Lesbian Stepmother

Lesbian StepmotherGirl Candy Films’ Lesbian Stepmother tells the story of a girl named April (Lara Brookes) clashing with her stepmother-to-be, Terri (Rebecca Bardoux). April believes, as her late mother did, that Terri had an affair with April’s wealthy dad, Robert. The first thing Terri does after Robert leaves for a business trip is read April’s diary to find out what the teen has written about her.

Meanwhile, Jennifer (Mia Gold) reads the engagement announcement in the newspaper and remembers when Terri swooped in after Jennifer’s mother died. In flashback, Terri soothes a younger Jennifer’s resentful mood with caresses and hugs. Jennifer silently gives in as Terri kisses her. By the time Terri is slowly licking Jennifer’s erect nipple, troubles are forgotten. Jennifer kisses Terri’s tits in turn, and then enjoys the older woman’s fingers and tongue on her clit. The teen kisses her way from her stepmother’s peg-like nipples to her mound, which has a neatly trimmed bush like a fur hat. Jennifer makes Terri cum and, after some sensual tribbing, they cuddle.

Terri hits on Robert’s maid, Tracy (graceful Ela Darling), asking if she was ever a dancer and complimenting her beauty. Tracy is shy, but Terri tells her how powerful it is to be beautiful and confident. “Look at me. I was Robert’s secretary and now I’m going to be his wife,” Terri says, and then tells the girl she needs to be reminded of how desirable she is. Terri shows nervous Tracy that she’s beautiful and sexy by worshiping her small tits and licking just below her little landing strip. They grind their clits together and then Tracy eats Terri’s pussy.

Jennifer pays April a visit to explain what Terri did to her dad: a quickie wedding, an unconsummated marriage, and a gold-digging divorce. She explains that Terri is a lesbian and gives April the idea to have sex with Terri to get evidence to show her dad.

That night, April pretends that the reason she’s been mean to Terri is that she wants her for herself. Terri takes the bait and wastes no time taking off April’s bra, feeling the soft weight of her perky breasts, and tasting her nipples and snatch. April masturbates while rubbing Terri’s clit. Outside, Jennifer records video of Terri eating April out and jerking herself off. Afterward, April tells Terri she knows all about her and that Jennifer was outside making a video. She tells Terri she has one hour to pack up and leave.

Later, Jennifer comes back to give April the video and to chat. After April admits that she’d like to have sex with a woman she actually likes, Jennifer playfully slips the digital camera’s memory card in her shirt. April goes for it. The girls celebrate Terri’s defeat with some sex that, at last, will leave both completely satisfied. They slowly strip and get warmed up with some mutual masturbation before Jennifer eats April till she cums. April repays the oral favor. They enjoy rubbing their pussies together in several positions for a while and then April has one last taste of Jennifer’s honey before they lie back and cuddle.

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Running Time:   135 minutes
Released:   08/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Rebecca Bardoux   Mia Gold   Lara Brookes   Ela Darling
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Feature   Mature   Teen   All Girl   High Definition   Older / Younger

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