Reena Sky

Reena SkySexy Latina Reena Sky has been in the porn business since 2006 and has enjoyed a surge in popularity during the last year.

Renowned for her curvaceous ass, Reena was put on the box cover for one of her first movies, Chica Boom 39 from Kick Ass Pictures. She dominated the movie with her powerful sexuality and proved that she was going to be a force to be reckoned with in the adult industry. Reena was sure of herself, unafraid to make the first move on a man, and made Latin porn star aficionados fall for her just as easy as you please.

Aside from her round butt and perky natural breasts, Reena is also worthy of your attention because she’s a cum-thirsty blowjob queen. Watch her Jerk and Swallow (Metro Media Entertainment/Toxxxic Entertainment) and you’ll see that her need for swallowing seed is strong. The message is clear in the title of one of her latest movies, Cock In My Mouth, Jizz On My Face (Mile High Media/Cum Addicts).

Reena is bisexual and shows as much love to the ladies as she does the men. From her domination of the much older Evan Stone in Hard Candy Films’ new release, Authority Figures: Her New Daddy to her girl-on-girl “first time” in Pink Visual‘s all-girl gonzo extravaganza Her First Lesbian Sex 23, there is no better vision than the one of Reena’s tight body trembling after she has had multiple orgasms. She will certainly addict you to her filthy decadence with each one of her hot scenes.

Here are some fan-favorite Reena Sky films.

Authority Figures: Her New Daddy Aching Ball Handjob 10 Calling All Asses

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