The Session

The Session“The Session” is the first XXX feature film to be cast using the adult social networking website Beautiful Anjanette Astoria cast a movie on xPeeps to give thanks to the site where she was discovered. “The Session” is a twisted tale of a hypersexual woman who gets tangled up in a supernatural battle between ancient enemies.

Anjanette gets a ride in a stranger’s limo to her sex therapist appointment and fucks the guy on the way there. When Anjanette arrives late, therapist Giorgio (Gregorio Gonuelas) creeps her out thoroughly, but he manages to talk her out of bailing on the session. As Anjanette recounts one of three separate sexual encounters that day at Giorgio’s request, we see a flashback. Pretty blonde Melody Moon is masturbating in a bathroom when her boyfriend Kyle Driver interrupts her. He sees her vibrator and uses it on her, but soon wants to fuck – the problem is, he gets his orgasm and doesn’t care about hers. Disgusted, Melody goes upstairs and finds Anjanette, who gives Melody her much-delayed orgasm.

Back in Giorgio’s office, Anjanette agrees to hypnosis. He directs her to remember her first fuck that day. She’d been masturbating at her desk but she needed cock, she recalls as her hand travels between her legs. In flashback her boss, Seth Dickens, fucking her in several positions. Anjanette is ferocious in doggy, thrusting back against him as hard as he’s driving into her, wild with lust and giving it everything in a way that we’d like every porn star to do, every time. She drinks his cum and the flashback ends.

Giorgio takes off Anjanette’s shoes and fondles her legs, but that won’t be the only violation of the therapist/patient relationship. He asks about the next coworker she fucked, Tony Rocket in the break room. (Her day is a sexual game of Clue: Lance Rydher in the limo, Tony Rocket in the break room…) This fuck is mostly doggy style, her favorite. Under hypnosis she admits to Giorgio that he didn’t satisfy her.

Two treasure-seeking men and a skeptical woman drive to the woods at night to dig up a chest they saw a guy burying. A naked, bloody woman chases them back out of the woods and steals their car. It’s Anjanette, but since this is happening out of sequence we have yet to see how she became a vampire. Back in Giorgio’s office, he is sucking her toes and licking her clit through her fishnets. This blends with the next flashback, in which Anjanette has girl time with Ms. Panther, followed by an interracial anal fuck with Flash Brown.

Ruby Blow is house-sitting for Anjanette and brings her fuck buddy Rodger Lodgepole over. (Ruby and Rodger are a real punk couple who do homemade porn, now in their first movie.) Unfortunately for Ruby, Rodger bails after he cums. Ruby is resigned to getting herself off, but Anjanette shows up, pissed that Ruby let a stranger in her house. Her anger abates when she smells cum. Anjanette licks Ruby to orgasm, but it will be her last because Anjanette wants blood. Rodger returns looking for Ruby and falls prey as well.

A kinky, haunting flashback shows how Anjanette was turned and buried. Then, in flash-forward, after Anjanette has been freed from the box, another vampire (Jennifer White) visits and explains why these things have happened to her. She shows Anjanette how to use her powers and discovers that Anjanette has a rare gift that will help her get revenge on her sire. Anjanette wants to learn more, but she and Jennifer are so attracted to each other that it will have to wait. The women are as thirsty for cum as they are for blood, making each other gush with tongues and fingers. Anjanette’s dark, flowery labia are a beautiful contrast to Jennifer’s pink, petite pussy.

Anjanette gets her revenge, but will it be enough? She’s learned about cruelty and dark passions from her sire. You might even say she’s turned into a monster too.