Ashley Adams

Movie Review: “Tales of Psycho Sluts,” Depraved Life

depraved life, tales of psycho sluts, ashley adams, michael vegas, jillian janson, damon dice, seth gamble, kenzie taylor, charlotte o'ryan, charlotte cross, ryan driller, pornDepraved Life, a studio that is new to AEBN, presents four scenes of girls who are wild or just not quite right, except when it comes to the way they fuck. Tales of Psycho Sluts is all about some hot women throwing caution to the wind, fucking men they wouldn’t normally fuck or seducing men into fucking them against their better judgment.

Ashley Adams wants to go to a party with her friends so she can finally fuck the guy she wants, but they keep leaving every place she was supposed to meet them, and her driver (Michael Vegas) is fed up with it. Her credit card is declined, leaving her with a $429 bill and an angry driver who wants to dump her there in the middle of nowhere with no cell service. She’s acted so cold to him all evening, but now he wants some of that hot body. Ashley will do anything for a ride home at this point, so Michael takes out his frustration on her tight pussy. She might not be fucking the guy she thought she was going to, but his big dick is long, hard, and hits the spot that makes her squirt! (more…)

Featured star: Naturally busty Ashley Adams

ashley adams, big natural breasts, big titsAshley Adams is a Florida girl who started doing porn in 2014, still just 18 years old. Her voluptuous curves are all natural, measuring 34DD-24-34 and 5’6” tall.

To rebel against her strict Jehovah’s Witness upbringing and homeschooling, teenage Ashley found a way to hook up with guys online and later made porn industry contacts the same way. She loved to watch porn and jumped at the chance to become a performer when someone approached her. At just 18 years old, Ashley flew out to Las Vegas for 10 days and shot about a scene per day. Not one to delay a good thing, Ashley shot her debut anal scene during that first trip.

Agents and directors could easily see that two of Ashley’s greatest gifts were right up front on her chest. Breast men will love her, especially in Young and Busty (Cherry Pop) and Daddy Loves My Big Tits (Smash Pictures). And if you cream hard for girl/girl breast play, the exhibitionist fondling that Ashley and Camille Lixx indulge in on a bus in Ass Transit (Wicked Pictures) will have you rewatching again and again.

The first porn scenes that Ashley masturbated to were girl on girl, and she’s done her fair share of that type of scene. Early on, she had a stunning scene with slightly older blonde babe Pristine Edge in Cougars Crave Young Kittens 14 from Lethal Hardcore. One of her newest and hottest movies is The I.T. Girl (All Girl Massage), in which she takes nerdy cutie Serena Blair’s lesbian virginity.

But Ashley’s not one of those girls who was timid about getting into the business. Brutal Castings: Ashley Adams from Fetish Network was one of her first scenes. She’s trying to become a cover model and sends her photos to the casting agency. They like what they see, but first they want to see just how far this young beauty is willing to go for her career. Ashley submits to the agent’s kinks, which include rope bondage, deep throating, spanking, and rough sex. If Ashley’s BDSM talents are to your taste, then you don’t want to miss her in The Upper Floor: Hardcore Anal Celebration of Sexual Service (Kink). It’s a kinky orgy featuring Ashley alongside experienced anal slave Penny Pax and other beautiful submissive girls.

We have all of Ashley Adams’ most cumtastic movies available on demand. Here are five of the hottest.

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Movie Review: “Young and Busty,” Cherry Pop

young and busty, cherry pop, big tits, teen, big natural, ashley adams, keisha grey, karlee grey, karter foxxIn Young and Busty from Cherry Pop, Ashley Adams, Karter Foxx, Keisha Grey, and Karlee Grey are slim, sexy teens with big natural breasts that bounce beautifully as they suck and fuck.

Gorgeous brunette Ashley Adams goes to lay out by the pool, where she proceeds to fondle herself and masturbate in the sunlight. She texts her man and keeps sneaking looks to see if anyone is watching as she pulls down her bikini top, revealing a perfect pair of boobs that look ideal for fucking. They jiggle as she strokes her clit faster and faster. Meanwhile, Marco Ducati sneaks up on her in a ski mask. When Ashley notices him there, she confronts him, boobs still hanging out as she asks him what he’s doing. Marco says he’s there for money and Ashley saucily offers him anything he wants. She pulls off her bikini bottoms, sucks his throbbing cock, and then envelops it between her big, beautiful tits. Marco excitedly fucks Ashley’s tight pussy and blows a thick load all over her titties. Smiling, Ashley lies back on the chair and sends another text, revealing that it was all a sexy little game between the two of them.

Stunning Keisha Grey is bragging about her gaming skills to Chad Alva, but when it’s time to play and prove she’s got the skills, she loses the first round. Keisha slyly tells Chad she needs to get comfortable and peels off her clothes, giving him an eyeful of her amazing pair of huge, natural breasts. She knows it’s going to throw him off his game and she’s right, of course. He loses the second round because he can’t stop watching her jiggling rack next to him, well within his reach. Chad is annoyed that he lost because she didn’t play fair, but Keisha suggests a game of “Fuck Keisha” that they both will win. Keisha is utterly gorgeous as she gobbles his knob and rides him, her tight twat getting wetter. Chad holds out for an impressive amount of time, given how hot Keisha is, but he finally jizzes all over her fantastic tits.

While Karlee Grey walks home from school, looking hot in her little outfit, she texts her boyfriend to say she’s horny and needs to fuck immediately. He doesn’t answer, so she turns her attention to her neighbor, Brad Hart, playing catch with Jake Jace in the yard. She overhears Jake giving Brad a hard time about how Brad has never had his dick sucked. Seizing the opportunity, Karlee grabs Brad and gives him a whole lot more than a blowjob. The prospect of being the first girl to put her mouth on Brad’s cock excites Karlee too much to pass up and gets her wet for fucking. This is Brad’s lucky day!

Brad Hart and Jake Jace return in the last scene as a couple of buddies who make a bet on a game that involves Jake’s hot girlfriend, Karter Fox. Jake lost the bet and now Brad gets to fuck Karter. It turns out that Karter was in on it all along because she and Brad have wanted to fuck for a long time. They can’t wait—as part of the consequences for losing the bet, Jake has to watch Brad’s dick thrusting into Karter’s wet, hot pussy just a couple of feet in front of where he sits. He has to watch her enjoy his buddy’s cock more than she enjoys his own, and watch another guy make her big natural tits bounce like crazy and drive her wild with orgasm, then paste her with his jizz. That’ll teach Jake not to offer up his girlfriend in a bet!

Young and Busty is streaming now on AEBN.

Stars:   Ashley Adams   Keisha Grey   Karlee Grey   Karter Foxx
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Cherry Pop

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Movie Review: Web Young’s lesbian feature “The Pledge”

the pledge, web young, lesbian, porn, all girl, girl on girl, sara luvv, leah gotti, madi meadows, ashley adams, serena blair, mia malkova, kenna james, taboo, stepsisters, sisters, twins, sorority, blackmailIn The Pledge from Web Young, devious young hotties get their sexual kicks by any means necessary and a couple of stunning “step-twins” indulge in forbidden pleasures. One thing all these beautiful girls have in common: their greatest desire is unbridled lesbian ecstasy!

Sara Luvv blackmails her would-be stepmom, Mercedes Carrera, with a hot hidden camera video of Mercedes having sex with Sara’s sister. Having conned Mercedes into fucking her, Sara leaks the video anyway. Sara’s dad dumps Mercedes, believing that she took advantage of both his daughters.

Leah Gotti reaches out to Sara on behalf of the lesbian alliance at school. Sara convinces Leah she’s now confused about her sexuality and wants a positive lesbian sexual experience. Leah doesn’t want to hurt her girlfriend, Madi Meadows, but Sara swears not to tell. Unaware that Sara’s recording it on her phone, Leah reluctantly agrees. Leah sucks Sara’s plump, tasty-looking tits and a moment later Sara is reciprocating. Sara goes crazy with pleasure as Leah fingers and eats her pussy. When Sara returns the favor with plenty of spit and enthusiasm, Leah declares her to be a natural. Leah brings their liaison to a moaning, gasping, simultaneously orgasmic conclusion by introducing Sara to tribbing.

the pledge, sara luvv, leah gotti, oral sex, pussy eating, natural breasts, lesbian, all girl, girl on girl, porn, web young, home wreckerSara continues her sociopathic campaign of destruction by inviting Madi over to play the audio of herself with Leah. She claims that it was emailed to her anonymously. Madi recognizes Leah’s moaning, not knowing that Sara is the other girl. Moving in for the kill, Sara asks Madi to help her explore her confusing lesbian feelings, now that she’s single. Madi goes for it, unaware that Sara played Leah the same way. Sara kisses Madi’s sultry Scarlett Johansson lips and enjoys the sensation of those same lips on her nipples. Soon Madi takes control, massaging Sara’s mound and finger-banging her till she shakes with orgasm. Madi opens up to give Sara access to her dripping pussy. During the post-orgasmic high Sara drops the truth on Madi, who now has to deal with the double heartache of being cheated on and fucking the girl with whom her girlfriend cheated!

Tall, pretty brunette Ashley Adams meets with short, pretty brunette Serena Blair to see about pledging her sorority. First, Serena has to test how far Ashley will go to be admitted. The hot little sorority president pulls the sexy pledge into a passionate kiss. Removing their shirts, they show off their fantastic natural breasts and Ashley can’t resist sucking on Serena’s. She licks Serena’s smooth snatch enthusiastically. The girls alternate between tribbing and pussy eating. As much as she makes Serena cum, Ashley has one more test to pass. Serena tells Ashley to join her in the living the pledge, sara luvv, madi meadows, all girl, girl on girl, lesbian, natural breasts, breast play, porn, web young, home wreckerroom, where she quickly calls to tell a sorority sister she’s auditioning a pledge. As Serena hangs up, Ashley enters the room and asks where the other sisters are. Serena says they’re meeting other pledges and coyly says she still isn’t sure Ashley has her vote. Ashley eagerly makes another case for herself, kissing down Serena’s body and sucking her perky tits before going to town on that pussy again. Once again they bump clits and finish with some fingering. Ashley leaves Serena’s face wet with cum. Serena tells Ashley to pick out her new room and calls the other sister back, saying the new girl is definitely in and will fuck the entire sorority.

Gorgeous blonde stepsisters Mia Malkova and Kenna James look like identical twins and are really stoked about practically getting to fuck themselves. They start the morning naked, admiring each other’s beautiful tits and asses, and then teasing each other as they get dressed in matching schoolgirl uniforms. But they’re too sexy to leave the clothes on for long. Lost in their forbidden lust, the sisters gasp and giggle as they touch each other. Their moans get louder and even more arousing as they lick and stroke each other’s pleasure zones. Mia finds Kenna’s g-spot with her fingers. Kenna bursts into orgasm and rewards Mia orally. Facing each other, the sisters massage each other’s clits and then, for the grand finale, eat pussy in 69. This is the hottest sister act of the year!

The Pledge from Web Young is now streaming exclusively on AEBN theaters.

Stars:   Serena Blair   Ashley Adams (f)   Mia Malkova   Sara Luvv   Kenna James   Madi Meadows   Leah Gotti
Studio Name:   Web Young 

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