Mother-Son Secrets

Mother-Son SecretsYou won’t believe the sexual hijinks Jodi West indulges in with her stepsons throughout Mother-Son Secrets.

Middle-aged Jodi’s prim appearance in scene one is a stark contrast to the lust beneath the surface. While snooping on her stepson Levi Cash’s laptop, she literally clutches her pearls as she inspects his browser history. When he comes home, she gives him a lesson about mature women, because that’s his favorite kind of porn.

Levi is stunned when Jodi says she’s noticed him staring at her breasts and wants him to feel them. She unbuttons enough of her blouse to display her ample rack, leaving the top and bottom fastened and tucked. Taking her beautiful tits out of her bra, she encourages the young man to explore them. Not believing his luck, Levi spends several minutes enjoying the softness of his stepmother’s skin and the erectness of her big nipples. Jodi pants with pleasure but maintains the tone of a teacher as she encourages him to keep sucking and licking.

After several minutes, Jodi tells Levi she wants to show him her vagina, still using that proper teacher demeanor even though her lower lips are visibly engorged with arousal. She fingers her clit and tells him to taste her. Lying back on the couch, Jodi gets more and more excited as Levi licks her clit and screws his finger into her wet pussy. She frees her blonde hair from its French twist, pulls her nipples and softly moans.

Jodi tells Levi to disrobe and approves of his large, throbbing erection and how well-groomed he is. Now that Levi is fully hard and ready, she says, “I’m going to have you insert yourself into my vagina.” Something about the way she says it makes that clinical language sound like the most erotic dirty talk ever whispered to you in the middle of a hot fuck. Levi excitedly buries his cock in Jodi’s pink, wet crevice and pistons back and forth as she lies back, looking like a secretary getting the business on her lunch hour. Because of his inexperience and extreme arousal, Levi doesn’t last as long as he’d like to. Still, she promises him more “lessons” later.

If that sounds good to you, then you’re in for a hell of a great time. There are five more scenes of Jodi playing different stepmoms with other young guys as her stepson. Forbidden Fruits movies have proven to be extremely popular with audiences and Jodi’s one of the big reasons why. She can be just as hot whether she’s the librarian type or the soccer mom type, but no matter what, she’s always going to have you reaching for your cock.

Mother-Son Secrets
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Running Time:   112 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Series:   Mother-Son Secret
Stars:   Jodi West   Frankie Vegas   Chaz Michaels   Peter Delmar   Levi Cash
Categories: New Release   Blondes   Mature   All Sex   M.I.L.F.

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