Table for 12

Table for 12Mature Chilean fox Tara Holiday invites her divorced friend Magdalene St. Michaels to a singles mixer called Table for 12. Cute young brunette April O’Neil talks her geeky friend Kelly Surfer into going. English stud Danny Mountain takes his widowed but reluctant dad Ian Whitcomb.

Danny and Ian join Tara and Magdalene at their table. Tara and Danny seem mutually attracted, but April spies Danny from the next table and steals him, leaving Kelly alone for the evening. Ian, Tara, and Magdalene have fun talking, and Tara gives Ian and Danny their numbers. As everyone’s leaving, Magdalene catches Kelly’s eye but they don’t speak.

April booty calls Danny, who tries to say no, but she twists his admittedly bendy arm. She showers him with kisses and he responds. From behind, he takes off her blouse and plays with her natural tits, which are big for her small frame. On Danny’s bed they trade oral sex – he fingers her while she’s sucking his huge cock. Then they fuck in several positions, their chemistry and her beauty equally impressive throughout. He comes on her abs.

Kelly tracks Magdalene down through April and Danny. Magdalene remembers her and invites her to a play that night. After Magdalene hangs up, Tara calls to see if she’s heard from Ian, but Magdalene changes the subject. She thinks Tara should try dating Ian’s son Danny, who coincidentally calls Tara as soon as she’s off the phone with Magdalene, making an excuse that they should set Magdalene up with his dad.

Magdalene’s grown son Xander Corvus gets home and asks how the singles night went. When Magdalene mentions she thinks Tara is lonely, Xander immediately swoops in on Tara. She’s surprised to see him, but not half as shocked as she is when he reveals his interest in her. Good thing Tara’s speechless, because Xander isn’t interested in talking. He leads Tara to her bedroom and lavishes attention on her big tits and shaved pussy. With a sexy gleam in her eyes, Tara licks and sucks Xander from balls to cockhead and back. Soon, though, they’re both too overcome with lust to delay it any longer. Tara rides Xander, giving him the perfect chance to play with her tits while fucking her. After several positions and a lot of heat between them, Xander shoots his load all over Tara’s torso.

When Kelly arrives at Magdalene’s, looking different with no glasses and her blonde hair loose, they decide to skip the play, have wine, and talk. Magdalene admits that she thought she was at the singles mixer to meet men, but she couldn’t stop looking at Kelly. After they suck face on the couch, Magdalene takes Kelly to bed. Although Magdalene’s character was straight, she’s a dominant lesbian partner. Kelly’s on the bottom as they suck each other’s nipples. Magdalene masturbates while licking Kelly’s pussy. Even while Kelly’s pleasuring her, Magdalene tells her how she wants it. They trib in missionary with Kelly on top, but finish in sixty-nine.

Tara gets another surprise when Danny calls. She tells him Magdalene met someone, and Danny confesses it was an excuse to talk to see Tara again. They decide to go out that night, but when Danny gets to Tara’s place and he kisses her, the only place they’re going is bed. As they kiss, suck, and fuck, Danny and Tara have such passion that you could forget you’re watching performers in a scene. There’s an especially erotic moment when he’s thrusting into her sidesaddle style while she sucks his fingers and he sucks hers. Tara always has a tousle-haired sexiness like a Latin Katey Sagal, but here she’s the hottest ever. They have a happy, intoxicating energy together.

Table for 12 is perfect for couples in search of spice. Its plot sets up the scenes wonderfully and the sex is some of the hottest Hard Candy Films has put to video. That’s saying a lot, as any Nica Noelle fan will say.

Table For 12
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Stars:   Tara Holiday   Magdalene St. Michaels   April O’Neil   Alia Starr   Kelly Surfer   Xander Corvus   Mr. Ken   Ian Whitcomb   Jimi King   Mich Masoch   Danny Mountain
Categories: New Release   Feature   High Definition
Running Time:   129 minutes
Released:   08/2012
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle

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