VOD Awards Best of 2012: The Babysitter 3

Director Nica Noelle had 2011 full of even greater popularity and exciting new ventures. Before she left the Mile High Media stable, however, she was already part of a new trend in porn toward couple-oriented features that satisfy both the brain and the loins. The third installment of Sweet Sinner‘s Babysitter series was one of the most viewed movies of 2011 and with good reason.


Sexy new mom Zoe Voss hires a sitter to surprise her husband, Manuel Ferrara, who thinks the girl is too young for the job. The parents overcome their disagreement for some quality time while the kid sleeps. Manuel orally worships Zoe’s slit and asshole before penetrating her little pussy from behind. He makes her cum several times. They fuck in mish with some toe sucking and more oral. There’s a wonderful shot of Zoe sliding onto Manuel’s hammerhead in cowgirl. Zoe holds his cock inside her while he fucks her until he spurts long streams of cum up her torso.


In scene two, Manuel meets Chastity Lynn ¬†and his face lights up with lust upon seeing the spritely sitter. Suddenly her age is no concern, which should be a red flag for Zoe, but she trusts Manuel even after seeing him make eyes at Chastity. Manuel is off to work, Zoe to the gym, and Chastity to the baby’s room. Though keen on work, this sitter is even keener on Manuel. In the couple’s room, she sniffs the cologne on his shirt. Zoe returns and catches Chastity in their bedroom. After some awkwardness, they brush it off as a misunderstanding and Chastity is off to sit for her other family.


Of course, the only sitting Chastity does is on Mark Wood’s cock. His baby is asleep and his wife is “working late”, so their time is free. Mark strips off her duds, revealing lovely naturally small tits and a smooth pussy into which he dives as if bobbing for apples. She works over his cock with oral aplomb, jacking and nibbling his nards. They engage in some CG, mish, and doggie, after which Mark shoots his load onto Chastity’s ass.


Chastity begins her seduction of Manuel in scene three. With her work done and Zoe at a book club meeting, she brings Manuel a towel in the shower. He pretends to be aloof, but as the water drips from his naked body he knows the game is on. Zoe returns and spoils the moment, but the seeds of lust have been sown in Manuel’s mind and the seeds of paranoia in Zoe’s. To calm herself, Zoe calls her friend Samantha Ryan. Samantha and hubby Rocco Reed get it on afterwards in a brief diversion from the main story. They are gentle and slow, cutting a swath of passion through the fields of deep oral pleasure, handjobs, and more, followed by a creamy cumshot onto Samantha’s well-manicured pubes.


At last, Chastity executes her master plan. Knowing Manuel lacks willpower, she creeps into his personal space, asking if there’s anything she can do for him. Instead of saying no, he blurts out “Like what?” Chastity answers with a butterfly kiss. They fall onto the bed where Manuel buries his tongue so far into Chastity’s pussy he should taste Mark Wood. He fails to recognize the scent of betrayal and fucks the fawn-haired harpy in several positions. There’s gratuitous ball sucking and anal sex, and a rocket shot of cream on Chastity’s tits.


Nica leaves Zoe’s plot resolution in the lurch, but the film is done with her usual style and class. The mix of new and veteran talent brings out authentic performances in each other. The Babysitter 3‘s softer hardcore feel makes it great for couples who want to try porn together.

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