but her sexual appetite is a raging inferno. See for yourself in some of our top picks for Vanilla Deville.

The Psychotherapist Lesbian Psycho Dramas 9 Paste My Face 24