Lesbian Masseuse 3: Religious Girl Tastes Forbidden Fruit

Lesbian Masseuse 3: Religious Girl Tastes Forbidden FruitGirl Candy Films has been exploring the sensuality of woman-to-woman touch in its Lesbian Masseuse 3 miniseries. The latest vignette is Religious Girl Tastes Forbidden Fruit, available exclusively on our theater network.

Odette Delacroix’s religious devotion and inner desire for women are at war in her mind. The pretty young blonde has lived a life of repression and guilt, and the internal conflict has her all tied up in knots. Her therapist recommends massage therapy to relieve some of her tension, but she doesn’t say that this is a massage clinic that specializes in helping would-be lesbians realize their sexual identity. When Odette visits Adrianna Luna for a massage, the gorgeous Latina helps her end that struggle.

Adrianna puts on an air of sympathy as Odette reveals her conflicting emotions and expresses the doubt she’s beginning to feel about her faith. In reality, all the masseuse wants to do is to free the girl from those chains and release the lesbian she was meant to be. The key is to take things slowly so that Odette never suspects the seduction, and Adrianna relies on her innocent-seeming face and speaking voice to ease the girl’s way into her first sexual experience with a woman.

As Adrianna rubs the oil into Odette’s lean body, the conversation gets deeper. When the massage gets into more intimate areas, Odette is visibly upset but she seems to like it, too. Flipped onto her back, Odette fights with her desires and her shame when Adrianna pours oil onto her small tits and uses long strokes up and down her body to rub it in. Odette says it’s wrong when Adrianna massages close to her clit, says that she shouldn’t be doing this. “You’re not doing it. I am,” Adrianna replies gently, and then begins rubbing the girl’s clit in earnest.

Totally naked and vulnerable, Odette pants like she’s about to cum within seconds. Adrianna whispers to Odette, who nods in response. Adrianna rubs Odette’s sensitive spot faster, in circles, and makes her whole body writhe and twitch in ecstasy. After Odette cums, Adrianna kisses her and sucks her nipples, which are permanently erect like pegs on her A cups. Somewhere along the way Adrianna lost her top and sports bra and now Odette worships her full tits and tells Adrianna she’s beautiful.

Then Adrianna goes down on Odette’s bald pussy and gives her an even stronger orgasm than before. After a little bit of tribbing gets them both higher, Odette shows what she’s learned from Adrianna and licks that hot pussy till she cums. They switch places again and Adrianna rubs one of her nipples against Odette’s juicy snatch. After the sweltering climax that leaves both girls sweaty, they kiss and nuzzle as Adrianna massages Odette’s clit once more, giving her another orgasm to remember her by.

It’s another supremely stimulating vignette that any lesbian porn fan should watch.

Lesbian Masseuse 3: Religious Girl Tastes Forbidden Fruit
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Running Time:   30 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Adrianna Luna   Odette Delacroix
Categories: Lesbian   New Release   Blondes   Natural Breasts   Teen   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition

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