The Stripper

The StripperIn Sweet Sinner’s The Stripper, follow the sexual adventures of a group of hot strippers and the men who love them. Okay, maybe it’s just lust in some cases.

Mary (gorgeous Jennifer White, seen on the front cover) is a stripper dating a guy named Charlie (Dane Cross). One night at the strip club, Mary sees Charlie head to the VIP room with hot blonde Chastity Lynn, a fellow stripper who gives him more than a lap dance. Chastity is an eager little fuck doll who makes every scene hot and fun to watch. She’s one spinner who makes lots of enthusiastic sex noises.

But the problem for Charlie is that Mary busts him and is ready to dump him. Charlie desperately suggests that Mary should cheat on him in return so he’ll understand how he’s made her feel. It sounds like a load of crap, but it works because she lets him back into the bedroom and fucks him on the spot. Grateful for another chance, Charlie takes time worshiping and pleasuring Mary’s all-natural body. After the make-up sex, Charlie asks Mary to marry him, offering to take her away from her life of stripping. She says yes, but soon they’re in need of money and she offers to return to the pole. Charlie reluctantly agrees.

Back at the club on Mary’s first night back at work, we see Mary get Asian hottie Jayden Lee to cover for her friend Gia when Mr. Pete comes looking for a lap dance. Jayden is happy to take him off Gia’s hands and hooks up with him afterward.

Gia tells Mary that her old regular, Alfred (Marcus London) asked for her while she wasn’t working at the club anymore. Mary remembers him fondly and decides to get his number from the VIP list. She calls him to arrange the after-hours private show that the wealthy Alfred has always asked her to do. Looking super-fine in red lace and black fishnets, Mary shows Alfred a good time and soon pulls him onstage. Alfred tastes her nipples and pussy; she deep-throats him in turn. They fuck with her camisole pulled down and fishnets still on, so even though she’s hot enough naked, there’s some extra stimulation for your visual pleasure.

The Stripper has just enough of a plot to hold interest between the truly hot fuck scenes, along with a twist that brings the story some good closure.

Stars:   Jennifer White   Jayden Lee   Mr. Pete   Marcus London   Dane Cross   Chastity Lynn
Categories: New Release   Feature   International   High Definition
Running Time:   153 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   James Avalon

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