Mother’s Seductions

Mother's SeductionsForbidden Fruits Films’ Mother’s Seductions stars Jodi West in six hot vignettes about MILFs with sexually tempting stepsons.

Levi Cash sees Jodi getting dressed for a date with his dad and tries to convince her that she’s too good to settle for his dad’s neglect. Eventually Levi’s concern wins her over and she lies on the bed, spreads her slim legs, and lets him lick her pussy. He turns her over and enters her doggy style, with her firm ass up in the air. The way she slowly loses her panties, then her dress, and finally her bra makes it all even hotter.

Jodi and Frankie Vegas have to share a hotel bed overnight. At first he’s uncomfortable, but at bedtime he presses his erection against her from behind. She’s shocked but eventually understands the only way to make it go away is for him to fuck her. Judging by her moans and deep breathing, she’s into it too – and she proves it when she tells him not to stop!

After finding stepson Jimmy Legend’s glitter-covered receipt from a place called The Cougar Den, Jodi is upset when he asks for money. He admits he’s been going to strip clubs, so that night she surprises him with his own “strip club” so he can save money. He laughs in disbelief, but then gets hard as she busts out her lap dance moves. Jimmy tells her strippers earn more money by doing “favors” for customers, so she jerks, sucks, and fucks him. Now he’s got a reason to stay at home on Friday nights.

Jodi overhears Levi on the phone talking about a MILF and wants to know what one is. When he tells her, she’s upset that he thinks of their neighbor that way but wants to know if she’s a MILF, too. He laughingly dismisses the idea, but her ego is wounded so she persists with a hotter outfit and finally just lingerie. He can’t say she’s not a MILF when she gets him hard. For Levi, she’s actually a MIGF (Mom I Get to Fuck).

Next, Jodi’s a stepmom praying to be a good mother figure. After praying she gets in bed, takes a vibrator from behind the pillow, and quickly makes herself cum. The next day she brushes off her stepson Frankie’s advances because of that whole mother-figure thing. That night when he climbs into bed and wakes her up, she resists but eventually decides they can stop tomorrow. Somewhere in the middle of his thrusts in doggy position, you can tell there will be another tomorrow, and another.

Levi is a prima donna athlete who doesn’t want to help his stepmom move the coffee table on game day. He pretends to be injured so she’ll “massage” a “knot” in his “back.” Now he has leverage to blackmail her into sucking and fucking him. Levi’s coach must not believe in telling the team to abstain on game day.

This movie is an excellent chance to see why Jodi West is a breakout star of the amateur MILF niche.

Running Time:   93 minutes
Released:   07/2013
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Director:   Jay West
Stars:   Jodi West   Frankie Vegas   Jimmy Legend   Levi Cash
Categories: Amateur   Big Tits   New Release   Blondes   Mature   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   Cougar

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