Diane Dubois

Featured Movie: La Grande Enfilade (The Party)

Apologies to all who expected this “classic” blog entry yesterday and the featured movie blog entry today. As you know, the featured movie blog posted yesterday. There is no good justification, only a mix-up and then a goof, followed by a goofy mix-up and that’s what went down.

Speaking of going down … we now present to you The Party. Directed by Patrick Aubin and released by Alpha-France this disco bush special revolves around a disorderly couple who has a thing for sex parties. At this particular affair, the two can’t take their eyes of a lovely young girl, which is interesting because they seem quick to abuse her innocence and lock her in a trunk out of plain view – not the typical actions of people who like what they see.  When another guest discovers her confined in a makeshift hoosegow, she admits, to everyone’s amazement, having taken a taste to the show and asks to join the “celebration.”

This is yet another all-French title from perhaps the premier name in retro Euro fare and, filled with 3-ways, shaving, bondage and a smattering of anal sex among plenty of classic fucking positions, it is a doozy. Be sure to check it out!


Stars:   Claudia Mehringer   Edwig Failliel   Guy Royer   Cathy Stewart   Richard Lemieuvre   Diane Dubois   Jean-Louis Vattier   Jacques Gatteau

Categories: Euro   Feature   Orgies   Classic   International   70’s   French Speaking

Running Time:   83 minutes

Released:   05/1979

Studio Name:   ALPHA-FRANCE

Director:   Patrick Aubin