Featured Movie: La Grande Enfilade (The Party)

Apologies to all who expected this “classic” blog entry yesterday and the featured movie blog entry today. As you know, the featured movie blog posted yesterday. There is no good justification, only a mix-up and then a goof, followed by a goofy mix-up and that’s what went down.

Speaking of going down … we now present to you The Party. Directed by Patrick Aubin and released by Alpha-France this disco bush special revolves around a disorderly couple who has a thing for sex parties. At this particular affair, the two can’t take their eyes of a lovely young girl, which is interesting because they seem quick to abuse her innocence and lock her in a trunk out of plain view – not the typical actions of people who like what they see.  When another guest discovers her confined in a makeshift hoosegow, she admits, to everyone’s amazement, having taken a taste to the show and asks to join the “celebration.”

This is yet another all-French title from perhaps the premier name in retro Euro fare and, filled with 3-ways, shaving, bondage and a smattering of anal sex among plenty of classic fucking positions, it is a doozy. Be sure to check it out!


Stars:   Claudia Mehringer   Edwig Failliel   Guy Royer   Cathy Stewart   Richard Lemieuvre   Diane Dubois   Jean-Louis Vattier   Jacques Gatteau

Categories: Euro   Feature   Orgies   Classic   International   70’s   French Speaking

Running Time:   83 minutes

Released:   05/1979

Studio Name:   ALPHA-FRANCE

Director:   Patrick Aubin

Bra Busting Babysitters

Bra Busting BabysittersIf you, like many classic porn fans, prefer women free of silicone and collagen, this collection of 1960s-70s stag loops will be a refreshing reminder of what you love about old XXX movies. Bra Busting Babysitters is a collection with many gorgeous girls and a few surreal surprises. Although most of these scenes don’t feature babysitters, they do all include at least one busty girl. Those with a breast fetish will find themselves coming back to it again and again.

The first loop features two of the most stunning women in porn history. Jacqueline Lorians is a succulent redhead with cherry lips, and the equally sexy Anna Ventura can’t help masturbating just looking at her. Seeing this, Jacqueline begins to kiss her and Anna pulls down Jacqueline’s top to reveal beautiful natural tits that she can’t wait to lick. Anna worships Jacqueline’s puffy nipples with her tongue in a cock-stiffening sequence that deserves repeat viewings. Anna dives between Jacqueline’s stocking-clad legs, licking her clit while finger-fucking her hairy pussy. With Anna’s t-shirt pulled up to reveal the incredible natural wonders on her chest, Jacqueline takes her turn playing with Anna. On her back with her ass lifted high, Anna slowly pulls off her shorts, giving us an excellent side view of her flat stomach, the curve of her lower back, and the twin hills of her beautiful breasts. Anna and Jacqueline take turns licking and sucking each other’s tits and clits, ending with a sixty-nine session. They pleasure each other’s stunning bodies beautifully and the only complaint is that it ends too soon.

Next is a loop featuring a wavy-haired blonde with two massive, tan-lined tits and one guy for each of them. They suck her nipples and in turn she slobs their knobs. She keeps busy with a cock at each end, and takes one cumshot on her belly while the other fills her mouth. If you prefer girl-girl-boy threesomes, then you’ll want to give scene four a look. For those with a taste for more exotic sex, scene five’s fetish theme and scene six’s orgy are not to be missed.

Or maybe you’d be more interested in the bizarreness of scene 10, in which an apparently lonely guy imagines that his crudely made sex doll is a sexy blonde girl and, through his imagination, she “comes to life” so they can have sex in some acrobatic positions. It’s the most tender, loving relationship between a man and his doll since Lars and the Real Girl.

Scene 11 continues the theme of sexual make-believe in a different way. A woman in male drag, looking a bit like Natalie Portman with a mullet and a fake moustache, picks up a buxom blonde in a bar, gets her strap-on sucked, and fucks the blonde with it. Meanwhile the bartender looks on in amazement. Soon, the women turn their attention to tasting his throbbing hard-on, which he quickly inserts into the blonde’s hungry pussy. By now, the girl in male drag has taken off her moustache and all of her clothes to reveal that she’s a good-looking, elfin babe with nice tits of her own.

Although the loops after scene 11 are much more your everyday vintage porn scenes, they all offer the type of realistic sex that classic porn fans love. Big tit fans will especially love the final scene, featuring a very sexually forward, black-haired babe with the biggest breasts out of every girl in the movie.

With the exception of Jacqueline Lorians and Anna Ventura, most of these girls are complete unknowns, at least in the U.S. There’s no dialogue, for those who aren’t familiar with 8mm film. These being pre-Viagra, each loop is much shorter than we’ve grown used to with modern porn, but Alpha Blue Archives packs a lot of fuck for the buck into this compilation.

Stars:   Jacqueline Lorians   Anna Ventura   Rene Bond
Categories: Big Tits   Teen   Classic   All Sex   Babysitters   70’s
Running Time:   120 minutes
Released:   12/1970
Studio Name:   Alpha Blue Archives

Mad Wife

François and Joëlle love each other. One evening their embrace is interrupted by the ringing of the phone. François dresses, takes a camera, put two or three shirts in a duffel bag and goes. Joëlle, pale with rage, decides to not be anymore “an object available to this mister between two trips.” Me too I want to travel. “She will indeed travel and have many women’s and men’s adventures. When the chance the in the presence of François, is to see that she is replaced by… a man. He offers him to stay with them. A perfect “ménage à trios” moved to the double pleasure of each. A representative classic from the golden age of cinema X French out with a triumphant success on November 10, 1976 in the ALPHA-FRANCE movie theaters.

Stars:   Joelle

Categories: Euro   Feature   Classic   International   70’s   French Speaking

Running Time:   106 minutes

Released:   11/1976

Studio Name:   ALPHA-FRANCE

Director:   Patrick Aubin

Peepshow Loops 299: Early 1970’s

So, here it is: a grainy, color-ravaged collection of porn loops from four decades past, yet Peepshow Loops 299: Early 1970, part of the impressive collection of retro porn from Blue Vanities, sits among a grab bag of heavyweight Hi-Def titles and modern mayhem that rank among the most-watched titles in our VOD.

But surely there must be some mistake – a one that wasn’t carried to its proper column in the stat sheet or some crossed-up computer code or something, right? On the contrary, there has been a major surge in the demand for these old titles in recent months, which begs the question: why? As mentioned a moment ago, the footage is fairly low quality. The actors and actresses involved are not “stars” so much as just regular people (though there are a few stars in the making). And in this age of excessive physical scrutiny and obsession with outward appearances, the talent is, by today’s standards, downright hideous: chest hair, gaunt frames, atonal abs, unkempt mustachios … and that’s just the women. Kidding.  The point is: nostalgia is in more than ever before and this blogger believes there are some underlying reasons for it.

First, our sense of nostalgia always increases during times of chaos. If you’ve been paying any attention at all to current events, you know that things like jobs and the economy have taken their toll on the American public. Underlying it all is a feeling that things may not improve as quickly as hoped or, perhaps, not at all. It’s only natural that people want to revisit places and things that remind them of better times. For many, that includes retro porn.

Second, there is a severe lack of originality anymore when it comes to entertainment. The feeling is that it’s all been done, so why waste time watching a copy of a derivative of a clone, when you can go back and watch the source material?

Third, the art of things has been boiled down to a science. You see it in business, in sports … even in the art world. There is so much money at stake with most endeavors that creative freedom has been stifled to limit risk and control the flow of said money. As such, few are willing to take chances with new and perhaps untested ideas, regardless of how good they are. Instead, everything has to be focused-grouped, tested and polled. In boiling off the art to achieve science, a lot of the personality and impromptu magic of the moment has been removed. Further, with science comes formulas and as anyone with a moderate background in science knows, formulas are rigid and unchanging. In the entertainment world, it leads to oodles of sameness and, ultimately, boredom. To combat sameness, many are going back to revisit eras where anything still felt possible.

Fourth, eventually we all fall into the generation gap. There is a theory out there in the retail music industry that suggests our music tastes pretty much stop developing by the age of 25. That’s not to say you can’t begin listening to jazz or classical just because you’ve been a rocker all your life. Rather, your desire to keep up with current trends slows or even comes to a screeching halt because you no longer can relate to the songs. The same phenomenon occurs in porn. After a certain age, you realize all titles are acted, directed and produced by people younger than you, and that they express different viewpoints and values. In addition, the new generation of stars sport tattoos, implants and piercings, and behave in ways in which you simply cannot identify. It is at that point feathered hair, real boobs and bush suddenly become all that more appealing.

Fifth, first impressions are always the strongest. Thanks to declining fertility rates and longer life spans, the median age in this country has steadily increased. Because older generations had their first experiences with porn during the 70s, there’s a good chance these old clips hold a special significance for them. Couple that with the other factors listed above and it might help explain the gaudy numbers for retro porn.

Sixth, there is too much micromarketing of everything these days. This writer always comes back to one particular example because it’s one of the most extreme, but have you tried to buy toothpaste recently? It’s astounding how long the process takes with the sheer number of choices available. The increase in micromarketing has coincided with the explosion of products that cater to our individual (and very selfish) tastes: iPods, MySpaces and the like. Porn is no different. There are so many subspecialties and subgenres that it has fragmented porn into smaller and smaller parts, which may be confusing or unappealing to older viewers.

Seventh, we exist in a garage sale mindset. With the explosion of eBay and other auction sites, we are more and more aware of the dollar amounts old treasures can fetch on an open market. This phenomenon has put us all into a constant thrift shop/attic hunting mode whereby rare and infrequent items are more appealing and desirable than ever. Watching these old, grainy films perhaps makes us feel like we’ve unearthed some hidden gem that only we know about.

Finally, young people are turning to classic porn too. At play here is the curiosity factor. After all, prior decades had different language, different music and different fashion, so perhaps they had different fucking too. What better place to find the answer to that question than in retro porn?

Mind you, this is all speculation and supposition. The real reason for the surge in retro porn could be all of the above, none of the above or a combination of factors. Take a look at Peepshow Loops 299: Early 1970 and decide for yourself.


Categories: Classic All Sex 70’s

Running Time:   119 minutes

Released:   08/2005

Studio Name:   Blue Vanities

Series:   Peepshow Loops