Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons

Mother-Daughter Lesbian LessonsA vacation takes a twist when lust leads women to ignore moral boundaries. Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons is the first lesbian release from Forbidden Fruits Films and it’s another hot movie from a successful studio that’s known for taboo-smashing erotica.

Jodi West and Elexis Monroe are going on a beach trip where they’ll be meeting up with Jodi’s daughter, Sam Summers, who doesn’t know they’re lovers. Elexis is frustrated that Jodi wants Elexis to act straight until she’s ready to tell Sam. She’s equally frustrated to learn that they won’t be having sex at the beach when they’ve already gone weeks without it, so Elexis pushes Jodi onto the bed and straddles her. Laughing, Jodi tries to stop it so they can get on the road, but kissing leads to Elexis playing with Jodi’s nipples and eating her out. They take turns pleasuring each other for a while.

At the beach, Jodi can’t wait to get her nails done even though the only one who wants to join her is her daughter’s gorgeous redheaded friend, Rainia Belle. Sam decides to go down to the beach with Elexis, but she’s upset that her mom doesn’t want to spend time with her. Elexis has a heart-to-heart conversation with Sam in which the girl admits her attraction to woman. She’s never been with a woman before, but horny Elexis offers herself as a test subject.

Rainia and Jodi get back from the nail salon. Jodi can’t find her phone, but Rainia walks in with it, reading intimate texts from Elexis. The girl blackmails Jodi into teaching her how to have sex with a woman. Jodi thinks Rainia is beautiful, but she doesn’t want to cheat on Elexis. After getting a text from Elexis saying she and Sam will be out for a while, Jodi decides to give Rainia lesbian lessons. If you don’t get turned on watching and listening to Jodi verbally and physically educate her “student” about making love to a woman, check your pulse. Watching Rainia slowly lick Jodi’s nipple with her pierced tongue is also achingly erotic. It’ll take great effort to reach the end of the scene without cumming.

Elexis finds Jodi and Rainia in bed, so she dumps Jodi and leaves to pack her stuff and move out. When Elexis gets home, she finds Jodi’s sister Desi there, trying on her lingerie. They fight, but eventually agree to fuck each other to get back at Jodi. Elexis says she’s always thought Desi was hotter than Jodi. They dine on each other’s honey pots on the foyer stairway, meaning that Jodi gets quite a view when she dashes into the house, shouting out to Elexis. Jodi’s apology dies on her lips as she sees her sister on top of her lover.

The end credits roll, but stick around for a clip of Family Ties and Little White Lies.

Mother-Daughter Lesbian Lessons is streaming exclusively on our theatre a month before its street date.

Running Time:   116 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Forbidden Fruits Films
Director:   Elexis Monroe  Jodi West
Stars:   Elexis Monroe   Jodi West   Rainia Belle   Sam Summers   Desi Dalton
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Feature   Teen   M.I.L.F.   All Girl   Older / Younger

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