Movie Review: Boffing the Babysitter 11

You’ve got to love the babysitter ruse. What’s that, you ask? It’s the clever method guys have formulated to get quality sex at discount prices. What do we mean by that? Well, here’s a story for you.

This writer used to work at a public pool during the summers years ago. Part of our job as staff members was to keep kids safe, but during the majority of the day when some kid wasn’t doing his best to drown, most of our time was spent babysitting. The sad fact was that frugal parents figured out it was easier and way cheaper to dump Johnny Pees-a-lot off at the pool for the whole day than to hire a babysitter. Five bucks for a whole day versus five bucks per hour was a steal. How does that apply to Boffing the Babysitter 11?

Well, the guys who used to work at pools have all grown up now and they have retained the lessons learned during those summers. Like any other guy, they get horny and need some young pussy to ease the tension. And if your wife’s a bitch or you’re single, it’s much easier to hire a babysitter at minimum wage than to pay a hooker. Who wouldn’t want to tear up some hot piece of ass for $7.50 an hour versus getting some gummy blowjob from a dentally-challenged street walker at twenty bucks a pop? It’s a no-brainer.

Enter the guys in this film. They’re all about to score with some rather naïve honeys at a fraction of the price of your average sidewalk slut.

Haley Sweet has sent the kids over to the neighbors house, but is still collecting her fee even though she is jumping around on the furniture. She’s embarrassed when her employer comes home and finds her in her state of reverie. Nonetheless, he asks her to stick around for awhile so he can jump on her. Handjobs, pussy fucking and a deep blowjob help her funnel the cum down her teenage gullet.

Hot-as-balls Lexi Bloom, meanwhile, is chatting with her bff about the guy who just berated her sexual abilities. Distraught, she consults her boss about how to become a better lover. Kudos to him for not making a mockery of a young girl’s plight and even more kudos for convincing Lexi to let him be her practice test dummy. The girl has an amazing body and superb natural tits and she’s pretty good with a cock too, despite what the boyfriend claims.

Blonde Sarah Monroe arrives to take her employer’s daughter to school, but is surprised to find the woman’s hubby stepping out of the shower in little more than a towel. Sarah’s embarrassed, but he doesn’t care. And when a mysterious breeze causes his towel to suddenly drop to the ground her mouth is on his cock faster than she can say “mmmggffffmmmgggmmmpphhh”.  You get a lot of cowgirl with great ass shots, RCG, spoon and mish plus the inevitable cum drenching all over her face.


Finally, there’s the sad tale of cover girl Zoey Kush who arrives at her employer’s house early thinking she’d set a good example, but catches him jacking off to a magazine. You can’t blame the guy as he wasn’t expecting her for another hour. You also can’t blame him for not losing his raging hard-on when she arrives, what with the slinky blue shorts and half shirt in which she is outfitted. He’s a little bit ashamed, but she seems more concerned about the feel of a nut sack on her tongue and goes in for the kill without any hesitation. What an adorable teen body she has – small, well-proportioned tits, shaved slit and curvy ass – and she shows it all off in spoon, CG, RCG and mish, even throwing in some vibrator action on her cute little clit. Following proper protocol, she finds herself on her knees in the end taking wads of goo into her open pie hole.

Boffing the Babysitter 11 is solid. And for you young men out there, take good notes, for if you should find yourself horny and single or living with a bitch for a wife you too can use the babysitter ruse to save yourself some major scratch and avoid a trip to the health clinic in the process.

Boffing The Babysitter 11
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