Gangland Cream Pie 24

These little white girls want it big, they want it black, and they want it to fill their pussies with hot cream. Fortunately for them, the Gangland Crew is happy to fulfill all three of those needs in Gangland Cream Pie 24. They’ll give each of these three chicks, and you viewers, an intense, pussy-stretching interracial gangbang.


Scarlett Wild is angry at her husband for dealing to a trio of thugs in their living room. Since these three guys are here, she might as well get her first taste of black dick just for having to deal with his trifling ass. The brothas are quick to respond as she feels up their denim-clad crotches and drops to her knees, so her husband bails on the upsetting scene. Soon she’s got cocks in her mouth and pussy. She takes an anal cowgirl ride with a dick on either side of her face. Scarlett gets each of her holes filled, and the way the guys’ handprints last a long time on her pale ass is sexy. The thugs make her scream in pleasure and leave her full of cum. When her husband gets home and finds her still rubbing her creamy pussy in the aftermath, he storms out crying because he didn’t think she’d go through with it… some cuckold-light action for those of you who like that sort of thing.


Courtney Star is on the phone with her boyfriend when three black guys pass her window, see her sitting in a little schoolgirl skirt, and invite themselves into the house. She thinks it’s a home invasion, but the truth is her pussy is the merchandise that truly interests them. “I’ve never been with your kind before,” Courtney tells them, as if they were from another planet. The guys get over their insulted feelings and much fun is had with her hot little pussy, mouth, and ass. Courtney deep-throats till there are tears spilling from her eyes, and unlike the first scene there is some hot DP action with her pale pussy and ass getting stuffed with big black cock. By the time they’re through with her, Courtney’s fake eyelashes are coming off and her holes are swollen and red. She gets creamed in her pussy AND in her ass. Courtney’s even more of a freak than Scarlett.


Allie James goes to look at a couch she’s thinking about buying. It’s a McDonalds-colored monstrosity that’s exactly like one that belongs to one of her friends, so she excuses herself to call that friend, who says the couch was stolen. Allie unwisely talks as if the guy who’s showing her the couch can’t hear her, which was a bad idea because the guy and his two friends outnumber her. When she gets off the phone, the three of them use her like a fuck doll and she doesn’t have much of a problem with it. Like Courtney, she gets double penetrated. She leaves with a creamy pussy and a promise that she can buy the couch for $600 less than the guy originally asked for it.


Going to gangland takes on a whole new meaning with this dirty, politically incorrect, and always satisfying series from Devil’s Film.


Stars:   Allie James   Scarlett Wild   Courtney Star

Categories: GangBang   Anal   Cumshot   New Release   Interracial   All Sex   Cream Pies   Black Dicks/White Chicks   Double Penetration   High Definition


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