Happy Endings: Cougar Masseuse Gives a Hot Sports Massage

Happy Endings: Cougar Masseuse Gives A Hot Sports MassageHard Candy Films’ sensual Happy Endings series continues with a vignette titled Cougar Masseuse Gives a Hot Sports Massage.

Experienced masseuse Rayveness knows that even if the guys who come to see her don’t ask for more than a massage, that’s what they really want. It’s what Rayveness calls “the full-body experience” and not every guy feels comfortable asking for it, so now she takes the initiative and gives it to them.

Her client Mr. Pete has a muscular body from playing basketball. Flirting with him while rubbing down his back, Rayveness says he must have a girlfriend who enjoys his “active lifestyle.” Not long after asking Mr. Pete to turn over, Rayveness asks if his girlfriend ever gives him massages. “Sometimes,” he says as she moves the sheet to expose all but his cock. As Rayveness talks about how nice it can be to pay a professional for what you want, with no emotions involved, Mr. Pete seems oblivious to what she means. Even when she asks in a husky tone if his girlfriend takes care of him in other ways besides massage, he doesn’t get it.

Rayveness gets the point across when she removes the sheet and takes his cock into her mouth. Soon Mr. Pete is up off the table, sucking one of Rayveness’ gorgeous nipples, bending her over the table, and licking her crack from front to back. He gets her wet enough to slide his hardened dick into her pussy. Those big tits bounce hypnotically as he thrusts, and occasionally he reaches around to play with her nipples.

After Mr. Pete has Rayveness lie back on the massage table in missionary position, he drizzles her own massage oil onto her beautiful breasts. She’s already moaning in excitement, even more so when he starts to rub the oil in and make her boobs catch the light as they fly up and down with his increasingly vigorous strokes.

Sitting on Mr. Pete’s lap face-to-face on the couch, Rayveness fingers her asshole while she rides him. Mr. Pete soon takes over for her in that department, cupping her perky butt cheeks in both hands and teasing the hole in the middle. He holds both of her tits in his hands, looking up into her face as if he still can’t believe what’s happening.

Rayveness lies back on the couch and enjoys his fuck so much that she bites the blanket. Between that and the telltale reddening of her upper chest, you know it must be amazing at that point. In side saddle, Rayveness plays with her own tits and begs him not to stop or tease her, as he slows down. He withdraws from her completely, but only so he can plunge into her again. The more she begs for him to give her his dick, the more excited he gets. When Mr. Pete pulls out to cum, Rayveness tells him to aim for the outside of her pussy.

To put it plainly, this is one hell of a hot scene and you can only find it on the AEBN VOD network!

Running Time:   31 minutes
Released:   02/2013
Studio Name:   Hard Candy Films
Series:   Happy Endings
Stars:   Rayveness   Mr. Pete
Categories: Big Tits   New Release   Mature   All Sex   Anilingus   Cougar   High Definition   Massage

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