Ariella Ferrera

Movie Review: My Girlfriend’s Mother 10

my girlfriend's mother 10, sweet sinner, mile high media, ariella ferrera, adriana chechik, anastasia rose, seth gamble, steven st. croix, porn, for couples, for ladies, milf, cougar, older woman, younger manCouples and horny singles alike can always enjoy a good porno about straying spouses and partners, as long as the chemistry is right and the cast is hot. My Girlfriend’s Mother 10 from Sweet Sinner and director James Avalon is a sizzling tale of shameless cheaters.

Seth Gamble leads his stunning blonde girlfriend Adriana Chechik into his bedroom, where he surprises her with an engagement ring. Adriana says yes, and they seal the engagement with romantic sex. Seth peels off her black lace outfit. The hot couple trades oral delights and he plunges into her dripping honey pot, fucking her several ways before cumming on her stomach and tits. Seth goes out for a run… guess he’s not the cuddling type.

As Seth’s about to hit the trail, he happens to see busty brunette Ariella Ferrera looking for her car keys. Ariella doesn’t want help at first, but when he finds her keys quickly, she’s relieved and irresistibly drawn to him. They arrange to meet for a run the next day. At home, Ariella’s tension with her inattentive husband, Steven St. Croix, is a sharp contrast to her interaction with Seth.

Fresh from a shower, Ariella answers a phone call. It’s Adriana, her daughter, calling to see if she can bring “a friend” when she comes to dinner that week. Ariella admits that Adriana’s dad might not be there. We see, in flashback, that Ariella and Steven had fun on their wedding night. The newlyweds go down on each other and Steven fucks her in her wedding dress. You’ll really get off on Ariella’s double-handed stroking while she gazes up at her new groom. Adriana snaps Ariella out of her daydream. After they hang up, Ariella gets off while fantasizing about the handsome stranger she doesn’t know is her daughter’s fiancé.

The next day Ariella is too tired following the run to backtrack to her car on foot. Seth offers her a ride back to her car because he lives nearby. Almost as soon as they’re inside his house, he tries to kiss her. So much for that commitment to Adriana! But Ariella won’t cheat on her husband, even though it’s what he’s doing at that exact moment.

Steven’s mistress is the adorable young Anastasia Rose. He worships the blue-eyed brunette’s perky tits and tongues her crack from front to back. She sucks him, concentrating on the head of his cock and driving him crazy. Steven ravages her sweet body in several positions, sometimes grabbing her hair and pulling it for leverage. It’s the kind of passion that he hasn’t shown for his wife in years. When he comes home, Ariella already knows where he’s been.

When Adriana brings Seth to the family dinner, Steven has already split. Ariella and Seth both have the worst poker faces in the world when they finally come face to face, and Adriana immediately figures out that something is going on between them. She storms out, leaving Ariella to console Seth—and then give him what he tried to get from her just yesterday. Poor Adriana is completely forgotten as Seth enjoys the depths of Ariella’s throat, the warmth of her tits, and the snugness of her twat. Ariella sucks and fucks him with the hunger of a woman who’s been neglected for too long.

My Girlfriend’s Mother 10 leaves poor Adriana heartbroken, but Ariella has discovered her inner cougar and she’s never looking back!

Stars:   Ariella Ferrera   Adriana Chechik   Anastasia Rose   Seth Gamble   Steven St. Croix  
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner 

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Movie Review: Mother Exchange 4

mother exchange 4, milf porn, mom swapping, ariella ferrera, mercedes carrera, casey calvertMother Exchange 4 is another scintillating MILF movie from Sweet Sinner, a studio that knows how to highlight the erotic appeal of moms. Even the ones that make soap opera villains look like amateurs.

Beautiful brunette Ariella Ferrera is having a night in with her loving, handsome husband Steven St. Croix. As they enjoy champagne, the clothes start coming off. They spend a long time pleasing each other orally, though Steven takes longer and more frequent dips into Ariella’s snatch with his cock, as if he can’t decide which feels sweeter. Eventually he dives into the fuck with focus, bending his wife this way and that, both of them burning for each other until they combust. Lying on her back with Steven’s cock in her hand, Ariella caresses the final drips of his cum from the head and watches them drip onto her big, round tits.

These are memories of a happier time, unfortunately. Steven is gone now and Ariella is left with their son, Logan Pierce, and a pile of financial troubles.

Mercedes Carrera visits her old “friend” Ariella under the pretense of wanting to catch up, but really she’s trying to scoop up her house for a bargain. Logan overhears and tries to warn his mom that her “friend” is a swindler. Ariella dismisses it, so Logan drops in on Mercedes to tell her to leave his mom alone. Somehow, Mercedes charms her way into Logan’s pants. She’s a bitch, but she’s smoking hot with a phenomenal body. Logan licks her tits and snatch. By the time Mercedes sucks him off, Logan seems to have forgotten why he’s there. Mercedes’ son, Chad Alva, gets home in time to catch Logan running out the door.

Chad figures out what his mom is up to when he finds her notes about Ariella’s house. He goes to warn Ariella, but she seems too nostalgic for her long-lost friendship with Mercedes to listen to Chad. But Chad’s not giving up. He calls his sister, Casey Calvert, to seduce Logan and rescue him from the dark side.

Casey is waiting for Logan in his bed when he gets home. He recognizes her from the photos at Mercedes’ house, and because he’s obviously an uncontrollable horn dog, he agrees that fucking her to get back at Mercedes is an excellent idea. Besides, Casey’s as hot as her mom. Logan enjoys her natural, nubile body, kissing her perky little breasts and savoring the taste of her pussy before plunging in with his hard cock. Casey’s moans spur him on to harder and deeper thrusts. Maybe it’s unfair to compare one fuck to another, but Logan seems to cum even harder for Casey!

After he realizes that the scheme with Casey may not have helped, a guilty Chad visits Ariella again and tries to give her money, maybe hoping it’ll keep her from needing to sell her house. She won’t take the cash, but she’ll definitely accept his cock. Ariella strips for the young stud and enjoys his tongue on her tits and her clit. They fuck in all sorts of positions, and Ariella seems to enjoy doggy style the most of all. She tastes her own juices on his cock and revels in the sensation of his cum splashing on her big, round boobs.

In the end, Ariella’s no fool. She gets what she wants out of the whole ordeal.

Mother Exchange 4 is streaming exclusively on AEBN.

Stars:   Ariella Ferrera   Mercedes Carrera   Steven St. Croix   Chad Alva   Casey Calvert   Logan Pierce
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner

My Daughter’s Boyfriend 8

My Daughter's Boyfriend 8Sweet Sinner and James Avalon continue to explore the naturally erotic possibilities of the older woman/younger man sexual dynamic with My Daughter’s Boyfriend 8.

Sexy young blonde Chastity Lynn has a boyfriend, James Deen, but she just doesn’t seem to appreciate who he really is. They have hot sex at the beginning of the movie, but Chastity wants something more from him.

When Chastity takes James to meet her mom, gorgeous Colombian siren Ariella Ferrera, the mature beauty sees that her daughter was giving her the wrong impression of James all along. Instead of the deadbeat loser that Ariella was expecting after hearing her daughter’s complaints, he’s a charming romantic.

Well, if Chastity won’t appreciate the young stud, Ariella is happy to take him off her daughter’s hands! She’s more than a match for his sensual sexual style. The passion between the MILF and the twenty-something hunk explodes off the screen as she swallows his cock down her throat and then engulfs it with her hungry pussy.

But first, Ariella gets her itch scratched with her own man, Evan Stone, and newcomer Sasha Monroe has a hot tryst with young stud Michael Vegas.

Running Time:   142 minutes
Released:   04/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   My Daughter’s Boyfriend
Director:   James Avalon
Stars:   Ariella Ferrera   Michael Vegas   Sasha Monroe   Evan Stone   James Deen   Chastity Lynn
Categories: New Release   Feature   International   M.I.L.F.   High Definition

On the Wet Spot with Ariella Ferrera

Though she may claim to be just the “regular girl next door”, Columbian-born Ariella Ferrera is anything but!  The bisexual latina is blazing a trail through the world of adult, and working with some of our favorite studios.  AEBN managed sit the up-and-coming MILF down on the Wet Spot for a quick 10 this week:

You’re making dinner – what are we having?
I work things a little different…  I skip to what in my opinion is the main course and my favorite… Dessert! After some time of devouring “my dessert” it leaves you with a taste for more Colombian and leaves me with the energy to cook. The first time I will cook a typical Colombian dish “Sudado de Arroz con pollo/carne y Arrepas”( Soup, seasoned rice w/chicken or steak, veggies and homemade pancake/flatbread).

Your favorite piece of lingerie is:
Stockings without a doubt… The moment I slip into them I’m turned on and the best part is they never have to come off!

I think my best physical feature is:
I’ll trust your opinion…[Editor’s note — well, we can see two right off the bat!]

My favorite physical feature on someone else is:

Since you’re asking about a physical feature than I would have to say the eyes. Although, I’m a firm believer that you can always find a sexy feature on everyone, I would have to say a sexy pair of eyes always attracts me.

The easiest thing you can do to make me happy is:
Genuinely, listen so that the rest is easy to do…

My favorite place to vacation is:
I can’t say that I’ve traveled enough to make a fair assessment but at the moment my bed and the St.Andres Island off the Caribbean are tied.

Last scene I shot was:
I shot a BDSM scene by Ken Marcus for his and my site. I had so much fun I want more!!! The industry has sparked a new interest in this fetish and I’m truly enjoying its exploration.

You totally want me to do this to you in bed (because I’m really, really good at it!):
You really want me to give you a massage with my lips from your lips to your toes paying extra attention to whatever sticks out at me.

You really want to do this to me in bed (because it turns me on!):
I can’t narrow it down to just one thing that really turns me on because it can be as simple as feeling a person’s breath in my ear to the texture of the sheets that act as barrier between each others’ pressed bodies.  Plus, I don’t want give away all my secrets… how you work your magic determines if there will be a second invitation for you.

Favorite Halloween costume (or what are you planning to wear this year)?
I’m undecided about what costume to get dressed up as but its between a Dominatrix or Cleopatra.

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