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Movie Review: “Forbidden Family Affairs 5,” Team Skeet

forbidden family affairs 5, team skeet, taboo, family, porn, alice march, natalia starr, nina elle, angel smalls, sadie pop, ryan mclane, peter green, codi lewis, sean lawlessTeam Skeet’s latest entry into the taboo genre is Forbidden Family Affairs 5. If you like the family roleplay movies then you’re probably well familiar with this series, and this new release offers more of the same scandalous goodies you’ve come to expect.

Ryan McLane finds his stepdaughter Alice March’s panties in the laundry and immediately stuffs them in his face, inhaling deeply. He quickly decides that he wants to stick his face in the real thing, so he goes to wake her up with wandering hands. Alice is shocked and rejects his advances, but soon her curiosity takes control and she’s got her panties off so he can eat her sweet young pussy. After the teen and her stepdad trade oral favors, he buries his daddy dick in her all the way to the hilt. Being the good daughter that she is, Alice swallows every drop of Ryan’s seed!

It’s Thanksgiving Day, and when young hottie Angel Smalls finds her stepbrother still asleep at lunchtime, she decides to wake him up with a blowjob. All too soon, the young stepsiblings are called to the dining room to eat. The two of them sneak a little finger-stuffing while everyone’s backs are turned, but Angel gets her stepbrother so worked up that he has to go back to his bedroom for a wank. Their parents tell Angel to go find him and make him eat with the family. She has something else to put in her mouth when she finds him with his pants down, cock in hand. After a quickie before lunchtime, Angel gulps down the sauce that her stepbrother generously provides!

When Natalia Starr’s horny stepbrother Peter Green finds her pussy plastered all over her dating app profile, he sends her his own dick pic. Natalia likes what she sees and joins him on the couch, where she shows him her plump natural tits. She gets a good look at his cock in person right before sinking her face down onto it, followed by her pussy. Good thing they’re alone in the house, so they can make as much noise as they want while fucking!

After finding out that her husband is fucking her daughter, Nina Elle decides to take her revenge by fucking his son, Codi Lewis. The hot blonde MILF shoves her huge, round boobs in his tits while he’s trying to watch a game. It takes Codi a minute to realize that this is way better than watching a bunch of dudes throw a ball around a field, and the sensation of his cock sliding down Nina’s gullet makes him forget his protests that she’s his stepmom and they could get caught. After pounding her pussy, he fucks her big tits and cums all over them! Nina promises him that she won’t tell, but as soon as she leaves the room, she sticks that jizz-splashed cleavage in front of her phone camera so her cheating husband will be able to see the evidence!

While hot teen Sadie Pop is just getting out of the shower, her stepbrother Sean Lawless “accidentally” walks in on her and, oops, his towel just happens to slide off. He’s already half-erect because he was spying on her as she lathered and rinsed. Sadie has tasty small tits with nipples like pencil erasers, and a sexy little body that he could spin around on his dick. When she sees how thick and long her stepbrother’s cock is, Sadie kneels and stuffs it in her pretty mouth. Soon Sean is fucking Sadie’s tight little pussy, and you just know he’s going to find every excuse he can to walk in on her while she’s in the shower.

Forbidden Family Affairs 5 is one of the dirtiest and most delicious taboo movies we’ve seen in a while. Don’t miss it!

Stars:   Alice March   Natalia Starr   Nina Elle   Angel Smalls   Sadie Pop   Ryan McLane   Peter Green   Codi Lewis   Sean Lawless
Studio Name:   Team Skeet

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Movie Review: “DP Cuties” from Hard X

hard x, dp cuties, dp, porn, double penetration, mason, keisha grey, angel smalls, holly hendrix, yhivi, mick blue, markus dupreeNewly released today by Hard X, DP Cuties marks the beginning of a hot new series from the award-winning studio. It is, as the box cover description puts it, “a celebration of youth and double penetration.” Mason, the mysterious female director behind the camera, always captures girls at their most beautiful, sensual, and raunchy. She picked four of her favorite girls to star in this movie, and each scene shows that she made the right choice.

Quintessential cutie Keisha Grey smiles at you from the box cover with her ass popping out of her tiny drawers. She’s in the first scene, innocently licking a popsicle and teasing with her natural va-va-voom curves gleaming in the sunlight. Inside the house, she hooks up with Mick Blue and Markus Dupree. Immediately the action kicks off, with vigorous pussy drilling quickly leading to energetic anal fucking and intense double penetration. Keisha is in top form, which is saying a lot.

Angel Smalls is a nubile blonde with tits that are small but rounded. After teasing in a schoolgirl skirt, she becomes putty in the hands of Mick and Markus. She loves the way they fondle her body before turning her into their little sex toy and pounding both of her tight holes. Angel gets off on all the different positions they fuck her in.

Holly Hendrix is about as adorable as they get, with her tiny body and enormous hazel eyes. She’s like a sex fairy of your dreams and she’s here for her first-ever DP scene. Ever ready for new sexual adventures, Holly is so excited to get reamed in both holes that she tells Mick and Markus to fuck her harder.

Porcelain-skinned, black-haired Yhivi is one of the cutest Latin sex kittens around: petite, but with a thick ass and tits just big enough to bounce. She’s practically bursting with excitement to do a DP with Mick and Markus. It’s not her first time, but the way Yhivi describes it you can tell she loves every single time she gets to experience this. Yhivi tells Mason that her three favorite things about getting double penetrated are the first dick, the second dick, and having them both inside her at the same time. When she joins Mick and Markus for the DP, she cums again and again.

DP Cuties from Hard X is brand new on AEBN today!

Stars:   Keisha Grey   Yhivi   Angel Smalls   Holly Hendrix
Studio Name:   Hard X 

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Movie Review: “Bangin’ Daddy in the Caddy” from Lethal Hardcore

bangin' daddy in the caddy, lethal hardcore, interracial, porn, big black dick, black dicks, white chicks, melissa moore, summer day, isiah maxwell, chloe couture, rico strong, angel smalls, sean michaelsLethal Hardcore’s Bangin’ Daddy in the Caddy features four hot white girls doing everything they can to get the modeling gig for “Daddy,” played in different scenes by Rico Strong, Isiah Maxwell, and Sean Michaels. Even though they’re looking for their big break, what really matters is that they get to enjoy fucking their way to the top with these big-dicked Black “daddies!”

Melissa Moore looks so much like Riley Reid that you could mix them up until she says her name. While cruising in Rico Strong’s red convertible Caddy, she convinces him to do a photo shoot with her. He takes her to the studio for a modeling session with the car. Melissa takes her top off to reveal her fantastically plump natural tits. Rico and the photographer goad Melissa into stripping and more by telling her what another model did to try out for the job. Melissa gets nude and sits on the car with her legs spread wide, revealing her trimmed bush and bald pussy lips. When Rico teases her pussy with his huge black dick, Melissa hesitates until they threaten to call that other girl. Melissa takes his head, shaft, and later his balls into her mouth. In the back seat of the Caddy, Rico stretches Melissa’s tight pussy with his anaconda, with breaks for her to suck her own juices off him. Rico pops on Melissa’s face and she gives him some hot clean-up head.

Summer Day is a sexy blue-eyed blonde who convinces Isiah Maxwell to put her in his video while they’re riding in the red Caddy. He takes her to the studio for a test shoot and impresses Stoney at first sight. In her neon pink bikini, she’s got all the makings of a video ho. She sets out to prove that there’s more to her than eye candy, sucking and fucking with all her might and looking awesome doing it. In the back of the Caddy, Summer takes a reverse cowgirl dick ride that puts the car’s shocks to the test. Isiah unloads in her greedy mouth and she licks the excess jizz from his thighs.

Rico Strong is ready to call off the photo shoot when dirty blonde babe Chloe Couture tells him that her friend can’t make it, but Chloe begs him not to cancel. Chloe promises to be special enough on her own, and does everything just the way he asks. By the time he touches her naked pussy, she’s so excited that her eyes go all unfocused like she’s about ten seconds away from cumming already. But that’s a little ways off yet, because first he licks her pussy to get it wet and she sucks him off. Rico wants her to tell him how much she loves his dick, and she happily calls it that. Hell, she’d call it any name he wants by that point, in her blissed-out mental state. Chloe’s excited squeals and the way she talks filthy in that cartoonish voice are boner-inducing all by themselves. With her face like a doll and a body built for pleasure, she’s just perfect for Rico to fuck the hell out of her in the back of that Caddy until he feeds her his hot load.

Sean Michaels has a photo shoot booked, but the model texts him to cancel while he’s cruising in his Caddy with cute Angel Smalls. Angel wants a chance to take the other girl’s place in the shoot, but it takes a little pleading. Sean relents and takes her to the studio, where the photographer likes what he sees. After she takes off her top and bra to show her perfect little tits, Angel convinces Sean she’s the girl he needs by undoing his jeans and getting on her knees to suck his huge black dick. He drives that cock deep within her tight little pink pussy in all sorts of positions, and she makes him cum so hard he hires her for the music video on that basis alone.

Bangin’ Daddy in the Caddy is streaming now on AEBN.

Stars:   Melissa Moore   Chloe Couture   Summer Day   Angel Smalls
Studio Name:   Lethal Hardcore 

Movie Review: Her 1st Interracial, Dark X’s hot debut

dark x, her 1st interracial, her first interracial, mason, sara luvv, angel smalls, sara luv, pristine edge, karlee grey, mandingo, jon jon, prince yahshuaDark X joins the Hard X and Erotica X studios to create one of the hottest triumvirates of adult movie companies around. Exclusive director Mason, the critically acclaimed dirty mind behind dozens of gorgeously orgasmic glam-hardcore titles, has even more of her signature style of beautiful smut in store for us with this new line.

Her 1st Interracial is an outstanding debut release for this exciting new studio. You’ll see some of porn’s hottest women doing their first interracial scenes, because lust knows no color for these babes.

Pretty, petite blonde Angel Smalls chooses the studly Jon Jon to show her into the new world of fucking big black cocks. He gets her nice and warmed up with some pussy eating and breast play, and she reciprocates with her hot little mouth wrapped around his dark meat. Lying on their sides, he takes her from behind. She throws herself into it with an active reverse cowgirl ride before he finishes her off in deep, delicious missionary.

Sexy, dark-haired cover girl Sara Luv dives into the pool at the deep end when she takes on Mandingo’s infamously immense cock. This hot Latin spinner recently did her first anal scene in Hard X’s Super Cute 3, and she’s giving us even more reasons to adore her in this scorching performance. She’s all about him and clings to his body in a standing fuck. The camera captures the action lovingly as she sucks her own juices off his huge ramrod, and gives us an intimate look as he penetrates her little poontang in several positions.

Naturally pretty Pristine Edge really does look as pure as her first name suggests, like a young Rosanna Arquette from some angles. But the way she goes for Prince Yahshua’s big black dick in their scene together is indicative of why she chose her last name. Their kissing leads to nipple sucking and before you know it, she’s experiencing her first taste of chocolate. Prince gives it to Pristine hard and deep, and leaves her satisfied but craving chocolate even more for later.

Beautiful, sexy brunette Karlee Grey is all smiles as she gets ready for her first interracial scene with none other than Mandingo. He gives her more than most girls could handle for their first time, but Karlee and her big, bouncy naturals look delectable as she delves into the pleasures of big black cock with him in an unforgettable pairing. She wraps those big, beautiful breasts of hers around his enormous anaconda and that alone is enough to make most men lose it. But stick around, because there’s a lot more as she rides him all sorts of ways and lets him stretch her snug little snatch!

What Hard X did for gonzo and Erotica X did for glamour is what Dark X will undoubtedly do for interracial. Based on the cum-splashing success of Her 1st Interracial, we and our boners can’t wait to see what they have in store for the aroused and eager masses!

Stars:   Sara Luv   Karlee Grey   Pristine Edge   Angel Smalls   Mandingo   Jon Jon   Prince Yahshua
Studio Name:   Dark X