Teacher Seductions: Teacher’s Pet

Teacher Seductions: Teacher's PetHard Candy Films’ Teacher Seductions series continues with Teacher’s Pet, a tale of a happily married man giving in to the temptation that a beautiful young student presents.

Professor Evan Stone has just gotten off the phone with his wife, who’s on a trip to New York, and is getting ready to grade his favorite student Adrianna Luna’s essay. His phone rings again and it’s the young Latin beauty herself, her cartoon-sexy helium voice far too tempting in the lonely professor’s ear for him to resist. Adrianna knows the effect she has on him. Evan loves his wife, but he’s been nursing a powerful crush on Adrianna. Judging by their conversation, this isn’t the first booty call the hot student has made to her smitten professor and it may not be the last. He tries to tell her they have to stop, but she persists and he can’t resist.

Adrianna’s pretty, with all-natural curves and long, straight dark hair that shines. It would be hard for a man like Evan – for any straight man – to turn down a sexy girl like her. He takes her to the bed he shares with his wife and they strip off their tops while kissing hungrily. Adrianna lies back on the bed and enjoys the feeling of Evan’s mouth on her soft yet perky tits. Moving down her body, Evan kisses her panty-covered mound only for a moment before he can no longer wait to open her treasure box. He pulls off her pink lace panties, but he pauses to kiss her again with his erect dick poised at her entrance. Adrianna strokes his hard-on as if sending a signal that she can’t wait a moment longer to be fucked, so Evan slides inside while kissing her.

The way Evan fucks Adrianna feels like watching a couple having sex the way they would with no camera there to record it. Sometimes Adrianna dismounts him so she can taste herself on his cock. They change positions, but it’s always done in a way that feels good, not just so they can open up for the camera. Evan does his best to please Adrianna, often rubbing her clit while thrusting. He makes her cum by licking her freshly-fucked pussy and resumes his vigorous fucking.

Finally, as they’re both sweaty and panting from having sex for more than half an hour, Evan pulls out and cums on Adrianna’s belly. It’s a voyeuristic, emotionally charged thrill to watch this married professor fuck his favorite student in the bed he shares with his unsuspecting wife.

Stars:   Adrianna Luna   Evan Stone
Categories: New Release   Feature   Interracial   Schoolgirls   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   35 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Teacher Seductions
Director:   Nica Noelle

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