Farewell to Pinky?

PinkyTop urban website MediaTakeOut.com has reported that Pinky is leaving porn and going back to college. They also posted several photos of Pinky looking sleek and sexy with black hair — but definitely recognizable even without her pink hair. She looked fine as hell!

The pink hair was sometimes imitated, but she was never duplicated. Pinky’s been in the industry for five years. In April 2010, she put out a mixtape titled “Fuck You! Pay Me!” Still, new Pinky movies came out, amid lots of talk that she was retiring to do hip hop.

Many fans are now devastated that one of Black porn’s biggest stars is leaving us, but don’t be too sad. Coming up on her 29th birthday (born June 24, 1982 in West Oakland, California), she’s had a long career for porn. Most girls do a year or two and disappear. Pinky gave many award-winning performances (including but not limited to Urban X Awards for 2010 Orgasmic Oralist, 2009 Porn Star of the Year, and 2009 Crossover Female) and we’ll always remember how her epic ass clapped like thunder. We’ll miss this girl, but instead of feeling sad, we’re going to reminisce about our Pinky favorites.

One of the best ways to enjoy her charms is the Nuttin’ Butt Pinky series. In 2010, the third volume won an Urban X Award for Best Three-way Sex Scene, and it’s no wonder because most of the movie is threesome scenes. It’s also as hot and wet as a sauna, watching Pinky and friends (including gorgeous Kapri Styles and the appropriately named Bootylicious) get greased up so their asses shine while they fuck. Pinky demonstrates her strap-on lesbian fucking skill, too – talk about multiple talents. Some girls go their entire careers without perfecting one signature move, but Pinky is known for her booty clap, her blowjobs, and her strap-on mastery… are we leaving out anything?

Speaking of blowjobs, Pinky is so incredible at giving head that she put out a movie to show women how to suck off their men right. “Pinky’s Dick Sucking for Dumb Asses” might not have the most flattering title for its target audience, but believe us when we say if you put these lessons to good use, you will have a man eating out of the palm of your hand, ladies. Pinky and some of her equally orally talented friends show you basic sucking before progressing to the more advanced deep-throating, throat-fucking, and cum-swapping techniques. Of course, guys will love to watch it too — it’s not merely an instructional video!

During her career, Pinky has shown that she’s not one of those jealous girls trying to bring other hot women down – she’s done the opposite. She introduced the world to Mz. Booty and her earth-shaking ass in “Pinky Presents Mz. Booty,” and the new big-assed beauty went on to build her own career. What we’ll miss most of all, though, is Pinky’s epic showdowns with fellow hot-assed porn superstar Cherokee Da’Ass. Pinky and Cherokee have given us all more jerk-off material than is humanly possible for a lot of babes, joining forces more than once. There’s the Pinky vs. Cherokee series, where the girls trade off scenes to try and prove who’s the hottest. Then, even better, they double up on Michael Stefano in the original “Battle of the Asses.” Michael rims and fucks them one after the other, finally going deep into Pinky’s ass before he pops on her bubbly butt cheeks, giving Cherokee the chance to lick it up. Pinky is also into playing with pussy, as you can see in “Ebony Pussy Pals” and plenty of other movies.

And finally, if you ever wondered what a day in the life of Pinky might be like, the Pinky’s Chronicles movies are the closest most of us will ever get to finding out.

We’ll miss you, Pinky — good look with wherever life takes you next!

Pinky's Dick Sucking for Dumb Asses Pinky vs. Cherokee 2 Pinky's Chronicles 2 Ebony Pussy Pals

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