Tanner Mayes Returns… And Does Her First Anal!

Tanner MayesEven though her looks still suggest she might be skipping school and stashing stuff in her locker that would get her expelled, Tanner Mayes is 22 years old now. It’s hard to believe we first got to know her three years ago, when she answered a Craigslist ad, met an agent, and got her start in Florida’s porn scene in 2008. She relocated to California about six months or so later. One of her first scenes was in Club Jenna’s hot teen raunch-fest “Filthy’s Teenage Delinquents.”

Originally from Michigan, Tanner moved to Florida to finish her GED and for job opportunities, figuring there was more out there for her in the sunny southern lands than in her more economically depressed home state. She did a few short-lived jobs but didn’t have much focus until finding her way into the adult industry.

There have been a few bumps in the road for Tanner, including an incident on the set of “Lesbian Bukkake 15” in 2009 in which she pitched a hissy fit that was caught on camera and “Porn’s Most Outrageous Outtakes 4” included the footage. Winning Best Newcomer at the AEBN VOD Awards in 2010 was a testament to Tanner’s potential. Although she still has her base of diehard fans sticking with her, there’s no doubt her reputation for volatile behavior hurt Tanner’s chances with some studios and directors. Tanner has admitted in interviews that she feels she hurt her career with her behavior.

These days, Tanner isn’t partying the way she used to do. She’s taken some time away from the industry to sort out her life, even got engaged to one of her high school boyfriends, and is currently a dark honey blonde. It’s a drastic change from the long black hair we all know and love, but it still looks great on her judging by the pictures she’s posted on her Twitter. In a somewhat unusual turn of events, Tanner became a born-again Christian during her hiatus from performing, but she hasn’t let it stop her from getting back in front of the cameras. Now Tanner is back, planning to work throughout the year.

One of the most exciting things to look forward to from Tanner’s comeback is the “Squirtamania 17” release from Immoral Productions, a company she’s worked with often, which will feature Tanner’s first anal! The DVD will be released later this month and we hope to have it on demand for you soon afterward. Those who are members of the Immoral website may have seen the live show, and will be able to attest to how much it’s worth the wait to see this adorable sex freak take it up the ass at last!

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