Shades of Kink

Shades of KinkSweet Sinner’s romantically twisted Shades of Kink introduces us to virginal college graduate Riley (Maddy O’Reilly) and her mysterious mentor, Norton Ashe (Evan Stone).

Cute redhead Riley interviews for a job at Ashe’s marketing firm and brings a sample ad campaign. Believing her approach is wrong, Ashe grows more sexually blunt in his questioning. Although she’s career-driven and thinks of sex as something to “deal with” after establishing her career, Riley is desperate for this job, so when he produces a heart-shaped box of Ben-Wa balls and tells her their purpose, she gets the message. If she wants the job, she must sign Ashe’s consent form and do everything he says. In her car, Riley puts the Ben-Wa balls in her pussy. By the time she’s home, she’s so excited from their vibrations that she masturbates.

The next day, Ashe thinks Riley’s new sample is better but still passionless. He gives her an address where she’s to meet him in an hour with the Ben-Wa balls inserted. Riley complies and meets him at a hotel room, but is baffled when a couple enters and starts fucking in front of them.

Never acknowledging the voyeurs, Erik Everhard and Lily Labeau take their time with foreplay. Watching Erik strumming Lily’s clit and manhandling her tits is stimulating. Ashe watches Riley watch them and talks dirty to her. Soon Riley is masturbating while, nearby, Lily’s beautiful natural breasts bounce in time to Erik’s thrusts. As Erik folds Lily’s long legs back toward her face and drives into her pussy, Ashe and Riley kiss. Later Ashe strokes Riley’s clit with a strawberry. Lily and Erik drain themselves – literally, for Erik – and leave.

After getting Riley worked up, Ashe tells her to have a presentation ready in the morning. He likes what he sees and invites her to dinner at his house that night. Dinner conversation causes Riley to conclude that Ashe is untrusting and afraid of love, so he changes the subject by taking her to bed. Slowly building the heat, they kiss. He removes her panties and stuffs them in her mouth. Oral sex leads to Riley riding Ashe in cowgirl, but the two of them move all over the bed in a tangle of limbs as their passion escalates.

Riley gets the job and Ashe invites her to his house again. He introduces her to sensory play, blindfolding her and starting slowly with a feather. He brings in three masked men to play with her while he watches.

The next time Ashe invites Riley over, she’s disappointed that he only wants her to watch him fuck Andy San Dimas, to witness true passion. Ashe dives between the tattooed brunette’s shapely thighs and licks her pussy and nipples. Andy looks into Riley’s eyes as Ashe nails her from behind, making Riley squirm. When Ashe winds up on top, Riley reaches out, trying to make it a threesome, but Ashe holds her hand away. Realizing he’s out of her reach in more ways than one, Riley leaves. Ashe only pauses mid-stroke before he resumes pounding Andy onto the floor.

Having introduced Riley to pleasures beyond her imagination, Ashe takes off the training wheels in a way that stuns her. Shades of Kink is an exciting sexual education to behold.

Stars:   Maddy O’Reilly   Evan Stone   Erik Everhard   Mr. Pete   Andy San Dimas   Lily Labeau
Categories: New Release   Feature   Natural Breasts   Voyeur   High Definition
Running Time:   189 minutes
Released:   01/2013
Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner
Director:   James Avalon

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