Charisma Cappelli

Blowjob Winner 8

From the creators of the excellent Fuck-A-Fan series comes the 8th installment of Immoral Productions second-best line of fan-inclusive XXX smut: Blowjob Winner. Another warped brain spawn of Jim Powers and Porno Dan Leal, the series gives sweepstakes winners the chance to get mobbed and molested by girls that, until now, only resided in these lucky contestants’ dreams.

The beauty of series like these is that you’re dealing with the general public. When non-professional porn lovers and professional porn doers collide on a lighted set there is no telling what kind of results will come; there’s also no telling if the guys will cum. There is also no telling what they will say, do or (insert adverb + action verb of your choosing here), which is the potential train wreck that makes the whole concept so damn intriguing.

Take Joe from Madison. He is a casino employee whose day is coming up cherries. Though he’s got a porn-worthy cock, he was brought back out of pity because he was somehow unable to fuck Jessie Andrews on the Fuck-A-Fan set. Hey, it was called Fuck-A-Fan, not Fuck-A-Star, so she must be somewhat culpable. Jessie returns in a fluffer’s role this time with Heather Starlet. The two prime his cock for big-titted Charisma Cappelli, who then does a super suck-off with a bit of titty fucking in there for posterity’s sake. This time he manages to squeeze off a few rounds right onto their lovely faces.

Next up on the docket is Travis. Big T is a construction worker, so he’s good at erections. Will he be able to produce when the moment is nigh? Jessie Andrews, along with fluffers Charisma Cappelli and Sea J. Raw see to it that he does indeed.

Bryan is a day-laborer who works while going to college at the University of Illinois. This English Lit. major saw the contest online and signed up. He won. Actually though, he lost a thumb war which would have landed him a sex romp with fan favorite Sara Jay. Instead, he had to settle for the blowjob. Hey, there are worse things in life for sure.

Finally, a 19-year-old insurance salesman from Springfield, Illinois gets his simultaneous moment of ecstasy and revenge on his ex-girlfriend when he gets cordoned off and gotten off on the couch. Sea J. Raw takes the lead in this one, accompanied by Jessie Andrews and Sara Jay. Though Jessie is technically one of the fluffers in this one, she gets herself off beforehand with the help of Sara and a vibrator. Check out the pool of girl dew she leaves on the couch!

While Blowjob Winner 8 is as fun and spontaneous as the others in the series, it will have to be content playing second-fiddle to the Fuck-A-Fan line-up. That’s because there are just so many more things that can go wrong while fucking on camera, which is part of the thrill of watching. Remember though that quality is sometimes just as good, if not better than quantity.

Stars:   Sara Jay Charisma Cappelli Sea J. Raw Jessie Andrews Heather Starlet Porno Dan

Categories: Blowjob Cumshot Gonzo Reality Based

Running Time:   63 minutes

Released:   10/2010

Studio Name:   Immoral Productions

Series:   Blowjob Winner

Director:   Jim Powers