VOD Awards Best of 2012: Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 6

If our recap of 2011’s most popular movies has shown any sort of trend, it’s that in our private porn-watching time, we’re far more likely to explore the things we’d never admit to anyone. That’s no big shock, but it’s the one thing most of our top five movies have in common other than the fact that you guys like all of them. Maybe the most taboo of all is Wanna Fuck My Wife Gotta Fuck Me Too 6, which rounds out our list of the top five most watched movies of 2011. Like the other four, it stands a chance at winning a VOD Award for Best Overall Movie 2012.


If you wanna find adult films with fucked up shit in them, you gotta look for the “Wanna ____ Gotta______” format in the title. These titles pose excruciatingly tough choices for the participants. Questions like “Do I want to anally fist grandma in order to bang her granddaughter” or “Must I take a dick up my right nostril in order to fuck my midget neighbor” are the types of dilemmas that face these desperate folk. Granted those examples are fake, but not too far off.


In this particular series, these unsuspecting guys are very close to fulfilling their dreams of fucking some dude’s wife. The only catch is that the husband is bisexual and refuses to acquiesce to the fantasy unless he gets a piece of the action too. And while that may not seem like a very fulfilling option for some of us, there are six whole volumes of people willing to go on record for the opportunity, which means good times for viewers who love bisexual thrill-seeking.


Blake James had a flat tire. She already blew and fucked her Good Samaritan friend and now wants her lowly husband to suck her pussy juice from his monstrous black rod. There is also an oral daisy chain, some anal bi-fucking and a couple good cumshots.


Ariel Avalon is enjoying herself at a party with her man. When a straggler moves in, Ariel explains he’ll have to fuck her husband first. The husband, however, prides himself on the aggressor’s role, so he changes the game and insists the kid has to take it up the ass if he wants a shot with his wife. The straggler is actually down for it and is soon going down on the husband.


Torey Pines and her beau are entertaining their friend Gavin Steele. Gavin has a crush on Torey and when Torey’s man suggests a little bit of play before dinner, he jumps at the chance. Of course, when he realizes that Torey and her man are inseparable playmates, he thinks twice but agrees. Torey gets totally turned on watching Gavin get his dick sucked by another guy as you will see by her masturbatory tendencies. But she also has other tendencies like sitting on faces and doing threeways.


Heidi Mayne, unlike Ariel Avalon, is bored at her party. When you get everything you want all the time with your little bitch husband, that is understandable. When a brotha makes a proposition, she agrees, but only if he fucks her husband and his rainbow Speedo underwear.


If you wanna see some great bi-action and cuckolding, you gotta check out this Devil’s Film hit.

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