Teacher Seductions: His Hot Advisor

Teacher Seductions: His Hot AdvisorHis Hot Advisor is the first episode released in Hard Candy Films’ Teacher Seductions series. Meet sexy grad school advisor Vanilla Deville, a mature brunette who takes a personal interest in her star grad student Rocco Reed. Rocco awkwardly tries to flirt with Vanilla and hopes they can leave together as they talk about the end of the semester and the upcoming winter break, but she has some work to finish before she can leave. It’s going to be a lonely winter break for both of them and Vanilla is distracted by regrets over not trying to make their obvious connection more personal.

Just when she’s finally getting back to her work, Rocco reappears and says that he’d like a hug goodbye. Vanilla tries to reject Rocco once again, but standing so close makes that impossible and soon they’re passionately exploring each other’s lips. Blink and you’ll miss Vanilla losing her jacket. Together they sink onto the leather couch, kissing hungrily as they undress each other.

Vanilla outstretches one long, shapely leg and strokes her foot against the side of Rocco’s leg as he reaches behind her and unfastens her lacy burgundy and black bra. With her big breasts free, Rocco descends on one nipple eager to taste it. Vanilla stands up so Rocco can remove her pencil skirt and then lies back on the couch, letting Rocco take off her panties and go down on her. He licks her bald pussy for several minutes before Vanilla more or less commands him to take off his pants and fuck her. Bossy, maybe, but Rocco seems to like it.

The grad student buries his cock inside his hot professor’s snatch. Her moans reverberate throughout the teacher’s lounge and if anyone else is in that building, they’re getting a great audio show right about now. Vanilla takes a moment to taste her juices from Rocco’s cock and give his balls some love before mounting him in cowgirl. Her dirty talk while he pummels her punani from below is arousing and so are her shouts of pleasure as he starts fucking her harder. Through a couple more position changes, they switch up the rhythms of their lovemaking to keep it exciting. Finally they end up on the floor, and there’s a brief stretch when Rocco pins Vanilla’s hands up over her head in missionary position. Vanilla rubs her clit as they both approach orgasm and cheers Rocco on as he cums on her mound.

This new series looks like a fantasy come true for women, couples, and anyone who ever daydreamed about a sexy professor. Vanilla and Rocco bring a lot of passion to their performances and it all feels natural. Nica Noelle fans – and those who aren’t fans yet, but will be – have another new favorite scene.

Stars:   Vanilla DeVille   Rocco Reed
Categories: New Release   All Sex   For Ladies   High Definition
Running Time:   36 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Teacher Seductions
Director:   Nica Noelle

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