Massage School Girls

Massage School GirlsFor many, few things in life are more pleasurable than a rubdown from a sexy girl that includes more intimate touching than they do at the hoity-toity spa. Massage has been a theme in porn repeatedly through the years, but it’s more common than usual lately. Maybe it’s like mainstream Hollywood, land of “me too” movies. (Remember how two Christopher Columbus movies came out in 1992? No? Trust us, it happened.) Truly it doesn’t matter why, because stroking is always sexy, and Powersville Inc. has given us its own hot masseuse flick with “Massage School Girls,” starring several of current porn’s cutest babes.

With her golden curls and succulent cherry lips, cover girl Chastity Lynn is as cute today as the day she first hardened our cocks three years ago. She teases first, eye-fucking us through the camera lens as she writhes on a massage table and plays with herself. In this scene, despite the movie title, she’s the one getting a massage from her lover, a professional massage therapist. As he rubs her down with a touch of oil, she tells him about her recent discovery that she can squirt. They both wish he could have been there to see it, but in this energetic scene, Chastity manages to show him her newfound skill at shooting jets of lady-cum. Chastity is not shy about expressing her pleasure vocally, either – wear headphones if you don’t want people to hear what you’re up to.

Pretty Allie Haze is the new Vivid Girl, but she filmed this before signing that contract. This scene proves she’d be valuable to any company. Her client, in a monologue like something from Hunter S. Thompson’s imagination, describes a Chinese ball massage technique he experienced in his travels. According to him, the women would work on a guy’s balls for a day and a half before even touching his shaft. Allie offers to pack up and leave if her professional skills aren’t what he wants. He counters that the women who learn this technique are professionals. Finally, once he’s flashed some cash and worn down her resistance, Allie agrees to give him a “full release” – cock and balls. As she gets into it, she enjoys it so much that she offers to use her mouth and then her pussy, for extra money. The client demonstrates his clit and G-spot massage skills. You’ll want your own Allie Haze when you see how good she is at applying Eastern massage techniques!

Not one to mince words, Beverly Hills asks her client right away if he’s law enforcement, so there was never any question of the stroking she’s willing to do. This whiskey-voiced, pretty, long-haired brunette is the bustiest girl in this movie and the only one who takes it up the ass, so if you’re an anal aficionado who likes big tits, you know which scene you’re likely to enjoy the most. She does ass-to-mouth, too! You’re going to love watching this hot girl get freaky with her muscular client.

McKenzee Miles is intense for a masseuse, with a Tracy Flick-like fervor gleaming in her piercing blue eyes as she hands her client a towel, explaining that his room is ready and all he needs to do is get undressed and lie on the table. She rubs his back, but it becomes clear that his is a different kind of tension that requires more. The gleam in her eyes comes from her excitement about feeling a cock in her hand, her mouth, and her pussy. Her client is equally excited once he sees that her tight body is as hot as her massage technique – his cock jumps for joy as she strips and climbs on to give a body-to-body rubdown!

Director Jim Powers knows fans like to see some good, hot stroking. He’s picked four of the most appealing young babes in porn. There’s nothing like a full release from a sexy girl!

Stars:   Chastity Lynn   Joey Brass   Allie Haze   Scott Lyons   Joel Lawrence   McKenzee Miles   Eric John   Beverly Hills
Categories: New Release   High Definition   Schoolgirls   All Sex   Teen
Running Time:   130 minutes
Released:   06/2011
Studio Name:   Powersville Inc
Series:   Massage School Girls
Director:   Jim Powers

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