It’s Okay She’s My Mother-In-Law 7

My, my, my, leave it up to porn to demolish yet another stereotype.

Quick: what do you think of when you hear the term “mother-in-law?” Well, if you’re like the majority of humans, you think of some bipedal golem, about yay high, yay loud and yay ugly, with hoofs, horns and the distinct aroma of brimstone. It has the ear of Jaime Sommers, the eye of a barn owl, and a snoop factor that falls somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Gadget. It’s thankless, remorseless, penniless and dour, and it shows up unannounced and uninvited whether you like it or not.

Does that sound about right?

The truth is, you can choose your mate, but you cannot choose the family that comes along with him or her. So, if you’re stuck like the majority of us with some ol’ hag of a non-blood relative then all you can do is smile and offer a congratulatory high-five to the lucky idiots in It’s Okay She’s My Mother-in-Law who get to boff and bang some needy middle-aged goddesses just because they lucked out in their family merger.

In scene one, Jewels Jade is trying to have a frank and open conversation with her son-in-law about an event that transpired last night. The boy won’t have any of it and can’t decide what is weirder: his wife talking to her own mom about him or her mom talking to him. The problem? The boy hurt her – not emotionally, mind you, but physically. See, his cock is so big that his fucking her is like trying to fit a round peg in a much smaller round hole. Mom-in-law figures if she could just see his cock in person, she might be able to determine an appropriate solution. After close examination, she determines that a strict regimen of mouth-to-cock massage and hand jerking can fix what ails him. He decides he needs more therapy, so he fucks her pussy from the side, in doggie and in CG and convinces her that shoving his ball pouch into her maw might help some too. The clincher is the cumshot and you should turn up the volume on this one as you can actually hear the brute force of his sperm as it splats against her lips and onto the roof of her mouth.

Curvaceous blonde Phyllisha Anne takes center stage in the next scene. In her years, she’s learned that playing dumb can get you anything you want, including a meaty dick in your face when you’re horny. She calls her son-in-law to her house to fix a leaky faucet. He explains to her that the faucet won’t leak in the future if it’s turned off completely. The scheme is so hare-brained that the boy senses he was lured into her lair for some other reason entirely. The truth reveals that she gets really hot at the sound of his foreign accent and just likes to hear him talk … which is great for the boy because he really wants to shut her up by plugging her mug with his Asian penis. She drops to her knees and slobbers all over the head and shaft of his cock, deep-throating it in the process. She then throws a leg up onto the granite counter top and takes him into her moist pussy from behind. Mish, CG, and then some anal RCG get underway before she flips over and takes him into her ass in doggie. His cock then springs a leak onto her face and dribbles down onto her enormous tits. Who’s she going to call to fix that one?

Platinum-haired Charity McLean shows up at her daughter’s doorstep for the surprise party she is helping to throw, but it is her son-in-law who is surprised because the party isn’t until the following week and the daughter isn’t home at the moment. The calendar mix-up explains why he’s tramping around shirtless, but it doesn’t explain why his mother-in-law accepts his offer to come inside and watch the game. Turns out she’s into sports that use balls, just not ones that involve a field or a court. And because her daughter won’t be home for several hours, it gives Charity plenty of time to matriculate her mouth along his stiffie. While on her knees, she balances his cock in between her large tits, letting him drive his cock through chest valley. Some CG, RCG, doggie and side saddle fucking follows, ending in a barrage of cum that plasters her face and tits.

Finally, Anjanette Astoria stops by her daughter’s place with a pretty little flower. The house seems rather deserted, but that’s because her daughter is out and her son-in-law, David, is trapped beneath the weight bar of his home gym. Anjanette comes to the rescue, but begins to question what her daughter sees in this guy. He’s got no brawn and very little in the way of brains, so she surmises that he has to have a large cock. What else could it be? In moments, the jeans are off and Anjanette is on her knees sucking him off. He slips her giant tits out of her dress, but if dude can’t even bench press a bar, it’s difficult to see how he’ll hoist her bulbous boobs with his weak-ass arms. He goes right for her pink slit, prying apart her pussy folds and dropping his tongue into her cooch. After slipping his cock into her vag, he does about a hundred reps in doggie and a hundred in mish, breaking a cum sweat all over her chin.

If you’re into the mother-in-law fantasy, look no further than this series from Devil’s Film. But, if your mother-in-law reality is like that of the rest of the known world your best bet for side nookie might just be your hand.


Stars:   Anjanette Astoria   Charity McLean   Phyllisha Anne   Jewels Jade

Categories: New Release   All Sex   M.I.L.F.   High Definition

Running Time:   115 minutes

Released:   06/2011

Studio Name:   Devil’s Film  Devils Film

Series:   It’s Okay She’s My Mother In Law


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