Lesbian Masseuse 3: Celibate Lesbian Needs A Release

Lesbian Masseuse 3: Celibate Lesbian Needs A ReleaseGirl Candy Films’ Lesbian Masseuse 3 continues with Celibate Lesbian Needs a Release.

Sinn Sage is a kickboxer who’s been celibate ever since a terrible breakup two years ago. Her therapist sent her to see masseuse Asa Akira, a gorgeous Asian lesbian who’s so hot she could charm her way into the pants of just about anybody with a pulse. The real challenge isn’t for Asa to break Sinn’s dry spell, it’s seducing her without Sinn knowing she’s doing it.

If tomboy lesbians are your thing, then it doesn’t get any finer than Sinn. Pretty in a young Linda Cardellini way, she looks right at home in a flannel shirt and jeans that show off what has to be one of the best asses in all-girl porn. But the view only gets better when she’s on the table with the sheet barely covering half of that bubble butt as Asa pours massage oil onto her naked back.

Asa talks to Sinn about how the therapist has sent clients to her before. Sinn says she thinks it’s a mistake to be too relaxed because then you aren’t on guard for what life throws at you. Furthermore, she thinks sex is an animal impulse that can be controlled. Asa disproves that theory when she pulls down the sheet, pours oil on her ass and thighs, and starts to rub. Sinn bites her lip and grips the massage table as Asa strokes close to her sensitive center.

Then Asa asks Sinn to turn over and rubs the front of her legs. Sinn admits that some animal urges can’t be controlled, like eating and sleeping. With a knowing smile that Sinn can’t see, Asa knows she’s got her where she wants her. Asa asks how that’s different from sex. Sinn says that you won’t die if you don’t have sex, making Asa smirk. Finally, Asa gently brushes a finger against Sinn’s outer labia as she suggests that maybe there’s a happy medium for Sinn: somebody who could satisfy her animal urges without any drama.

Plunging her finger into Sinn’s puffy pussy, Asa kisses Sinn’s left nipple, then takes it between her teeth. Years of pent-up sexual frustration crash like waves on the shore during a hurricane as Asa quickly brings Sinn her first orgasm. Sinn clings to Asa as her whole body seems to cum. Best of all, Asa’s only getting started.

Up on the table, Asa goes down on Sinn for a few minutes, getting her close to another orgasm. Sinn sits up and they grind their naked pussies together, which brings Asa to the brink. True to her kickboxer ways, Sinn takes control and gets on top, sucking Asa’s toes and then her pussy. Sinn makes Asa cum by sucking her clit while finger-fucking her.

Their sexy, curvy, powerful bodies writhe together, undulating in a sensual dance that leaves them sweaty, panting, and satisfied with red marks down each other’s backs.

Lesbian Masseuse 3: Celibate Lesbian Needs A Release
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Running Time:   30 minutes
Released:   03/2013
Studio Name:   Girl Candy Films
Series:   Lesbian Masseuse
Director:   Nica Noelle
Stars:   Sinn Sage   Asa Akira
Categories: Asian   Lesbian   New Release   Interracial   All Sex   All Girl   High Definition   Massage

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