Lesbian Masseuse 3: Should I Get Married or Be a Lesbian

Lesbian Masseuse 3: Should I Get Married or Be a LesbianGirl Candy Films has been exploring the sensuality of women massaging other women in many of its scenes, and the one that started it all was the Lesbian Masseuse series. The latest release in this beautifully erotic collection is Should I Get Married or Be a Lesbian.

Alyssa Reece is a beautiful young woman whose privileged upbringing has made her more experienced than most girls her age in many ways, but the straight-laced behavior she learned in her conservative household has robbed her of sexual experimentation. She’s been raised to believe that anything outside “normal” sex is wrong and she’s afraid of going against the wishes of her wealthy parents, who want her to marry the right man and give them grandchildren. Alyssa’s engaged now, but she’s in therapy for anxiety and there’s no wedding date yet. The therapist, recognizing Alyssa’s issue, has referred her to a massage clinic that treats repressed lesbians – not that Alyssa knows that. Massage therapist Jessica Bangkok is happy to give her a lesbian experience that could relieve her mental anguish.

Jessica gets Alyssa to talk about herself without revealing that she knows anything. Alyssa opens up to Jessica, but then shuts down when the gorgeous Asian masseuse compliments her body. When Jessica lifts the sheet too high, Alyssa protests.

Jessica covers Alyssa from throat to feet and starts massaging Alyssa’s covered pussy. When Alyssa asks Jessica to stop, she simply says the session isn’t over. “This is wrong. I’m getting married,” Alyssa says. “Are you?” Jessica asks with a wicked grin. Alyssa says she’s not a lesbian, but when Jessica yanks off the sheet and plays with Alyssa’s pussy and tits at the same time, you can see nature take over. Jessica’s different kind of touching melts Alyssa’s chilly exterior.

The repressed lesbian watches the masseuse pleasure her body, nipples poking out like pegs. Alyssa experiences her first orgasm with another woman as Jessica sucks her clit and feels her small tits. Now that the floodgates have been smashed, Jessica has granted Alyssa the sexual permission she never gave herself. The women kiss passionately and Alyssa explores Jessica’s curvaceous body with a look of wonder and excitement.

As Alyssa eats her out, Jessica writhes and gives little squeals of pleasure. The women grind against each other and we get a better look at Alyssa’s body, which is as great as Jessica told her, especially her perfectly toned and sculpted legs. In sixty-nine, Alyssa finally tells Jessica how she likes it – she’s starting to get comfortable with what she wants and needs. Now that’s a good massage!

Writer/director Nica Noelle loves to explore repressed sexuality in her work and this scene is just one more example of how intimately she understands the need for natural erotic expression. You can find it only on our theater network.

Running Time:   32 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Jessica Bangkok   Alyssa Reece
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Natural Breasts   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

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