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Movie Review: “Sex with My Ex,” X-Art

x-art, sex with my ex, Madi Meadows, Marika Hase, Sara Luvv, Aubrey StarX-Art’s Sex with My Ex is a lush, romantic, sweet set of scenes that will please every fan of erotica. These former couples can’t even remember why they broke up, but it definitely wasn’t for a lack of sexual chemistry!

Sarah Luvv is feeling so tender toward her ex that she can’t even remember why they decided not to stay together. Maybe it’s just the horniness talking, but he’s got to have some of that good, sweet pussy that he used to love eating. He almost gets off on the way she undulates in ecstasy, bucking her hips and panting as he tongues her sensitive clit and fondles one of her small, perky tits. He builds her up to a shuddering spasm of orgasm before he pushes his throbbing rod into her hot, wet fuck tunnel.

Stunning Japanese beauty Marika Hase enjoys a sensual reunion with her ex in the bath. After they kiss and fondle each other, Marika goes down on her knees to suck that cock she’s been missing. (more…)

Movie Review: “My Wife’s Fantasy 2,” Pure Passion

my wife's fantasy 2, pure passion, digital sin, kimmy granger, christiana cinn, rayann parks, alli rae, jade nile, for ladies, couples porn, bdsm, fetish, hairy, bush, shaving, threesome, threewayMarried couples’ sex lives don’t have to be uneventful, as this exciting couples-friendly porno from Pure Passion demonstrates. My Wife’s Fantasy 2 is packed with the hot scenarios that many women dream about, that their husbands could never imagine they’re thinking about.

Jade Nile, an adorable young woman with long, light brown, wavy hair, gets breakfast ready for her husband. She drizzles syrup on the stack of pancakes and gets the strawberries, one of which she also savors with sensual delight. When her husband comes to the kitchen, they’re both more interested in starting their day with morning sex. Jade climbs on the counter and kisses him. She pulls her flimsy top aside to free one of her perky natural breasts, and then pours syrup on her nipple for him to lick. Her nipple hardens as he spends a long moment worshipping her beautiful tits. Next he lavishes oral attention on her pussy. Jade fingers herself as her husband kisses her neck, shoulder, and breast. The couple has some fun with a strawberry as he eats her pussy some more. On her knees, Jade looks up at her husband lovingly as she sucks his erection. Later, Jade climbs on his lap and slams her pussy down on his cock in a vigorous ride. Then they change the pace with her husband holding her hips and bringing her down slowly onto him. Jade rocks her hips back and forth. She turns and fucks him some more in reverse cowgirl, rubbing her clit as she bounces up and down. After a couple more positions as her husband lies on his back, Jade eventually bends over to get fucked even deeper and harder in doggy style. In missionary style, she cums. She smiles up at him while sucking his cock clean of their mingled juices.

Alli Rae, a gorgeous young blonde with a fantastic ass and legs, gets to enjoy a threeway like she’s always wanted to do when she and her lucky husband invite a well-hung male friend over to join them. She takes turns kissing the guys with lots of passion (and tongue) before lying on her back while they both fondle her tits, pussy, and thighs. Alli’s in heaven when they start finger-banging her pussy and asshole simultaneously. After sucking both guys’ throbbing cocks one after the other, Alli gets fucked. The view from above is beyond stimulating as she lies on her back taking their cocks at both ends, which she also does on her hands and knees. Later, Allie’s anal fantasy is also indulged.

Rayann Parks is a slim girl with long, dark hair and a full, dark bush. After we get a long, slow look at all that hair on her pubic mound while she tugs on it and spreads her pussy, Rayann’s man arrives and gives her pubes a trim with some scissors. He paints a thick, creamy layer of shaving cream on her mound. Rayann uses an old-fashioned safety razor to shave her pussy bald and smooth, then she plays with her pussy again to show us what a close shave she’s given herself. Now that she’s got that close shave, Rayann is ready to fuck. She orally engulfs her husband’s cock, giving it a luscious suck, and then climbs on top to fuck him. Rayann’s natural body is tight and beautiful as she moves through a few positions that grant us the best possible views of him fucking her.

After we get a long, voyeuristic look at exotic brunette Christiana Cinn taking a nap, she gets up, strips naked, and gives us a hot masturbation session. We see it up close as she plunges her fingers into herself, her natural breasts jiggling as she thrusts. Eventually she makes herself squirt. Then her husband shows up in what may be a fantasy or reality—take your pick, it’s your fantasy too—and she gives him long, hungry, hot kisses. As he lies on the bed, Christiana kisses her way down his torso and starts jerking and sucking his cock. In a POV shot, she makes eyes at the camera while stroking his shaft, swirling her tongue around the cockhead, and sucking him. Christiana’s man makes long, slow oral love to her pussy, sucking her labia into his mouth and flicking his tongue back and forth. He plunges his prick into her from behind, and we watch the action from the side and from above. Later, Christiana climbs on him cowgirl style and bucks wildly against him, grinding her hips and then slowing down, alternating speeds and angles.

Beautiful brunette Kimmy Granger’s a kinky girl at heart. She and her man live out a fantasy that’s all about bondage sex. Kimmy is on a collar and leash, wearing nothing but some hot black lingerie, as she crawls on all fours into the frame at the beginning of the scene. Her man uses a combination of light cropping and raking his fingers along her skin to heighten her sensitivity. As Kimmy deep-throats his cock, he holds back her hair. Kimmy keeps her collar, leash, garter belt and stockings on throughout the scene as she gets eaten out and rides his throbbing dick. She loves every minute of her submission to her man, and she happily takes a facial at the end.

My Wife’s Fantasy 2 from Pure Passion is an exciting way for couples to stimulate their libidos, but it’s equally fun if you’re watching it alone!

Stars:   Christiana Cinn   Kimmy Granger   Rayann Parks (f)   Alli Rae   Jade Nile
Studio Name:   Pure Passion

Art of Romance 2

Art of Romance 2Erotica X has made a great name for itself since debuting last year with director Mason’s signature brand of stunningly beautiful sex scenes that feel natural, yet look like artfully erotic photo shoots happening before your wide-open eyes. Art of Romance 2 is a worthy successor to the first volume of the series with its emphasis on intimacy, both physical and emotional. You’ll see plenty of close-ups on the girls’ happy faces mixed in with wider shots of the action, with occasional close-ups of genitals. Everything flows as if the camera had just been set up and the action was allowed to unfold at the performers’ pace.

Callie Calypso and Tyler Nixon are a gorgeous young couple who are clearly into each other. During their mountain hike, they flirt and kiss. In a bedroom, Tyler spends a while building up the hot foreplay, concentrating on Callie’s nipples before getting her worked up with his tongue on her clit. Callie’s vocal reactions to all of this, especially when he penetrates her pussy, are natural and so hot you could almost cum to the sound alone.

Outside, against a palm tree vista, Holly Michaels and Jillian Jackson tease each other in sexy black bras and panties. Inside, things progressively heat up as they kiss each other’s bodies and grind their pussies together. Holly’s on top, taking control, when James Deen joins them for some mutual oral and some exciting threeway fucking.

August Ames and Danny Mountain have been arguing. The best part about conflict when you’re a couple, of course, is making up afterward. These two work out their differences with intense make-up sex that has August hollering and moaning with pleasure. There’s no lack of passion for these two.

Drifting through an upscale, modern home and out onto a balcony, Lily Love is a vision of beauty in lingerie. Her ass is exposed and any neighbor with binoculars would have quite a stirring reaction. When Seth Gamble enters the scene, he and Lily eagerly exchange oral favors. Right in front of a large window, Lily rides Seth with abandon as if hoping people can see them from outside. Distant lightning in the dusky sky ramps up the erotic appeal of this final scene and it seems to energize the couple’s fucking.

Art of Romance 2 is streaming on our VOD theatre network in high definition.

Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   02/2014
Studio Name:   Erotica X
Series:   Art Of Romance
Director:   Sam No / Mason
Stars:   Lily Love   Holly Michaels   Callie Calypso   Jillian Brookes   August Ames
Categories: New Release   International   All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition

Eternal Passion 2

Eternal Passion 2The first volume of the Eternal Passion series brought us a lush erotic feast for the eyes. Couples could use it for amorous inspiration and single viewers could escape into a fantasy that went beyond gonzo. It was exactly the kind of stunning work we’ve all come to expect from Mason, the iconic and mysterious woman behind the lens for so many instant classic adult films of the last eleven or so years.

Now the series is back, and Eternal Passion 2 is every bit as sensual and romantic as the first. Dani Daniels, Casey Calvert, Allie Haze, and Maddy O’Reilly appear one after the other in four outstanding scenes that immerse you in luscious waking dreams. These gorgeous women indulge their sexual instincts in the most beautiful locations. Their lust for their partners is real and so are their orgasms.

These women are dream girls and you get to see them in a more intimate way than ever before. Whether you’re part of a couple or a single viewer, get ready for an all-sex movie of a deeply sensual and romantic flavor.

Running Time:   100 minutes
Released:   12/2013
Studio Name:   Erotica X
Series:   Eternal Passion
Director:   Sam No / Mason
Stars:   Allie Haze   Dani Daniels   Maddy O’Reilly   Casey Calvert
Categories: New Release   International   All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition

The Babysitter 9

The Babysitter 9Pinup-hot blonde Jessa Rhodes would make any man think with his little head, so it’s easy to believe her as a seductress in The Babysitter 9. This series has delivered some of the best movies about teenage vixens and the men who fuck them. Jessa makes this one of the most exciting volumes yet.

Dana DeArmond visits her estranged husband, community college P.E. teacher Erik Everhard, claiming she misses him. She seduces him into a fuck that makes her whimper and curl her toes. Dana is bendy and her lean, natural body is hot, as always. Afterward, her inner bitch emerges as she literally drops divorce papers on him. She only wanted one more screw – the one thing they did well together – and to tell him he needs to take their kid while she’s on a long business trip to Tokyo.

Erik needs a temporary nanny, so his fellow teacher Steven St. Croix recommends his son Tyler Nixon’s girlfriend, Jessa Rhodes. Steven mentions this to Jessa, who’s studying with Tyler, and she’s interested in the job. Steven leaves and Tyler puts the moves on Jessa. Abandoning the study of biology, he has hands-on anatomy tutoring in mind. She doesn’t mind once he starts eating her pussy and fondling her perky, natural tits. Jessa deep-throats him before mounting him in a cowgirl ride that really shows off her fine ass. She’s equally hot in every other position, and limber too.

That first day, Erik shows Jessa some golf and tennis basics because she mentions that she’s interested in trying out for those teams at the college. The next time Erik sees Steven, he casually asks if he’s ever been with a younger girl. Steven reminisces about his housekeeper’s hot daughter, Gigi Loren, and we get to see it in flashback. Gigi climbs him like a tree with her shorts off. Wearing only her t-shirt and sneakers, she takes his thick, curved dick in her pussy and mouth alternately. Eventually the shirt comes off and gives us a great look at her handful-sized natural tits as they bounce and as Steven fondles them.

Jessa’s boyfriend grows jealous of how much time she’s spending with Erik, so they split up. She goes to work and Erik offers to take her for a run because it helps him feel better when he’s upset. Afterward, Jessa takes a shower and we get a loving close-up of her soaping her sexy breasts and sweet ass. When Erik brings towels, she steps around the shower wall and invites him in with her. Smiling, Erik embraces her wet, naked body in a smoldering kiss. He strips down and spends a while eating her out, first in the shower and then in bed. Jessa looks fantastic with the golden sunlight from the window gleaming on her body, especially when she’s riding him in cowgirl.

If you’ve never seen Jessa Rhodes, get ready to fall hard and fast for her.

Running Time:   137 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Babysitter -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon
Stars:   Jessa Rhodes   Erik Everhard   Steven St. Croix   Dana DeArmond   Tyler Nixon   Gigi Loren
Categories: New Release   Feature   Teen   International   Babysitters   Schoolgirls   For Ladies   High Definition

Come Inside Me

Come Inside MeHard Candy Films’ first internal cumshot movie, Come Inside Me, is a perfect blend of romance and raunch. Four attractive couples have in genuine, unscripted sex, resulting in one of the most erotic female-focused cream pie movies ever made.

Pretending she’s having a girls’ night, Rayveness visits her lover, Nat Turner. In a luscious performance, Rayveness engulfs his big black cock like she’s hungry for it, and her expression is pure rapture as he enters her. Nat’s steady thrusts in missionary literally curl Rayveness’ toes, but she’s even more enthusiastic as they fuck harder and faster in other positions. When Nat pulls out of Rayveness’ wet lips, the way she caresses his face as they gaze into each other’s eyes shows that her marital vows can’t sever their bond.

Meanwhile, Rayveness’ husband, Marcus London, calls his secretary, Alyssa Branch. Marcus was once involved with her and now wants her again. Marcus tells Alyssa she gets to make the rules this time. When he gets to her place, the young blonde gleefully prohibits him from touching her while she does a striptease. Soon she lets him suck her tits and go down on her. Unlike the previous straight-to-fucking scene, this liaison focuses more on foreplay. Even after they’ve been fucking for a while, Alyssa pauses to taste her juices on his cock. After their mutual orgasm, the cream drips like honey from her hole as he pulls out slowly.

Exotic French beauty Anissa Kate meets one of her husband’s employees, young stud Seth Gamble, when they’re at a hotel bar. Seth agrees to drive Anissa home when her husband leaves on some work-related emergency, after which Anissa plainly says she wants to fuck him. They get a room and waste no time stripping. Seth gets a taste of her outstanding natural breasts and she samples his long cock. He licks her clit and plays with her nipples, but they can’t wait long to feel him buried inside her. The gorgeous couple is beautiful to watch having sex. After Seth cums inside her and pulls out, Anissa rubs the cream into her milky-coffee skin.

Director Nica Noelle interviews James Deen about his sex life off-camera. It’s a fascinating look into the life of the young stud with many female fans and a blooming mainstream career. Ladies, if he hasn’t charmed you by the end of this, then he never will. Nica asks James to role play as if he’s on a first date with Lara Brookes. Lara’s bashful but James charms her, creating a scene that’s different and captivating. From flirtation onwards, James leads Lara in a sexual dance with all the awkward charm of a real first date. It’s pure fantasy material for all the women who swoon over James. Lara is cute and if a couple watches together, both will have lots to enjoy. Her puffy nipples stand out like pegs when he pulls down her dress. They’re both all smiles as they masturbate each other and as he enters her pussy. James leaves a distinct handprint on Lara’s porcelain skin when he spanks her as he thrusts. Pausing to taste Lara’s pussy, James says he wants to see her shake. Her natural breasts sway as she squirms. His sexy growls, her stimulating moans, and the squeaking bed are the only soundtrack to this playful, unique, fantastic scene.

It just might be the best Hard Candy release yet.

Come Inside Me
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Running Time:   148 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Anissa Kate   Lara Brookes   Rayveness   James Deen   Nat Turner   Marcus London   Seth Gamble   Alyssa Branch
Categories: Cumshot   New Release   Feature   Cream Pies   For Ladies   High Definition

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher and the Bad Boy

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher And The Bad BoyHard Candy Films’ great Teacher Seductions series comes to an emotionally and sexually intriguing conclusion with an episode starring Veronica Avluv and gorgeous Richie Deville, The Teacher and the Bad Boy.

Richie isn’t a bad boy once you get past the black leather jacket and failing grades. When he goes to his teacher, Veronica, to see about extra credit work to improve his grade, she takes him to lunch and encourages him to tell her what’s wrong. Veronica doesn’t want to give unfair extra chances to Richie, but it breaks her heart when he admits he’s been working as an escort for older ladies to make up for his mother’s gambling-induced financial problems. His mom has moved her fellow gambler boyfriend in with them and it’s all so distracting that Richie’s been unable to keep up in school. Knowing that her student is doing something illegal to make ends meet, Veronica steps in and offers Richie a rent-free room at her place.

After Richie moves in, he’s able to study instead of hustling for the rent. One night while Veronica tries to read, thoughts of her conversation with Richie keep pulling her mind away from the book. Richie comes to thank her, but she says all she wants from him is better grades. Of course, that’s not all he wants to give her. Tonight he wants her to look at him as a man, not as a student.

It’s wrong, but Veronica can’t help herself. She responds to his kisses as he lays her back on the bed. Letting her robe fall away from her big tits, Veronica breathes faster and heavier as Richie’s lips rain kisses on her nipples and trace a path down between her legs. She moans as he goes down on her bald pussy. After a few minutes of Richie’s oral expertise, Veronica kisses her way down his body and shows him she is just as skilled with her mouth on his throbbing cock.

First Veronica mounts Richie in cowgirl position and takes a sensual ride. Getting on top, he slowly thrusts in and out of her as she keeps rocking her hips to meet his strokes. Richie shows Veronica just how good this forbidden lust affair can be in several more positions, each one bringing new heights of pleasure if her sounds of ecstasy are any indication.

Writer/director Nica Noelle handles this taboo subject gracefully while also giving us a powerfully erotic fantasy that women and couples can enjoy.

Teacher Seductions: The Teacher And The Bad Boy
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Stars:   Veronica Avluv   Richie Deville
Categories: New Release   All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   44 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Teacher Seductions
Director:   Nica Noelle