Movie Review: Sex Games

Sex Games takes a welcome playful approach to porn for romance-minded viewers, elevating it to the level of erotica. The premise: couples spicing up sex with everything from lap dances to blindfolds. excels at this kind of movie, at titillating viewers with the smallest sensual details.


Blonde babe Colette W. suggests to her boyfriend Dexter that they film themselves fucking. Amused at first, he grows aroused when she strokes herself through her black lacy panties for the camera. The best part, especially for oral enthusiasts, is when Colette starts slowly, sensually worshiping Dexter’s cock with her sexy mouth. She uses plenty of spit, takes her time, and gives the camera a devilish smile. We could watch that for hours, but we also love Dexter going down on Colette and of course their slow, deep anal ride. Their moaning and panting make a beautiful soundtrack to a deeply erotic scene.


Tan brunette Carmen Croft loves role playing as a stripper for her partner, the muscle-bound Claudio Pedro. What a lucky guy – Carmen has stunning hourglass curves and breasts you could play with all night. They get a lot of love from the camera as she slowly builds the mood. Carmen plays with her juicy twat and lets Claudio have licks of it, but she makes sure he knows who is controlling this game.


Shay Hendrix and Andy Mann like playing with sensory deprivation. After blindfolding Andy, Shay kisses and caresses his package, dangles her tits in his mouth, rubs them against his chest, and kisses her way down his body. His erection is raging by the time she takes out his dick. Shay’s oral technique is one of the sexiest things in this movie – she swirls her pierced tongue around Andy’s cockhead, goes deep, and gently sucks one of his balls into her hot mouth. Even better, she deliberately rubs her moist crevice up and down his shaft, just shy of penetration. Finally, as we’re all about to explode, Shay puts the blindfold on herself. Andy kisses her mouth, her pierced nipples, and then her pussy before sliding in and giving her a deep, steady fuck in several positions.


Gina repays her boyfriend Sunny for the great orgasm he gave her last night by waking him up with a blowjob leading to sex. After all, she fell asleep before the poor guy could finish undressing the night before! She’s a lean beauty with long, wavy dark hair and upturned, perky tits – a body that looks great getting fucked in the soft morning light.


Blue Angel (a honey blonde with a golden tan) asks her boyfriend Frank Major to fulfill her longtime fantasy of getting fucked during a massage. He happily obliges, even going so far as to pretend he’s a masseur she has hired. You can see how wet Blue’s sheer panties are getting as Frank rubs her down, concentrating on her perky natural tits and sexy little feet. By the time he starts sucking her puffy nipples (we must try this massage technique), Blue’s dripping wet. She’s one lucky girl to have her own muscular masseur who oils her up and drills her deep.


Adults can play games too, as Viv Thomas and his hot cast prove so beautifully. You’ll feel inspired to find your plaything and come up with your own sex games.


Stars:   Shay Hendrix   Andy Mann   Colette W.   Carmen Croft   Claudio Pedro   Frank Major   Gina   Sunny   Blue Angel

Categories: New Release   Natural Breasts   All Sex

Running Time: 146 minutes

Released: 04/2012

Studio Name:

Director:   Viv Thomas

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