Movie Review: My Mother’s Best Friend 6

One of the first releases from Sweet Sinner to have been directed by James Avalon, My Mother’s Best Friend 6 is a tangled web of love and lust. Single mother Vera (beautiful, talented India Summer) wants to spend more time with her son Scotty (Richie Deville), but he’s been avoiding her. Saddened by his latest snub, Vera calls her old college friend, Annie (gorgeous Veronica Avluv), just to hear a friendly voice. Annie lets slip that her husband Tom (Marcus London) wants to surprise Vera with a visit on an upcoming trip to wine country.


Tom overhears Annie spoiling his surprise, but his mild irritation fades when Annie gets off the phone – so they can get off. Tom gives her big tits much attention before heading between her legs, where he teases her through her panties before giving her oral attention. Annie gives as good as she gets, with sexy tongue action. Her eyes twinkle mischievously as she gives head. Then Annie gets her fill of Tom’s dick on top, in missionary, and in side saddle. There’s good energy and chemistry in this scene.


Scotty brings home a hotpants-clad hottie named Jenny (Mischa Brooks), who seems too good for a surly guy who just wants to rush her to his room before his mom sees them. But Vera does see them, and again Scotty gives his mom the brush-off. In his room, he does everything he can to discourage Jenny from talking. All he wants is to get blown and laid, and Jenny happily gives him those things. Scotty does give good head judging by Jenny’s reaction. He kicks her out when it’s over.

When Annie and Tom arrive, there’s some heavy tension in the air, and a little tension in Scotty’s pants when Annie looks at him. As uncommunicative as Scotty is, he’s not unobservant and he interrogates Annie when he shows her to the guest room. If she and his mom are best friends, then how come he’s never met her? Annie says there were complications in their relationship.


That night, it’s clear that the complications involved Tom. When Tom goes for a midnight snack, he finds it in the kitchen after Vera arrives, claiming insomnia. With his wife passed out drunk in the guest room, Tom trades head jobs with Vera, sets her on the kitchen counter, and bangs all the loneliness out of her.


Scotty is more hostile than ever. He doesn’t come home the next night, but he’s hiding in the bushes the following morning when frantic Vera goes looking for him, accompanied by an overly eager Tom. Annie stays behind in case Scotty returns. Scotty goes inside, but his goal is to make Annie explain what’s going on with all of them. What she tells him is a surprise, but before he can process it, Annie tells Scotty she wants him and knows he wants her.


Annie is the aggressor, but Scotty does indeed want to fuck this gorgeous cougar. He lavishes attention on her delectable breasts and kisses her toned stomach. They peel off Annie’s tight jeans together and he savors her snatch. Annie proves once again to be adept at oral, and she goes deep. Scotty and Annie make their previous encounters look like they were just warming up for this hot, hair-mussing, panting, pounding fuck.


From a script by Jet Michaels, My Mother’s Best Friend 6 is satisfying on emotional and erotic levels.


Stars:   Veronica Avluv   Richie Deville   Mischa Brooks   Marcus London   India Summer

Categories: Mature   International   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   For Ladies   Cougar   High Definition

Running Time:   139 minutes

Released:   12/2011

Studio Name:   Mile High Media  Sweet Sinner

Series:   My Mother’s Best Friend

Director:   James Avalon

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