Dane Cross

Movie Review: Girlfriends Get Even

Guys, hopefully your girlfriends don’t have such vengeful tendencies as the ones in Girlfriends Get Even. Still, it’s best to be on the safe side and not tempt fate. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy watching some other dudes’ girlfriends take out their anger by revenge-fucking with other guys!


Having caught her boyfriend with his face between her best friend’s legs, green-eyed brunette Adrianna Leigh decides to get better dick elsewhere. She invites his buddy over and calls her boyfriend so he can hear how much better his friend’s dick tastes. By the time she’s getting her gorgeous natural tits sucked, her boyfriend has finally hung up the phone, threatening to come home from work. By now Adrianna is enjoying his friend’s dick too much to care. Adrianna takes a picture of her pasted face with his cock in her mouth and sends it to her boyfriend. She’s a modern girl with a tech-savvy breakup method.


Annikka Albrite’s a curvy platinum blonde with a cheating boyfriend who acts like his name ought to be Summer’s Eve (Google it). In response, she fucks the nerdy guy from school. She’s even got him eating her out under the desk while she tells her boyfriend on video chat not to bother trying to make it up to her. Judging by the way she sucks the nerd’s cock and rides it so actively, Annikka won’t miss her boyfriend. You’d have to be stupid to cheat on a hot-assed pretty girl like her.


Cassandra Nix found out that the reason her boyfriend has been too lazy to have sex is that he’s been watching porn instead. Since he’s so into watching instead of doing, she records herself deep-throating and fucking a hotter guy in their bed. When her boyfriend gets home from work and decides to jerk off to some porn, he finds a custom-made movie on TV when he turns on the player! Unfortunately for the boyfriend, he’s too upset to appreciate watching the hot sex that he’s been too selfish to give her.


Hayden Bell’s boyfriend is unreasonably busy as a personal assistant to a movie producer. She was already pissed off the last time her boyfriend bailed on sex to run an errand, but when he takes her to his boss’ house for dinner and asks her to flirt, Hayden does much more. Why waste the effort she put into looking sexy after her boyfriend said they were going on a date? Hayden leaves her boyfriend thunderstruck as she takes the boss to his bedroom, where he wastes no time getting her naked. They give each other head and he fucks Hayden so hard her titties fly up and down hypnotically. At least she’s finally getting fucked.


Trinity St. Clair is cleaning her boyfriend’s bedroom when she discovers footage of herself fucking her boyfriend on the camera. Since he’s been taping their sex to show his friends, Trinity decides to make a special movie for him to show. At first it looks like she’s just made a nice video of herself masturbating for the boys, but it’s a fake out – when some other dude shows up and starts licking her pussy, it’s clear she’s decided to replace him as the leading man in her own homemade production.


Stars:   Trinity St. Clair   Cassandra Nix   Annikka Albrite   Adrianna Leigh   Hayden Bell   Mark Wood   Dane Cross

Categories: New Release   All Sex   High Definition

Running Time: 127 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Reality Junkies

Movie Review: A Mother’s Love

When writer/director Nica Noelle left her previous studio to found Hard Candy Films, she assured her fans that she would keep making the story-driven erotica for which she’s known. Understandably, there are high expectations for the new studio’s first release, A Mother’s Love.


If you want well-filmed porn featuring attractive performers who can act well enough to pull off a dramatic story full of romantic tension, welcome to your new go-to movie. Hot young stud Xander Corvus asks his mom, Vanna (raven-haired MILF Vanilla DeVille) if his friend Dane Cross (another porn crush object for women) can stay over winter break. Vanna is happy to oblige, because she always had a soft spot for Dane, and the poor guy’s own mother has stranded him at the holidays to take off with her boyfriend. Xander’s sister (beautiful Zoe Voss sporting longer, wavy, strawberry-red hair) is equally happy that Dane will be visiting. When Dane arrives, Vanna and Zoe are both impressed with his sexy hipster look.

The next day we see Vanna in a passionate clinch with her boyfriend, played by Evan Stone. In Nica’s signature naturalistic style, the emphasis is on body-to-body contact rather than tight focus on genitals. It’s hot, sweaty fucking for sensualists and romantics. Just as they’re coming down from their tryst, Dane opens a door across the hall and is surprised by what he sees of them through a sliver of open doorway.


Later, Xander entertains his girlfriend (cute blonde Chastity Lynn) in his room. We get more back story as Xander tells her about Dane. But talk gives way as Xander finds that Chastity’s nipples and clit are a better way to occupy his mouth. Chastity then decides to fill her own mouth with Xander’s big rod. Xander thrusts into her pussy with varying speeds in several flexibility-testing positions. To get Chastity further worked up, he pulls out to rub his dick teasingly against her clit. Chastity, one of porn’s great unsung starlets, fucks back against him for added heat in this exciting scene.


Dane has a brief, awkward meeting with Evan, who is on his way out. Afterward, Dane has a chat with Vanna and ends up kissing her, but even though she’s into it, she excuses herself before things get too hot. Xander sees enough of this to confront Dane later, telling him to lay off the smooching.


While Dane is brooding about that, Zoe gets home and wants to catch up with him. Catching up, however, involves revealing her crush. Dane is more interested in her mom, but he lets Zoe kiss him and of course it leads to more. Soon Zoe’s pulling out his dick and engulfing it with her beautiful lips. Then Dane takes over, stripping Zoe and taking time to kiss her willowy body before he dives in between her long thighs. He primes her with some fingering and light spanks on the ass, and then – years after she probably first dreamt of it – he enters her for the first time. They make you believe their portrayals even as he’s pumping into her and then pumping his seed on her flat belly.


Vanna hears them through the door and clearly doesn’t like it. The next day Zoe tries to chat with her mom, but Vanna angrily reveals that she heard Zoe with Dane. Not understanding why her mom is upset, Zoe leaves for her boyfriend’s house. Dane overhears the argument and comes in to talk to Vanna, but ends up kissing her again, this time getting a warmer response. When Xander sees this, he loses it. Storming into Dane’s room afterward, he gives Dane a deadline to get out of the house. But the next day Dane makes one more attempt to show Vanna how he feels, and the third time is the charm.


Caring not for Xander’s ultimatum, Vanna asks Dane not to leave. This time she’s the one to kiss Dane. In bed, they release the frustration that has been building for days. They seem unable to contain their need to couple long enough for much foreplay, just like you’d expect of people acting on forbidden lust. Besides, they spice up the sex with some taste-testing interludes. After lots of hot fucking in several positions, after Vanna has cum more than once, Dane tosses off a big cumshot onto her nice round tits.


This first movie for Hard Candy shows Nica heading in an even more couples-oriented direction than ever. A Mother’s Love offers passionate scenes featuring male as well as female eye candy. This is a movie for viewers who like seeing women cum, who want the middle ground between softcore and extreme hardcore. It’s on VOD only at AEBN theaters.


A Mother’s Love
Watch Full HD movie now in AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Adult Video On Demand.

Lesbian Slumber Party [Hardcore Trailer]

Lesbian Slumber Party
Watch Full HD movie now in AEBN Porn Pay Per View Network and Adult Video On Demand.

Description: Nica Noelle’s Girl Candy Films debuts with Lesbian Slumber Party – The Kissing Game. When Dani comes home from school for winter break, she invites her girlfriends over for a slumber party reunion. Gorgeous newcomer Sovereign suggests a “kissing game” to prove that romantic chemistry is hard to predict, and the girls reluctantly agree to test her theory. But what starts out as harmless fun soon leads to intense, emotion-filled makeout sessions between girls who thought they were “just friends.” As the young women discover their repressed lesbian urges, gorgeous April O’Neil has her eye on mom Magdalene, and sneaks away for a kissing game of their own.

AEBN®, Nica Noelle Debut Hard Candy Films’ A Mother’s Love on VOD

Charlotte, NC – January 6, 2012 — AEBN® , the global leader in adult video on demand, is pleased to announce that famed director Nica Noelle’s new Hard Candy line has debuted exclusively across its VOD network with Hard Candy’s first title, A Mother’s Love.


Less than a month after the launch of her new lesbian studio, Girl Candy, Noelle is making a splash with the first title from her couples-oriented line, Hard Candy Films. A Mother’s Love was written and directed by Noelle, displaying her unique vision and passion for erotic filmmaking.


Nurturing mom Vanna (Vanilla DeVille) has always had a soft spot for son Xander’s best friend, Dane. So when Xander asks if Dane can visit during winter break, Vanna eagerly agrees. But when Dane arrives from college, it’s clear he’s matured from boy to man, and Vanna finds herself feeling more than just “motherly love.” Meanwhile, Dane can’t deny his attraction to the gorgeous older woman who helped raise him. Will Xander and sister Zoe discover the secret that threatens to tear their family apart?

A Mother’s Love stars Vanilla DeVille, Evan Stone, Dane Cross, Xander Corvus, Chastity Lynn and Zoe Voss.

“The first title from Nica’s Girl Candy line was extremely popular with our customers and we expect the same success for A Mother’s Love,” says AEBN’s VP of Sales and Marketing, Jerry Anders. “Nica has developed a loyal following over the years and now they can find her new movies exclusively on AEBN.”


Vanilla DeVille and Dane Cross in 'A Mother's Love"

A Mother’s Love is very special to me, because it’s my first attempt at increasing the emotional content and realism of both my storylines and sex scenes,” explains director Nica Noelle. “It’s one of the most emotionally nuanced films I’ve done yet. Vanilla Deville gives a brilliant performance as a nurturing mom struggling with a sexual attraction for a much younger man. Compounding her guilt and shame is the fact that the boy she’s lusting over was like a son to her. It would have been easy to play it in a cartoonish or overly-vampish way, but Vanilla strikes just the right chord. When she and Dane finally consummate their attraction, it’s an explosive scene.”


A Mother’s Love is now streaming exclusively across the AEBN network, available in crisp high definition.

Inari Vachs Is Back With A Vengeance In Vouyer Media’s THERE’S NO PLACE LIKE MOM #2

Vouyer Media is pleased to present There’s No Place Like Mom #2, the all-new M.I.L.F. release that blows the lid off the sex lives of the finest mature women in adult entertainment. This exciting title is now  available across the AEBN theater network.

This more-than-equal sequel is the brainchild of 2011 AVN award nominee Zander, and while this talented all-sex specialist has ventured into cougar country before, he’s rarely done it with so many bonafide legends in the cast. Inari Vachs, Francesca Le and 2011 AVN Best Actress winner India Summer are just three of the acclaimed industry veterans who unveil their toned physiques and insatiable sexual appetites in scene after scene of high-powered XXX excitement.

One of the top “comeback queens” of 2011, Inari Vachs graces both the movie’s cover and one of its finest sequences, oozing sex appeal and personality to spare throughout. She lets the director’s camera explore every inch of her luscious body before throwing down a scalding screw with Mr. Pete. This scene has everything – it’s extreme, there’s great chemistry, and the energy level is high throughout.

From there, the action gets even more intense, with AVN and XRCO “MILF Of The Year” nominee India Summer going down slow in a lengthy sex session that exudes an almost palpable sense of passion.

Petite industry veteran Francesca Le makes her triumphant return to Vouyer Media next, and this blistering segment sets the stage for equally explosive encounters featuring seasoned players like Diamond Foxxx and Lucky Starr. These ladies take on some of the most reliable studs in the game, including Marco Rivera, Dane Cross, Jordan Ash and Anthony Rosano.

With a cast of industry legends, high production values, and three hours of M.I.L.F.-tastic action, There’s No Place Like Mom #2 is that rarest of things – a sequel that surpasses the original in every way!