The Masseuse 5

The Masseuse 5In The Masseuse 5, Kendra Lust runs a posh massage parlor is a place where customers can go for a higher standard of care than just your garden-variety sports massage. It’s an open secret that her selective staff will give happy endings to certain clients.

Riley Reid’s upset that she was booked to massage her ex-boyfriend, but Kendra agrees to let Riley take Marcus London and Kendra will handle Riley’s ex. Marcus proves to be a friendly chap and Riley enjoys the chance to slurp and straddle his thick, curved cock. Watching her firm, slender young body bounce up and down on the lucky older man’s dick is a real pleasure.

Richie Calhoun (aka Richie’s Brain) doesn’t want a massage from Kendra Lust; he wants one from Riley. But they broke up because Richie was cheating, and the other woman was none other than Kendra. While massaging Richie, Kendra gets on her high horse about why Riley dumped him, even though she was the catalyst. But her eagerness to mount a high horse is nothing compared to her mounting a hard cock. She gives Richie the special dick-in-cleavage technique, applies some suction, and takes him vaginally in several positions.

Overhearing the moans and gasps through the semi-open door to Kendra’s room, Riley peeks and sees her ex fucking Kendra. Riley never knew it was her own boss that Richie was screwing. She scrawls an angry note and bails, leaving Kendra to replace her quickly.

In the meantime, it’s up to Natalia Starr to take Riley’s next client, Evan Stone. Evan is a busy banker with a bad back, and Natalia relaxes him with a rubdown, a suckdown, and a fuckdown. Her beautiful bouncing breasts alone make this one of the scenes most likely to make you pop early and often.

James Deen is the masseur Kendra interviews to take Riley’s place. While telling him they’re a professional massage parlor where no inappropriate behavior is allowed, Kendra also requests a house call where she makes it abundantly clear that “inappropriate” is a matter of interpretation. They talk about the fantasies of female clients as he gives her luscious body the deep massage she requested. Naturally, the only place to go from there is for James to fulfill Kendra’s fantasy of trying out a young, new recruit. They go down on each other and test the sturdiness of the massage bed with a rambunctious fuck.

The Masseuse 5 is streaming in high definition.

Running Time:   133 minutes
Released:   10/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Series:   The Masseuse -Mile High Media
Director:   James Avalon
Stars:   Evan Stone   Natalia Starr   James Deen   Marcus London   Riley Reid   Richie’s Brain   Kendra Lust
Categories: New Release   Feature   International   High Definition   Massage

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