Movie Review: The Innocence of Youth 11

the innocence of youth 11, digital sin, teen, costumes, schoolgirl, Emma Hix, Judy Jolie, Harmony Wonder, Cassidy BanksDigital Sin’s celebration of what lies beneath the veil of teenage “innocence” has been giving us plenty of eye candy for a while now, with every installment full of gorgeous girls dolled up in frilly, lacy costumes. Their sweet, innocent dresses and ankle socks are pushed up and down, making way for play and penetration, just like teens who hesitate to get completely naked because they’re just a doorway away from getting caught in the act. “The Innocence of Youth 11” is another luscious installment in the series that just keeps staying fresh and delicious.

Emma Hix looks virginal in her elaborate, frilly white dress that falls below her knees, but it’s all a clever disguise for the young harlot within. When James Deen’s big dick is in front of her, she can’t wait to drop to her knees and find out how much of it will fit down her gullet. He pushes up the dress and pounds her tight, wet pussy right there on the couch. Between positions, Emma excitedly sucks her own juices off his cock. (more…)

Movie Review: Sex Parade: The Voyeur

Pure glamour meets hardcore sex in Sex Parade: The Voyeur, a visual feast for anyone with a taste for pale European beauties and the men who lust after them.


A groundskeeper peers through a window at the gorgeous, breast-baring blonde lady of the house pleasuring herself and then spanking her maid. He watches as the maid licks her mistress’ smooth, pretty asshole. Finally the lady of the house calls in the groundskeeper and orders him to lick the maid’s bald gash and rosebud, then commands the maid to suck the groundskeeper’s thick black cock. Finally the mistress joins the fun, which includes blowjobs, vaginal, and anal fucking for both women.


When a driver picks up a brunette hooker in an animal print beret, he takes her to a garage for sex. She starts blowing him while lowering her top to show off her perky, pierced titties. The man holds her around the torso with one arm while lifting her miniskirt to finger her through the hole in the crotch of her fishnet bodysuit. In a cage, the hooker gets her mouth fucked but her red lipstick stays on, a close match to the collar around her neck. The man licks and fingers her pussy to get her warmed up for fucking. He finally brings her back out of the cage for a more close and personal fuck. After a long, lusty pussy-ass-pussy session, he finally blows a huge load on her.

Wearing a sexy pinup dress, a brunette slips past a bartender to pleasure herself with an enormous dildo in the loo. The bartender spies on her, which is surely what she intended, but she decides to stop teasing the poor guy. Now sitting on the barstool, she lifts her dress to show him how wet she is under her see-through black panties and he perches her on the bar where he can access her clean-shaven holes more easily. Slowly at first, they caress and taste each other, and then the pinup girl gives up her asshole to the bartender. Some girls just love anal!


Thin, pale, and tattooed, a black-haired beauty in militaristic fetish gear masturbates with her fingers and a long, curved metal dildo. Later a shirtless, tattooed man enters the room and pleasures her, gently plucking at her lily-white tits while licking her pussy and fingering her ass. In return, she slowly slides her throat as far down his dick as it will go. The kinky guy has fun drilling her pussy with a dildo strapped to the bottom of his boot, which he eventually replaces with his throbbing cock.


In the shower, a delectably porcelain-skinned beauty soaps up her taut torso. Her hot pink ruffled panties match her bathing cap, and her beautiful tits glisten under the shower stream. She takes off her panties and fingers herself while letting water rinse the suds from her body. On all fours, she masturbates and poses erotically. Her man stops to watch as she repeats her bathing ritual. Fully hard, he joins her in the shower and begins to taste her, making her gorgeous breasts jiggle and bounce in her excitement. She sucks his cock until they move to a bench so he can fondle the front of her body. With her bathing cap removed, her white-blonde hair flows freely around her as he thrusts in and out of her pussy.


Let your eyes feast on stunning women whose only desire is to charm the hot cum from a big dick.


Stars:   Sofia Valentine   Rebecca More   Coco Charnelle   Scarlett March   Tony De Sergio   Omar Williams   Syren Sexton   Cathy Heaven   Jay R.

Categories: Fetish   New Release   Big Dick   Pantyhose/Stockings   Glamour   Costumes

Running Time: 154 minutes

Released: 03/2012

Studio Name:   Harmony Films Ltd.

My Mother’s Best Friend 4

Congratulations, AEBN viewers, you have “discerning taste”.

That’s not us talking (though we think you have discerning taste as well) that’s Jon Blitt from Sweet Sinner lobbing the warm fuzzies your way in a recent sound bite. And while it would be easy to think that he is just buttering your buns in the hopes of getting a welcome promotional boost for Nica Noelle’s latest film, My Mother’s Best Friend 4, he is, to the contrary, utterly sincere. You should certainly take it as a heartfelt compliment that a very smart man finds your porn palate sophisticated enough to hobnob with Nica and other porn intelligentsia one minute, and versatile enough to revel in the base emotions of anal fisting the next. Besides, anyone familiar with Nica’s standout body of work knows that trumped up puffery as it relates to her accomplishments as a filmmaker is completely unnecessary.

Nica has built up a devoted following by cutting her own swath across the landscape of adult film – an interesting thing because it’s not often legions of fans go willingly into dark and scary places unless they’re sure they’ll come out the other side in one piece and better off for having done so. And trust us: highly literate scripts with intricate storylines and words like “ablution”, as Nica is wont to assemble, are seriously dark and scary places for porn viewers who just want to watch people fuck. But the fact that Nica places some basic demands on the minds of her audiences, does not at all detract from her movies or from the sex contained within. And though her onscreen portrayals of intimacy don’t generally cross the line into “just because I can” territory, she brings a realness and honesty to her scenes that is relentlessly appealing, especially for couples looking to bring a bit of video passion into their own love lives.

With the fourth installment of the MMBF series, Nica implements a nice twist into the over-arching older woman/younger man theme. Instead of choosing a contemporary vibe to tell her story, Nica instead settles upon a period piece complete with authentic costumes, settings, soundtrack and, yes, dialogue. The result is “… one of the most beautiful and cinematic erotic love stories ever to be told.”

The film revolves around Xander Corvus, a young man who has finally frayed the last nerve of his mother, played by Nica herself. He’s brash. He’s petulant. He’s immature. He’s arrogant and aloof in the presence of company. And he dares to think the harpsichord went out of vogue with Baroque music, to the chagrin of his pal Danny Wylde. This kind of rebellion simply cannot stand. Nica fears that, without direction, the boy will never mature emotionally, something that has been stunted anyway with the death of his father and lack of a male influence during his formative years. Friend Julia Ann offers to mentor the boy for one month in an attempt to turn him into a man, though Nica is somewhat leery of the suggestion as Julia’s coquettish tendencies are well known about town. Still, she agrees.

True to form, Xander makes trouble for Julia during his first few days, interfering with her sleep and insulting her gentlemen callers, but the two cannot shield themselves from their desire for one another. After a particularly testy exchange, the two collapse onto her bed, Julia’s nightshirt askew just enough for Xander to ply his tongue to her smooth slit. Sliding out of her sleepwear, Julia reveals her enormous, juicy tits. She leans forward and takes the head of Xander’s cock into her mouth. He fucks her pussy from the side and in mish before firing his load up her belly onto her lovely tits.

When Xander decides to move in with Julia permanently, Nica is crushed. She knows in her heart the two are having an affair. She also believes she failed him as a mother, a thought Danny tries to quell when he comes calling for Xander. Nica dutifully breaks the news of his whereabouts then looks for reassurances in her drunken state. What she really wants, however, is Danny’s cock inside her. He obliges, thrusting his dick between her thighs. They continue on the side and in mish before Nica sucks him to orgasm.

A meeting over tea with Magdalene St. Michaels the next day reveals to Nica that Magdalene’s daughter, Lily Labeau, has come of age and is ready for marriage. In an attempt to break up Xander and Julia, Nica then informs Julia of her intention to set up Lily with Xander, a revelation that nearly causes Julia to choke on her tea. Though she admits to nothing, Julia realizes that Nica is onto her with regards to her son. In turn, Nica realizes that Julia, despite her philandering ways, has fallen for Xander. But Nica’s plan won’t be easy to put into action because Xander has fallen in love with Julia as well.

An arranged meeting between Xander and Lily starts off somewhat awkwardly as Xander has other things on his mind. But the two warm to each other and eventually get married. A month in, however, the two still have not consummated the arrangement, which arouses Lily’s suspicions that Julia is somehow involved. Xander’s anger and frustration boil over and he takes it out on Lily’s virgin pussy with his cock, pounding her in mish. She then sits on top of him, grinding her pussy into his dick like a woman possessed. He bangs her from the side while she fingers her clit and then in mish again, cumming onto her chest and cute, natural tits.

Julia, meanwhile, is left to her gentlemen callers and her empty heart knowing that Xander is off with someone else. But Manuel Ferrara can fix that right up. He arrives at her place, dashing as ever in his formal attire, though it doesn’t stay on for long. The two take up residence in her bed, his tongue probing her soft pussy folds. She rides his cock in CG before he takes her from behind in doggie. As he fucks her, he digs his thumb into her ass causing her to beg even more for his cock to go deeper. Soon, she is sucking him off and letting him slip his meaty cock between her tits. Another mish shot full of slow penetration shots precedes another massive cumshot once again onto Julia’s belly and luscious tits. As they collapse into each other’s arms, a faint clamor is heard outside the window. Julia informs Manuel that it’s only “kids throwing pebbles at the window.”

Who is really throwing the pebbles and what business have they come to settle? You’ll have to watch MMBF 4 and the surprise conclusion to find out. Oh, did we forget to mention that the trade-off for discerning taste in porn movies are plot resolutions that we are not at liberty to divulge in these reviews?

I guess we did.


Stars:   Julia Ann   Manuel Ferrara   Jay Crew   Danny Wylde   Nica Noelle   Magdalene St. Michaels   Lily Labeau   Xander Corvus

Categories: New Release   Mature   High Definition   International   Costumes   Feature   Cougar

Running Time:   119 minutes
Released:   07/2011
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   Nica Noelle


Featured Star: Tanya Tate

Tanya TateIf you’re a fan of busty blondes with sexy English accents, then allow us to introduce you to Tanya Tate. A classic beauty, she was born in Liverpool in 1979 and got into adult movies at age 30. Tanya has proven to be built for porn, and that isn’t just because of her spectacular 34F tits. Her sexual skills have shone through a diverse range of scenes.

Tanya played a horny senator in “Official the Silence of the Lambs Parody” from Zero Tolerance. After meeting Hannibal Lecter, Tanya’s character is so turned on she puts on a private sex show for Rocco Reed, masturbating and talking dirty to him before he feels up her delicious titties and gives her a deep fuck. One has to wonder if real senators are this horny!

Reed wasn’t the first porno Rocco to taste the sweet fuck of Tanya Tate. When Rocco Siffredi returned to acting in 2009, one of the girls he chose for “Rocco’s Back” was Tanya. They have a kinky threeway with Debbie White. The Italian stallion is in top form as he ties up both blondes and vigorously works their throats and assholes. He treats them like fuck dolls and even though Tanya was new to the business, she kept up with Siffredi. If you’re into his rough style of hardcore action, it’s a scene you shouldn’t miss.

Kink is a frequent theme for Tanya, who thrives especially in the stylized and creative erotic scenarios of Daring Media, which enhance her beauty and heighten her sensuality. In an achingly arousing scene from “Playing,” for example, you’ll be ready to burst over Tanya’s dreamlike threeway, featuring one of the most cock-stiffening oral performances we’ve seen. Tanya has equally stunning appearances in other Daring movies including “Movement,” a lingerie-themed glamour piece.

Like many English porn stars, Tanya is no stranger to stockings fetish and she has the legs for it. In “Nylons 7” from Third Degree, she proves again to be adept at the tease, showing off in lingerie and black stockings, taking pictures of herself and masturbating. Tanya makes herself at home on Mr. Pete’s cock, sucking and riding it, making her boobs bounce. Their chemistry is right and they have fun with it, especially when Tanya puts her stockings on her arms and jacks him off while sucking his cock. Mr. Pete cums on the stockings and Tanya licks them clean!

Speaking of licking, Tanya’s exquisite in girl/girl scenes. She combined her lesbian and kinky sides in “Wet 2.” You’ve heard of a dripping pussy? Get ready for women who are moist all over in this unforgettable lesbian movie from Abigail Productions. In one of Tanya’s most recent performances, she paired with natural cutie Jennifer White for another major lesbian studio, Sweetheart Video, in “Lesbian Office Seductions 5.”

Adult studio JoyBear Pictures commissioned award-winning filmmaker Oliver McDowell to explore the reasons why statistics show as many as 60% of people in relationships have sex with someone other than their partner – the result is “The London Sex Project: Infidelity.” Tanya was among the group of Londoners filmed talking candidly about their sex lives and having sex on hidden cameras. While Tanya and the other interview subjects knew about the cameras, their lovers didn’t. It’s not your average porno, just as Tanya is not your average porn star.

As if being beautiful and sexually adventurous weren’t enough, Tanya likes dressing as her favorite sexy superhero characters and chronicles her costumed adventures at sci-fi/comic conventions on She’s been holding a contest looking for a cool costume design and the winner gets a lunch date with her at San Diego Comic Con. Last year at SDCC, Tanya dressed as Emma Frost from X-Men and there’s an official Marvel print ad that clearly shows her in a group photo. (Hmm, does she have a fan in their marketing department?) Tanya collects action figures and posts to message boards with other superhero fans. Basically, she’s a comic geek’s fantasy girl. Recognizing Tanya’s singular appeal, Television X cast her in “Power Girls,” a superhero-themed adult flick that also appeals to rubber fetishists.

Television X also gave Tanya one of her most high-profile film jobs to date. Not long after joining the adult industry in 2009, Tanya filmed a series for them titled “Sex Tour of Ireland” in which she traveled the countryside, filming hardcore and softcore porn scenes with any men she met who were willing to do it. This series caused a stir in June 2010 when the Irish press discovered that professional hurler Greg Jacobs had filmed a scene. Although Greg at first denied involvement, he later admitted that he had no regrets and that he’d done it on a dare from his friends. Tanya says he was even able to make her squirt!

Sometimes, though, Tanya just likes to do a basic, meat and potatoes porno. Mmm, meat and potatoes make us think of dinner – maybe if we’re lucky, the “Filthy Family” will invite us over. This tawdry tale is one of a recent batch of neighbor/family movies we’ve enjoyed. Tanya plays a horny mom who pounces on her son’s friend Dane Cross. If you like this kind of scenario, we can also recommend Tanya’s work in “Family Affairs” and its sequel from the great, dirty minds at

This year, Tanya was a nominee for MILF/Cougar Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards and MILF Performer of the Year at the XBIZ Awards. Last year she won two similar trophies from the SHAFTA Awards and the Nightmoves Awards. Tanya Tate is one of the most versatile and exciting performers around!

Filthy Family Lesbian Office Seductions 5 Power Girls My Hot Aunt

Dark Angels 2: Bloodline

Now that the Twilight series and shows like True Blood have buried themselves deep into the public consciousness, it seems everywhere you turn there is some damn vampire something or other staring you in the face: vampire books, vampire movies, vampire t-shirts, vampire posters, vampire Christmas ornaments, vampire lawn and garden equipment. It’s quite ridiculous.

Well, it turns out that people have been dabbling in the undead theme long before every Tom, Dick and Harry thought a sickly pallor and hyper-elongated eye teeth were sexy. That includes porn. Almost ten years ago, Digital Sin released Dark Angel, a film about a woman who witnesses a brutal murder and subsequently becomes a target. She enlists the help of a detective, but realizes she is battling undead forces and cannot escape.

Count forward several years.  New Sensations reprised that film with a sequel, Dark Angels 2: Bloodline. While it too features undead minions, the plot is a tad different. In this one, Draken (Barret Blade) heads up a cadre of vampires and mutant zombies who are on the lookout for an elixir that provides them immortality. They find it running through the veins of young scamp named Jesse (Sunny Lane). Once again, it is up to the fearless and now highly seasoned detective (again played by Dillon Day) to put an end to their fiendish ways. Along the way, there is weaved into the story a good mix of oral sex, vaginal fucking, fingering, breast play, tittie fucking and masturbation to hold it all together.

Stars:   Monica Mayhem Sunny Lane Karina Kay Evan Stone Ron Jeremy Dillion Day August Night Barrett Blade Destiny Deville Kirsten Price Tommy Gunn

Categories: Feature Vampire Costumes

Running Time:   114 minutes

Released:   09/2005

Studio Name:   New Sensations

Series:   Dark Angels

Director:   Nic Andrews