Apr 28 2014

My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad 10

My Step Daughter Tossed My Salad 10Hey, guys who have broadened their sexual horizons enough to enjoy the tickle of a girl’s tongue fluttering across the sensitive butthole region? If you aren’t already watching the My Stepdaughter Tossed My Salad series, then jump in at volume 10 of this popular analingus series. It’s a wild sensation for these older guys, and the teenage hotties are happy to be of service.

Cute, dark-haired Ava Taylor wants to please her musician stepfather. She learns to play the (rusty) trombone, but her specialty is the skin flute.

Taylor Whyte is a blonde who wants to buy a car and needs her stepdad to cosign the loan. He cleverly stipulates that she give him some perverted playtime in return. Taylor is already pretty slutty, so tossing the salad is not too much to ask of her.

Eighteen-year-old blonde Miley Mae sports a short haircut similar to the one famously seen on a certain other Miley. She’s got dirty fantasies about rimming a man, and she wants to show and tell with her stepdad.

Izzy Champayne is a horny brunette who really wants to fuck her stepfather. He’s tempted, but only agrees after she tells him she’ll tongue his bunghole.

With her brown hair in pigtails, Mischa Brooks looks every bit the part of a dirty-minded 18-year-old who would stick her tongue between her stepdad’s butt cheeks while she’s giving him a massage. As for what happens next, well, let’s just say she’s got a lot of meat to wrap her lips around and it stretches her teen pussy nicely.

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Running Time:   171 minutes
Released:   04/2014
Studio Name:   Lethal Hardcore
Series:   My Step Daughter Tossed My Salad
Director:   Chucky Sleaze
Stars:   Taylor Whyte   Mischa Brooks   Miley Mae   Izzy Champayne   Ava Taylor
Categories: New Release   Natural Breasts   Teen   All Sex   Anilingus   High Definition