Featured Star: Ann Marie Rios

Ann Marie RiosAnn Marie Rios is one molten Costa Rican senorita who’s been making our screens melt for the last ten years. She’s bilingual and she considers her filthy mouth one of her signature traits, so if you’re lucky, you might catch her talking dirty en Español!

Born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Ann Marie grew up as an athletic tomboy. She was a good student who graduated from high school three months early, went to school for real estate, and started working for a real estate company at an age when many college girls are still trying to pick a major.

One day, Ann Marie gave one of her friends a ride to a porn shoot. Ann Marie liked what she saw and ended up in the movie. She did some of her first scenes in movies such as Girls Home Alone and University Co-Eds 35. It wasn’t long before Ann Marie was one of the industry’s rising stars.

The year 2003 was a high point: rapper Nate Dogg hand-selected her to play his girlfriend in Mark Ronson’s first music video, she designed the Ann Marie Juicer glass dildo for high-end sex toy manufacturer Phallix, she had a cameo on the FOX TV series Skin, and she became a Metro contract girl. A year later, Ann Marie directed her first and so far only movie, Babes Illustrated 14. Things were going great, but for whatever reasons, she took a break in 2005.

Ann Marie added “Rios” to her name when she returned to performing, in recognition of her Latin heritage and as a statement of her reinvention. Since returning to the spotlight, Ann Marie’s been appearing on more box covers and doing more intense scenes. She lists foot fetish as one of her favorite things to do and you can see why in several Belladonna productions, including an awe-inspiring scene with fellow hot Latina Kristina Rose in Fetish Fanatic 9. One of Ann Marie’s latest scenes is in Belladonna’s kinky Party of Feet 3.

She also loves a good old fashioned fuck, whether straight or lesbian, and some of her hottest pairings have been in The Stepmother 2: the Maid’s Revenge, in which Ann Marie takes on both men and women with equal passion. You won’t be surprised to learn Ann Marie is bisexual after you see her equal enthusiasm for cock and pussy!

Now, less than two weeks from her thirtieth birthday, Ann Marie is proof that many women get hotter with time. After all, she famously didn’t like to give blowjobs when she started. Fortunately, she overcame that and showed off her newfound cock-sucking skills in 2002’s Up and Cummers 107. Ann Marie went on to get nominated for an AVN Award in the Best Oral Sex Scene category in 2009, thanks to her fine display of mouth-fucking in Head Case 4.

Ann Marie keeps herself busy off the set. She’s a certified yoga instructor and loves to hike and surf. Every Tuesday from 7-8 pm PST on Sirius/XM Channel 102, she hosts Playboy Radio‘s Private Calls.

Fans and her fellow performers such as Mr. Marcus list Ann Marie as a favorite and with hundreds of movies, there are hundreds of reasons why. Since she started feature dancing last year, now you might have a chance to meet this babe and get a little dose of that magic up close. You can follow her travels as a porn star, radio personality, and feature dancer at her blog, Ann Marie’s Adventure.

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