Emma Mae

Private School Nymphos 3

Nymphos are nymphos whether they go to a public school or a private institution, but the argument could be made that private school girls are much nastier.

The reasons:

First, private or parochial schools are often affiliated with religious groups. The stricter the upbringing, the more likely it is that these girls stray from the flock when they reach the age of consent.

Second, the student-teacher ratio at private institutions is much smaller than at public schools. That means more one-on-one time between instructor and pupil, which means more time for sparks to fly. It also means fewer other students around to blow the whistle on an illicit affair.

Third, private school is very, very expensive, which means the girls in attendance come from wealthy households. That, in turn, means they probably get nothing less than charge accounts from daddy to spend on whatever their precious little hearts desire. When you always get what you want, you begin to turn your attention to the things you shouldn’t have, including teacher’s obvious trouser bulge.

Last, the visual evidence is right here! You don’t see any series called Public School Girls do you?  No, you don’t, and only the most maniacal of nymphomaniacs would dare fuck authority figures and capture it all on tape for the enjoyment of others.

Mark Wood, Toni Ribas and Michael Stefano among others do the honor of doing these young scamps. It’s a line-up of hot pussy reminiscent of Combat Zone’s film Adult Supervision Required, but any time you get to see the lovely Emma Mae in action, it’s a good day. She’s a flat-out looker.

Stars:   Nadia Noel   Emma Mae   Tia Tilton   Brooke Logan   Lloyd Platinum   Faye Tality   Michelle Rica   Natali Laroux   Mark Wood   Toni Ribas   Michael Stefano   Jenner   John Espizedo   Ivy Rider

Categories: New Release   Teen   All Sex   Schoolgirls   High Definition

Running Time:   172 minutes

Released:   06/2011

Studio Name:   Smash Pictures

Series:   Private School Nymphos


Malibu Massage Parlor

To succeed in business, it has been said, the three most important things are: location, location, location. How that applies to the internet is a mystery, but we’re going to focus on brick and mortar establishments for now. So, with location being the top consideration for opening a business, do you ever wonder why you see so many back-alley facades? If visibility is so crucial, why would an owner choose to set up shop so far away from prying eyes and much closer to the feral cats and rats that infest the nearby dumpster? Maybe it’s because they couldn’t afford a more expensive lease, but maybe it’s because they’re doing something a little bit shady like, say, running a “massage parlor”.

The term “massage parlor” here is in quotes to indicate that what is going on in these parlors is not really massage at all. Okay, there might be a little kneading of body parts, but it has less to do with shoulders and backs than tits and asses, which is why they don’t want to draw attention to themselves. There’s a reason the typical strip mall configuration goes like this: Anchor store, cell phone shop, local sandwich shop, discount clothier, nail salon, cleaners, grocery store, head shop, vitamin store, rug outlet, tanning salon, party supply company. It’s because one whiff of sex and scented body oil anywhere on the premises would jeopardize the family atmosphere and hurt the other reputable entrepreneurs.

Did you ever wonder what goes on at these back-alley booty bodegas?  The boys at Smash Pictures did too, so they took their cameras and captured it all on film. What exactly did they find? We won’t spoil too much of it here, but let’s just say it would be a shame if oil prices go up because there would be less of it to smear all over the naked bodies of these big butt hotties, which means the hand jobs, blowjobs, anal fingering and fucking wouldn’t be quite so slippery.

Kristina Rose responds to one of those flyers on her car for a free half-hour massage. Evan Stone gives her a total rub down , but concentrates on her problem area, which just so happens to be her kegel muscles. He works out all her kinks, exploring a few of his own in the process. His cock gets a mouth massage and a pussy massage, and then he blasts his man lotion into Kristina’s mouth creating a fusion of goo that is difficult to discern without a trained eye. Hope she doesn’t have to pay for the extra seventeen minutes!

Katie Summer trains and rides horses. When she Christopher Reeves herself, screwing up her back in the process, Ryan Driller comes to her rescue. His magic hands make her inhibitions disappear as he massages her pussy lips and rock hard clit. It’s not long before she is doing her own massage on Ryan’s stiffie and jacking the cum out onto her face.

Those are just the beginning. You’ll also see the iconic Nina Hartley work the tension out of Dane Cross’ muscles and their budding sexual relationship, Kelly Divine jack Jack Lawrence, and blonde Emma Mae slide, slide, slippety-slide on her fantastic voyage with Evan Stone’s up periscope.

Malibu Massage Parlor is sexy and hot as fuck. The TSA only wishes they could be this thorough with their pat downs.

Stars:   Nina Hartley Kristina Rose Kelly Divine Emma Mae Evan Stone Ryan Driller Katie Summers Dane Cross Jack Lawrence

Categories: Fetish New Release Wet / Messy All Sex Big Butt High Definition

Running Time:   166 minutes

Released:   12/2010

Studio Name:   Smash Pictures

Director:   Jim Powers